Sai Baba was an Avtari Purush, but lived as an ordinary person in order to fulfill the wishes of His devotees. In the following incident, it is clear that Sai Baba did only what was right for the sake of humanity.

A case was filed against a thief of Dhuliya for burglary of ornaments in the court of Tahesildar. The thief said in his self protection that he had not stolen those ornaments; instead they were given to him by Sai Baba of Shirdi. He is the only witness of this matter. After hearing the petition of the thief it was decided by the court to send summons to Sai Baba to be present in the court. A personnel of the court was sent © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesto Shirdi to inform Sai Baba about this. But Baba tore the summons and threw them in burning Dhuni. The personnel informed the court about refusal of presence of the witness. On getting such report the court ordered to make the witness present in the court anyhow. So a head constable Ganpat Ramji took the warrant to Shirdi. He read the warrant before Sai Baba and requested Him to come to Dhuliya with him. Sai Baba showered abuses on him and said throw the warrant in heal. Now Ganpat Ramji did not have the courage to take Sai Baba with him.

When Ganpat reached Dhuliya without Sai Baba, he met Dasganu in the police station. Dasganu said that Sai Baba is not an ordinary person, He is Pandharinath of Pandharpur, God Dattatreya. We cant issue any warrant to him, we must discuss the matter with Deputy Collector Nanasaheb Chandorkar in this matter. Nanasaheb advised to make an application in the following manner: Sai Baba is not an ordinary person, He is a Divine personality, many people worship Him as God, therefore it is not proper to issue warrant against Him. Also it is not proper to make Him stand in the place of witness in the court. This application was signed by many experienced devotees of Sai Baba. So the court ordered to form a commission and this commission would take the statement of Sai Baba.

Commissioner Nanasaheb Joshi came to Shirdi and started to note down the statement of Sai Baba in the following manner:
Q – Whatever you will say will be true, do u agree?
A – Yes, that will be true.
Q – What is your name?
A – People call me Sai Baba
Q – What is your fathers name?
A – Sai Baba
Q – What is your Gurus name?
A – Vekunsha
Q – What is your Dharm or Panth?
A – Kabir Dharm
Q – What is your caste and family?
A – Parvar Digar Allaah or God
Q – Do you know the guilty?
A – I know him and everybody.
Q – The guilty says that he lived with You, is it true?
A – Yes, I live with everybody, everyone is mine
Q – The guilty says that the ornaments which he possesses are not stolen, but were given to him by You, is it true?
A – Yes, I give everybody everything

When the investigation was going on, the commissioner asked for the register of the Panchayat, in which details of the persons who visited Shirdi and when left Shirdi were noted.

The commissioner continued

Q – On the day of the incident, the guilty was not present in Shirdi and You gave ornaments to him, is it true?
A – Yes it is in the same manner
Q – Baba, if it is true that You have given him the ornaments, then please tell me from where did the ornaments came from to You?
Hearing this Sai Baba got angry and said I dont have any relation with all this.

anasaheb Joshi got frightened seeing this form of Sai Baba, he did Shastang Namaskar to Sai Baba and signature of Sai Baba was not even taken. The commissioner prepared a report from the details of the register of Gram Panchayat that guilty was not present in Shirdi on the day of the incident and was given Karavas punishment without relating anything to Sai Baba.

Source : Translated from Gujarati Book “Sai Sarovar

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