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Friendships With Lord - Celebrating Friendship Day in Unique Way

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Devotion is something that has many emotions attached. We have seen many devotees calling Lord Baba their friend. They know that they can share anything with a friend and if that friend is Lord Baba then sharing becomes more easy and it denotes devotion as well. I feel what if this devotion also showcases dedication. Let me explain further on this.
Friendships with Lord - this is something that has been crawling in my mind since two days. Friendship day is round the corner, and I am sure each one of us has some or other plans to celebrate it with their friends. I am confined to this day in a way that I am traveling and there's nothing special that I can plan to do. I have been pilled with lot many things these days so thinking to write something fresh in a scenario where backlogs are pilled up, there was no question of beginning to write something fresh. Well this has been decided by Lord Baba and who can dare to go against His will.

We always want Baba to make and keep us happy, curb our bad karmas and give us salvation. Well I think devotion and spirituality aims at this. But if we consider Lord Baba as a friend, there should be conversation that is not limited to our own perspective. Sometimes it's necessary that we should also listen to Him rather than only sharing or pleading Him. It might sound foolish on my part to listen to Him but believe me once you start listening to Him, you come to know there's no need to speak to Him. The thought is in you and it is known by Him even before it enters you. So why unnecessarily make pleas and requests when you that Baba knows everything in full circle.

Now someone can argue on point that this means that we should not speak or ask anything from Lord Baba. I am saying that no need to pester Him, instead try to listen to Him, act accordingly and see worst turning into best, just as a magic wand does.

Conversing with Lord Baba doesn't necessarily means that we go on asking for fulfillment of one or other demand, or taking you out of a trouble, it means having a conversation beyond this. How? We can have casual talks where you can tell Baba about happenings, discuss what you think about them or what you wish it could be, exactly in the way as you converse with your bestie or pal. If you develop this habit you will find yourself in one level up in devotion. You will be devoid of any wish, prayers, trouble, as you, your mind, your soul are connected to Lord Baba. The peace that is within is unaffected with storm outside.

Holds When We Start To Fall

At times we love Lord Baba on fulfillment of any wish and at times we get angry with Him. We always know that whatever He does is the best course of us, still our selfish human mind overpowers such feelings and start arguing, fighting with Him and ultimately loose peace of mind. What is necessary here is to have firm faith in this Lord, A Perfect Friend In Deed, as He knows our karma and He is sure to take care of us no matter what we are or what we do. He is beyond such tantrums and what is required on our part is Shraddha and Saburi. Why cant we have our eyes closed and let our Friend do any pranks with us. We always know He will never do anything to harm us. He wants us to be happy and for that He don mortal coil and descended on this earth. What more we can ask from a friend.

However we can lay full trust on our Friend and allow Him to do whatever He wants with us. Believe me this is the best deal one can ever think of. He is a friend who "Holds When We Start To Fall" and never in dreams think that we are harmed in one or other way. He is ocean of mercy where one can always be held with love.

He Showers On Us Only Unconditional Love

We have always experienced that Lord Sai Baba never demands or expects anything other than love. This friendship is such in which we are benefited more by giving only love and devotion. In return to this, we get protection, assurance, reliability and above all - we are showered with His Unconditional Love. There is no limit to the love we receive from Him. He is always merciful and makes every effort to keep us safe. At times He does not spare us from Karma, but that is in our benefit only so that we wipe them off and come . He is such a friend, Who is always vigilant and only knows to love and take care.

He Listens to our every woe

Lord Sai Baba listens to each of His devotee. While He always advocates Patience, He Himself practices as well. He acts in such a way that it sets example for all. He wants all of His devotees to be happy and contended. He knows what His devotees are going through and so He is always vigilant to listen to smallest of pleas of devotees and comfort them. It is often experienced by His devotees that they get solid proofs by Him which are life saviours for them. Even He is in spirit, He is very responsive and active to help His devotees. Many have experienced that Lord Baba cries with His devotees and many have seen tears in His eyes when His devotees come to see Him. At Shirdi, when devotees get overwhelming experiences from Him, He smiles and when they share their problems, they can see Him sad and weeping.

The devotees get inexplicable experiences that Lord Baba listens to them and give answers to their questions. In various situations He has been seen being worried for His devotees and appearing before them for their welfare.

He Forgets Worst Of Our Mistakes

We are bound by our karmas and often make mistakes being humans. At times we are aware that we are mistaken still we go on repeating. Ultimately when Lord Baba makes them aware of those mistakes, they repent and Lord Baba forgive them as loving mother. He is mercy incarnate and never thinks of punishing anyone. Rather He takes care and change us from within. He is more concerned for wicked and bring them on right path.

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