12 November 2010

A Guide To Show You Shirdi - The Heaven On Earth

Shirdi is the place where many suffering souls on this earth find peace and joy. To many it has been a heaven on earth. With increasing popularity of this place and continuous inflow of huge amount of donations, it has always been in news and Shirdi and its presiding deity's name has spread all around the world. Sai Baba towards the end of eighteenth century had once said to His devotees, "Yaha Mungi Ke Sarikhe Log Ayenge (People will flock here like ants)". This prophecy has turned out to be true and today devotees in lakhs flock here from all corners of the world round the year. The fact which has remained constant from the age of Baba is that each devotee's prayer is heard by Him, each one is given special treatment in His court and each one has received blessings from Him according to his/her Karma. The same lies for first time visitor or even any regular visitor because devotees stand on equal position in front of Lord Sai. The attendants of Sai Baba's court are thus increasing by leaps day by day. I have noticed few mails asking information about Shirdi. Devotees who are new to Shirdi or traveling to Shirdi for the first time, inquire about best and cheap accommodation, easy mode to reach Shirdi from nearby railway station, arrangement for darshan passes, important places to visit in Shirdi, etc. As an irony, devotees think that i reside in Shirdi and can be of any help to them. This is not true. I can rightly understand plight of devotees visiting Shirdi who are not familiar with the place and local language. Some untoward cases have been seen and noticed. For eg. Standing in front of Dwarkamai, a person asks where is the masjid where Sai Baba lived. Few others are sometimes found ignorant about importance of Chavadi. To some history and importance of Khandoba temple is not known.

Visitors gather information about Shirdi sometimes from their friends who have visited Shirdi, sometimes they search on internet, sometimes they re-use their own experience and form conclusions. Such gathered knowledge may be incomplete and incorrect in certain cases. Thus after visiting Shirdi with such incomplete and incorrect gathered knowledge, they end up returning their homes in more confused state. Though their prayers are heard and are bestowed with blessings from Sai Baba, their knowledge about this Holy Land still demand their efforts. In such flow of incomplete information, it would be a boon for devotees if there be a guide for visitors who know Shirdi and its history thoroughly. As soon as this need was felt, the boon has been bestowed upon all of us. Let me now explain how this boon has been given to us.

With an introduction from one of my brothers, i could meet a person Shri Anil Bhojani who resides in Shirdi since last 15 years on during my Shirdi trip in Diwali last year. Shirdi has been a center of attraction for many businessmen to earn handsome profits, but this person settled in Shirdi leaving all his property and home before 15 years. It was Baba's divine wish that He kept this person in His Holy Feet. Thus more than familiarity with local language, people and place, he has moved much ahead in path of spirituality. It is characteristic of Lord Sai that He is more interested in spiritual progress of His devotees rather than making them win blind race of materialism and falsity. So alongwith importance of and history of various places to visit in Shirdi, he can share his spiritual views and experience, which will certainly be helpful to you all.
Photograph of Shri Anil Bhojani and his wife

Following are few parameters which we would like you to know and make a note of it:
  • Name: Shri Anil Bhojani
  • Age: About 50 Years
  • Residence: Near Shree Chavadi
  • Contact No: 91-93701 33563 and 91-93251 22484
  • Languages known: Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi
  • Place covered:
    Places in Shirdi (Arranged according to their importance):
    1. Samadhi Mandir and Lord Ganpati, Lord Shani and Lord Shiv temples.
    2. Dwarkamai
    3. Shree Chavadi
    4. Shri Gurusthan
    5. Lendibaug (Well, Garden etc)
    6. Nandeep
    7. Khandoba Temple
    8. Dakshin Mukhi Hanumaan Temple
    9. Maha Laxmi Temple
    10.Five homes where Baba used to go for Bhiksha (Baija Maa- Tatya Kote Patil, Nand Ram Madwadi, Baaya Ji Appa Kote Patil, Sakhamram Patil Shelkhe and Vaman Rao Gondkar
    11.Abdul Baba's Cottage
    12.Madhav Rao Deshpande's Home
    13.Mahalsapati's Kuteer
    14.Kanif Naath Temple
    15.Shivnesan Swami Ji's samadhi
    16.Prasadalaya, etc.

