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Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for November

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories
I am very sorry for posting Teachings of Sai Baba from Shirdi Sai Speaks for month of November lately. At the end of the post is Shirdi Sai Speaks download link of all pictures at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, 'right click' it and select 'Extract to 11Nov' to unzip all the pictures.

1You must enjoy the fruit, good or bad, of your past karmas.
2The mind that gains friendship with Me is ever peaceful.
3You must suffer the consequences of your actions.
4Your store of past merits is considerable, so you have come here.
5You should not stay even one second at a place where somebody talks ill of a saint.
6Do what you need to do. Do not fear. Keep the mind stable. Have confidence in Me. Keep seeing Me, and listening to Me.
7Whosoever utters My name with love attains fulfillment. I protect him from all directions.
8The one who knows Me and My name is the knower.
9Life is the song of breath. The one, who is involved and immersed in Me, is eternally blissful.
10Submit to Me all the event of your life. You shall be liberated. This is my promise.
11You say "I am Sai". Sai is but a name, while I exist with thousand of names, in thousands of forms. My name is "I am".
12You are delighted in Me, I am delighted in you. You say that right teacher is rare, but I say that the right disciple is rare.
13The one who is associated with Me gradually becomes My Abode and the channel for transmission of peace.
14Nature denies facilities to those who deny others. Be humble and obedient towards nature and friendly towards Me.
15My movement in you is understood by you as your movement. The whole world moves in Me and I move in it.
16The Guru is the symbol of Truth. A seeker can experience other Gurus in his Guru.
17Look at the fire of Dhuni. It burns up all your evil thoughts, negative emotions, pride and ego.
18Gain Lord's recognition, instead of social recognition.
19You have to take another birth and suffer again. Why not suffer for some time now and be done with it once and for all.
20The one who sincerely worships Me, need not look around. If he does, such worship lacks faith.
21If you wish to please Me utmost, feed and serve the poor and the week.
22Do not think that I am always peaceful. I can be fiery and fierce. I use every means to transform you.
23My presence is eternal while My form is transitory. Ignorant is the one who fixes Me to a form.
24I live in a mosque, but I am not a Muslim. I light the holy fire, but I am not a Hindu. I wish to break your concepts about Me.
25YOu cannot know Me until the moment you know yourself, I know you, in and out.
26Remember that the rainy clouds come to pass. I am always there with you.
27"My presence" transforms the sick to become healthy, the unrighteous to be righteous, and from the non-self to self.
28The quiet minds gains peace and poise.
29My appearence in the dreams is auspicious, and the visit to "Shirdi" is equally auspicious.
30The self-realised one is always without ego.
Shirdi Sai Speaks - November Month Pictures Click Here to Download
Credits :
Contributed by - Sai brother SaiVishnuji

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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