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God Does Not Create A Lock Without Its Key And God Does Not Give You Problems Without Its Solutions.

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  1. Jai sainath! sainath tere hazaron hath! yesterday evening something unexpected happened which I am considering a miracle: My son has a wish and he's so passionate about it that I advised him to keep sai baba's 9 thursdays fast to fulfil his wish by Sainath's grace. Though he is a believer of sainath since his childhood, but he cannot read the katha or chant the mantras and do puja except to light diya and fold hands and go to sai baba temple every thursday and offers yellow flowers garland to sainath at Lodhi Road, delhi. He started his fast on 21 Jan 2016 and I used to do all katha, mantra and puja at my office due to shortage of time. Yesterday it was his 9th thursday but we both didn't remember that so as usual we performed our duties. He went to temple and offered yellow flowers, etc. Besides, his wish is noy fulfilled yet as we have not done the formalities, it will take a day or two and papers will be submitted in a day or two by sainath's grace. As I was searching saibaba website in my office in the evening, I had gone though some FAQs rekated to saibaba. Then i counted the days and came to know that today is the last thursday fast of my son, I became tensed about how to do udyapan. As i wanted my son to keep on doing fast till his wish is fulfilled, and after that I will do udyapan. But in FAQs, I read that one can continue fast after doing udyapan if his/her wish is not fulfilled. So in the evening, i decided to distribute readymade eatables to 5 children or poor people and then my son will continue to keep fast for another 9 thursdays.But on my way to home, usually I don't see any poor children so i thought to give eatables to the rickshaw people as they are everywhere in delhi. After my office, I bought some biscuit packets and chipps keeping in my mind the picture of poor children thinking where to find them. As I got down the auto at my metro stn at GTB Ngr, I saw a poor boy holding a bowl in hand, I immediately gave him a biscuit packet, then came another girl and then another boy. I gave them biscuits and then i thought this was only i wanted, so i gave them chipps as well. Then I went forward at the stn stairs, I saw another poor boy in the upstairs and then in the last steps another, so total 5 poor children I met and not more or less than that. I was so elated and took it as a miracle that I thought to tell it to other devotees also. I chanted sainath name several times and told my son and my daughter about this incident and my daughter has already started keeping fast since yesterday. Yesterday evening, i also chanted beejamantra thrice as i came to know about this mantra yesterday only while surfing net. Jai sainath! may Saibaba fulfil everyone's wish. I like chanting hare ram hare ram, ram ram hare hare; hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare; hare sai, hare sai, sai sai hare hare,................ Jai sainath!

  2. In every problem, the solution is there; Our responsibility is to provide it.
    In every setback, the success is there; Our adventure is to discover it.


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