    Places near to Shirdi:
    1. Shani Shingnapur
    2. Saakori
    3. Naasik-Tryembkeshwar
    4. Aurangabad - Valley of Saints
    5. Vani (Saptshrungi Mata Temple), etc.
  • Since sources of income for Shri Anil Bhojani for very less in Shirdi, you can consider giving him any extra amount if you feel fit. But i request all my dear Sai readers to please pay to him for any kind/type of assistance after meeting as the only source of income is this. I request you all not to just call Shri Anil Bhojani and acquire all details on phone itself and avoid meeting him personally after going to Shirdi.
  • Other open options: Arrangement of darshan passes (except Saturday-Sundays and festival days), booking of bus ticket, hotel booking, etc (Charges Extra)
  • Best Time to call: Between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Prior appointment: Please give a call to Shri Anil Bhojani and book your appointment previous day of your plan to visit or to have darshan at Shirdi.
  • Details you are needed to provide to Shri Anil Bhojani:
    1. Name
    2. Contact number on which you will be available in Shirdi.
    3. Your city name.
    4. Arrival and departure dates.
    5. No. of persons/families.
    6. Your plan for places which you wish to visit.
These are few parameters which are laid before you for the time being. As time and requirement demands, they will be updated. Also devotee readers are requested to drop in your queries as comments to this post if they wish to know more about this service.

Disclaimer: This service is not certified by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

  2. Many Thanks for the Info.... will sure meet Shree Anil Ji Insha Allaha....

    Jai Sai Nath

  3. @DAVE ASCENSIONFORYOU and Saimanoj ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for commenting and giving possible and favourable response. Please try to meet this great soul in Shirdi.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  4. Sai Ramji Dear Devotees,

    I received few responses about this service through mails, just noting down here for your benefit and information:

    1. Dear Hetal Jee
    Om Sai Ram
    I am very thankful to you for the link you have given us in Shirdi. I met Shri Anil Bhojani Jee on Sunday. I was overwhelmed and delighted by the Satsang with him of just 15 minutes at Maruti Mandir.
    He has told me the right way of praying. Although our SAI knows what is running in back of our mind while praying, even then right words at right place and right way is very much required. Even Saicharitra indicates lot of instance where Shama Baba have guided devotees to reach SAI easily and fast.
    You have given us Shama Baba.
    Thanks a lot to you.
    I tried to meet him before leaving Shirdi but couldn't do so, maybe SAI has something else in mind. But I will definitely meet him next time when BABA will call us.
    Just to tell you he has given one more number to update in the blog i.e. 9370133563. (the number has been updated)
    Once again I must say I am very grateful to you.
    Rajeev Parmar

    2. Dear Hetalji,
    Thanks for sharing this info, we have met Anilji many times when we use to visit Shirdi for baba's blessings, we came to know that among people / localities in Shirdi Anilji is known as "Gujarati Kaka", he is really very humble, down to earth and very helpful.
    I am sure that this information which you have shared will be of great help to others.
    Jai Sainath
    Nihar Raval

    3. Om Sai Ram Hetal
    Thanks for sharing this valuable info.

    4. OmSai.....
    Hetalji, this msg about the guide in Shirdi, is so very good. He surely has been blessed by Baba, for guiding hundreds of tourists in Shirdi. Noted down his phone number for future visits to Shirdi - but would he have an email account, to contact, before calling him up?
    Jai Sai..

    5. Om Sai Ram
    sairam ji
    Thank you very much for sharing this very much valuable information, with Baba's grace I should meet this great soul in my next shirdi trip.
    Jai Sai Ram

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  5. shirdi the heaven on earth ...saibaba the saviour of underprivileged needy...om sai ram

  6. I hope I will meet good souls too Om Sai Ram 🙏


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