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Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for July


Shirdi Sai Baba used to impart various philosophies and teachings for spiritual upliftment of His devotees. These philosophies were noted down and included in Sai Satcharitra. These philosophies when adhered to, gives practical solution to our problems even today. Apart from solving problems, we also progress in the path of spirituality which ultimately leads us to Sai Baba.

Today's generation has shifted their attention to curb knowledge from books to internet. Soft copies are preferred and given priority. Eye vision is given importance than the feeling of touch. Baba's teachings are no exception to this.

If we decide to walk on the path prescribed by Baba then the first requirement is to remember Him and His teachings. In today's advanced world we have accepted virtual artis and virtual darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba. "Shirdi Sai Speaks" is one of these virtual sadhana (worship). Basically it is a calendar with month, date and one teaching for the day. It is published by Sterling Publications and this step is certainly appreciable. This calendar can be used not only for 1 year but for years and years to go since day and year are not mentioned. It would be appropriate to call it a lifelong companion.

When I received "Shirdi Sai Speaks" as gift from one of my Sai brothers, i was extremely happy. I placed it on my work table and all the time it is in fornt of me. Sai brother SaiVishnuji then scanned all 366 pages and sent them to share with you all. I have uploaded pictures of first four days to frame an idea in your minds as to how it would be. Please click on individual pictures to view these pictures in original size. Remaining pictures of July month (along with the ones uploaded here) are zipped and uploaded for downloading. These can be used as wallpapers for your home PC's, office computers/laptops and even your mobiles. Softwares like Webshots is recommended to use these pictures as they give facility to the users to change wallpapers automatically. Only thing which is needed is to feed these pictures in these softwares.

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[button size="large" color="blue" src="http://download.shirdisaibababhajans.com/shirdisaibababhajans/subdomain/download/Upload/Resources/ShirdiSaiSpeaks/07July.rar"target=_blank] Download Now [/button]

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    Can you let me know how to access the calendar and summary written below for the rest of July and onwards as only the first four are visible here and I cannot seem to download it. I have already subscribed from sunthap@yahoo.com, however have not received a continuous service. I would be grateful for this as early as possible in the morning.
    Thank you.

  2. The download link is not valid...Can you please upload it again??

    1. Sai Ramji,

      Download Link has been corrected now.

  3. It is innovative idea for spreading Shirdi Sai Baba`s message amongst his devotees in virtual world.

  4. Hello from where can i find sai baba's divya poojs books I 'm in canada can any help.


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