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Chapter 6 - The Loving God by Dr G.R.Vijayakumar

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Chapter VI

Dazzled with the miracle of lights, the villagers shouted ‘Jaikars’ to Baba. While everyone rejoiced, only one person - Kulkarni Physician was smeared with his own sin. He quietly retreated to his home.

Stealthily he entered his house and went to bed. He was restless and fuming with his self-created humiliation! He regretted that with this miracle, Baba’s popularity has reached a great height while he has lost the regards of the villagers for ever! He knew that everybody would now curse for instigating Nandu Marwadi to stop giving oil to Baba. He was rolling in bed restlessly.

The first to curse Kulkarni Physician were the shopkeepers themselves who had realized their blunder. Nandu Marwadi was sorry that he listened to Kulkarni Physician and had offended Baba, forgetting Baba’s greaness.

Next morning Nandu Marwadi and the other three shopkeepers reached the mosque, touched Baba’s feet and surrendered to him – “Pardon us Baba! The devil in Kulkarni misled us. We could not see God amongst us! Please forgive us.” Baba spoke to them in his usual humility – “I tell you again that I am not God! I am ‘Yaad-e-huque’, one who remembers Him! Brothers, you told me a lie yesterday. I am here to lead you on the path of righteousness, but you took the lane of untruth. Why? Just to earn a few coins. You have been exploiting these villagers all along! Remember God is watching you! Do not utter lies! Truth alone brings you peace and wealth!” There was a murmur among the crowd. People wondered as to why they are getting less for the price they pay!

The shopkeepers took a vow of truth and righteousness. They promised Baba of fair business practices! That changed the outlook of all in the village! All began to have faith in God! Love among Hindus and Muslims developed and this resulted in everlasting peace!

Abdulla who lighted the lamps on Deepawali, settled down in the mosque to serve Baba for ever! His parents permitted him to stay there to have Baba’s grace. Everyday he cleaned the mosque, attended to Baba’s service, lighted the lamps and did other errands till Baba’s Mahasamadhi!

Next day Abdulla lighted the usual four lamps. In fact he desired to illuminate the entire mosque next day too. But Baba did not permit it. Instead, he fed Abdulla with sweets and snacks that Bayja Ma had brought to the mosque. Abdulla relished their taste and soon went into sleep!

The night fell! The festival of lights soon dimmed covering the village in total darkness! The shrill sound of the crickets created a weired atmosphere!

A sleepless night on the previous day and the happiness of witnessing a great miracle soon lulled the village into deep slumber. Though everyone was enjoying a good night’s rest, Baba was wide awake. He was thinking of Kulkarni Physician and to appease his disturbed mind!

Indeed Kulkarni’s mind was on fire! He wished to set the mosque on fire and burn Baba alive! As such, he too was wide awake! Both his wife and son who were sleeping nearby were in deep slumber!

Making certain that none of them watched him, Kulkarni got up from his bed. Stealthily he came out and started towards the mosque. He had a wicked plan! The ever-burning ‘dhuni’ in the mosque was to be the cause of a devastating fire in it! He had carefully thought out a plan to make the police and the villagers believe that the fire was accidental. It was possible!

Baba too had a plan ready with him to deal with the devil! God is ever careful in every move!

Kulkarni approached the mosque and from outside glanced at the elevated platform at the other end on which Baba slept. The ‘dhuni’ was peacefully burning. Abdulla was fast asleep. Firewood logs were there. The four lamps were burning. The unlighted hundred and odd lamps were lying at random, scattered carelessly. The water pot was uncovered with its lid lying aside. Baba’s clay-pipe, his club, his new green dress lay by his side. Kulkarni felt that all belongings of Baba stared at him!

Kularni was determined to execute his plan! He carefully studied his returning path after setting the mosque on fire. Then he sneaked through the entrance which was always open.

Keeping an eye on the sleeping figure of Baba facing towards him, looking at the ‘dhuni’ and the heap of logs lying beyond, he cautiously walked with silent steps in the direction of Baba – never once removing his eyes away from him. The place was strangely quiet!

Suddenly Kulkarni stopped! He had stumbled over something! He looked down in horror! It was Baba’s severed head lying below! He shuddered and saw sideways! All around were scattered Baba’s separated limbs – hands, legs and a headless trunk!

With a terrified look, Kulkarni glanced in the direction he had first seen Baba sleeping. Now Baba was not there! The four lamps burnt calmly and Kulkarni could see everything clearly. The pipe was there, the club was there, the gown too! Everything in its own place! Only Baba was not there!

Kulkarni shook to the core, realizing that Baba has been slaughtered by someone else! He trembled from head to toe! What he had desired has at last happened, but he was afraid that as he hated Baba, people would suspect him for this murder! Frightened as he was, the whole mosque was spinning! He traced back his steps. Feeling dizzy he was unable even to reach the exit! He stumbled here and there and finally reached his home!

