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Insaan-Insaan Ko Kyaa Degaa,
Jo Degaa, Use Bhi Mitaa Degaa
Vo To Parde Ke Piche Tum Ho,
Jo Sabhi Kuch Lutaa Rahe Ho
Apnaa Pyaar Barsaa Rahe Ho
Koi Tumhe Tab Jaanegaa
Yah Kyaa Kam He
Jo Tum Baar-Baar Bataa Rahe Ho,
Sabhi Ko Apnaa Bhed
Samjaa Rahe Ho
Koi Kuch Bhi Kar Le
Vo Tumhe Naa Paa-Paayegaa
Jab Tak Vo Apne Bhitar
Tumhaare Pyaar Ko Naa Jagaayegaa
Pratyek Jiv-Jantu Mein Tum Ho
Chhote-Bade Pashu-Pakshiyo Mein Tum Ho
Door Nile Akaash Mein Tum Ho
Dharti Par Pad Rahe
Prakaash Mein tum Ho
Yog Shakti Ki Maya
Mein Tum Ho
Shri Dattatreya Tum Ho
Koi Tumhe Kab Jaanegaa
Jab Tumhe Sahi Pehchhanega
When a person will recognize other perso? The one who gives will also be destroyed one day. But You are the One Who is behind scenes and showering Your love and everything on us. When one will recognize You correctly then only he will understand You. You are trying to make everyone understand depth of everything many a times. Let a man do anything, but he will not be able to achieve You unless he will not recognize Your love within Yourself. You are in every living being. You dwell in every small-big bird and animal. You are in far away sky and You are in light which falls on this earth. You dwell in Maya of Yoga-power and body of Mahadev (Lord Shiva). You are an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. When one will recognize You correctly then only he will understand You.

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© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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