07 January 2016

The Fragrance Of Devotion In Sai by Dr Priyanka PV - E-Book Free Download

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Happy First Thursday of 2016. New Year has started and it marks new hopes, new aspirations, new goals, new resolutions, new faith and a new You. Let us now worry about those things which were not in our control and lets prepare ourselves for whatever good we can do to others and ourselves. This is what Lord Sai Baba is asking from us and i hope we all can give this to Him. Miracles of Lord Sai Baba are countless and no one can have a check on them. Sai sister Priyanka has framed up her experiences with our Lord and few other experiences as well and compiled an E-Book named "The Fragrance Of Devotion In Sai". This E-Book has been miraculously completed in one night! She has dedicated her First Book to all readers and requested us to put it for free download. Download and Enjoy the Bliss!

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