Lying in his own place where he was sleeping, Baba was enjoying this fun! After Kulkarni left, Baba too went to sleep!

Frightened first but overjoyed afterwards that Baba has left this world for ever, Kulkarni soon embraced a peaceful slumber!

Next morning, Kulkarni had a message from Baba. He had called him to the mosque. The message from Baba froze Kularni to the core! He was waiting since morning for the happy news of Baba’s murder! Having slept peacefully, he woke up early for the news. He was happy and pleased. But a message from the murdered man rocked him from top to bottom!

“Baba calls me?” Kulkarni stammered as he questioned. He looked as pale as snow! His wife saw her husband nervous. She saw Ganapat Rao Kote Patil who had brought the message from Baba. She was surprised that of all people, Baba would call her husband to the mosque. She made sure that the message was for Kulkarni only. She asked her husband to meet Baba and seek his blessings. Otherwise she warned him everyone is devoted to Baba, patients may not come to him and he would lose his medical practice!

Kulkarni also had second thoughts. Wisdom dawned on him! He decided to meet Baba. He accompanied Ganapat Rao Kote Patil to the mosque. But what he saw there made him speechless!

Baba himself was washing the wounds of a leper. The leper’s body was full of wounds – bleeding and oozing pus! They were stinking too! It was an advanced case of leprosy. But Baba was lovingly attending to the wounds. Kulkarni felt nauseated and kept two steps backwards. Ganapat Rao Kote Patil announced his arrival, “Baba, Kulkarni Physician is here”. “Ask him to wait” Baba answered, continuing his service to the leper. Kulkarni waited.

The mosque was crowded. In the crowd were Baba Sahib Dengale and his brother Nana Sahib Dengale from Neemgaon. A boy having his eyes tied up with a bandage was also present with his mother. He was a patient of Kulkarni who had tied up his eyes on the previous day.

Baba Sahib Dengae was Baba’s ardent devotee. He considered Baba as God. However his family members did not share his view. After hearing the miracle of Baba lighting lamps with water on Deepawali day, Baba Sahib Dengale’s brother Nana Sahib Dengale too accompanied his brother today. Since he had no children, he secretly desired for progeny.

Recently, during the last five days, Baba had undertaken the mission of service to the sick and disabled. He would visit them, treat them and nurse them at their homes with herbs and medicinal plants. Sitting near them he would reassure them with his sweet and compassionate words. His loving behavior made them happy and their bodies and minds recovered in no time!

The miracle on the day before, on Deepawali day, attracted many villagers from the neighbourhood to seek his blessings and hopes of divine healing many incurable diseases and other miseries. This leper had come for cure!

Having washed his wounds, Baba cleaned his hands and took out a fistful of ash from the ‘dhuni’. He applied it liberally over the leper’s wounds. The patient who was groaning with pain felt much better.

The leper expressed his gratitude. He was an outcaste in the society. He had found someone giving him real love. Baba assured him that his leprosy would be cured and sent him home with ashes from the ‘dhuni’. For Kulkarni, cure of leprosy with ash was ridiculous.

Baba looked at Kulkarni and asked him – “Punditji, tell me about Anacardium”. Kulkarni quoted a verse from Ayurvedic medicine listing the beneficial effects of Anacardium in treatment of Leucoderma, Dysentery and Fever. Everyone appreciated Kulkarni’s learning. But Baba hardly listened to him and he was busy removing the bandage from the eyes of the boy who was treated by Kulkarni the earlier day. The boy’s eyes were swollen and red shot. Baba told Abdulla to mash a nut of Anacardium. He rolled it and plastered into the boy’s eyes. Kulkarni was aghast and tried to prevent Baba putting Anacardium plaster into the eyes of the boy. Kulkarni announced that the boy would be blind for ever and left the mosque.

Those who had faith in Baba’s miraculous powers quietly watched. Few sympathized for the loss of eyesight of the boy.

Baba Sahib Dengale too was losing his faith. His brother Nana Sahib Dengale was feeling sorry for having come all the way from Neemgaon!

“No! You have not come in vain!” Baba loudly replied to his thought, “Go home! Allah has granted a son to you!” Baba blessed him in advance – even before he disclosed his innate desire! As he spoke, Baba suddenly removed the bandage on the eyes of the boy. His eyes were clear! There was a sigh of relief from everyone present.

Nana Sahib Dengale bent down in reverence, his head on Baba’s feet.

And one year later, his wife gave birth to a son!

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  1. As described in “Sri Sai Satcharita”, from the very early days in Shirdi, Sai Baba used to serve the distressed persons. In the beginning he used to go around Shirdi village and treat the sick persons by medicines. He did not charge any fees and brought health to the poor & helpless. After some time, Sai Baba stopped giving medicines and started using the udi (holy ash from Dhuni) for curing diseases. Some times, Sai Baba used to cure his devotees` diseases by using superhuman power. Sai Baba not only gave medicines to the sick persons but would himself serve them in case there was nobody else to do so .


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