Sai Baba’s Open Eye – A Cover Story

I received a mail from Sai Devotee which I am copy pasting for you all. Before proceeding further I would like to give a brief introduction about the write up. I received a call on my mobile yesterday (July 18, 2008, Thursday and Gurupoornima) to watch Β© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

India Tv from a local Sai Devotee. It was being telecasted that Sai Baba’s idol had opened Its eye in Bangalore. Though I missed the starting part, I was lucky to watch the idol which was from Bangalore. I was wondering as to how should I get this write up prepared and other details, but Baba was behind me I think and I got the mail from Sai Devotee Mohan Dwivedi. He has even sent the photograph of the idol which is uploaded.

BANGALORE: Hundreds of people descended on a merchant’s house in Bangalore on Friday to witness what they believe is a miracle – the Shirdi Sai Baba idol is purported to have opened its left eye.

The frenzy was such that police had to be called in to control the surging crowds.

After reports of Ganapati idols drinking milk and the recent story of a bleeding Christ, the Sai Baba ‘miracle’ too saw both the devout and the curious rushing to the house.Door No. 7, Chitra Block, Gavipuram Guttahalli, which, till the other day, was a non-descript residence of phenol merchant Babu, suddenly turned into a pilgrimage centre.

With devotees queuing up to have a glimpse of the statue, the area wore a festive look with small-time traders trying to make a fast buck by selling prasadam and Baba’s idols! The devotee couple Babu (45) and his wife Lakshmi took the marble idol to clean on Wednesday evening to prepare for the Thursday puja. The idol had some black mark on its left chin and the couple’s son Dhrupad, who was cleaning the eye, suddenly felt some change in the idol – the eyelash seemed moving. The devotees were astounded and stopped the cleaning work.

On Thursday morning, they found the left eye of Baba had opened. Thursday being a day to worship Baba, the couple, along with their neighbours, performed puja.The news flashed on Friday morning and by afternoon, the crowds multiplied “We had gone to Shirdi a year ago from where we bought this marble idol. It is a miracle that Baba opened his eye on Guru Poornima Day to give us darshan. It has been very difficult to control the crowd as people are queuing up to see the miracle. So we had to inform the police and arrange for bandobast,” said Drupad, a II PU student. There was also a huge flow of cash as the devotees put “dakshine” (cash offering to God) after the darshan.

“I am a staunch Sai Baba devotee and never had witnessed such a miracle. The idol looked like as if Baba was looking at me…I cannot forget this day,” said Swamy Narayan, a resident of Hanumanthanagar, with tears in his eyes.Policemen from two stations – Kempe Gowdanagar and Hanumanthanagar – were deployed near the house along with Hoysala patrolling teams from Bangalore South. “More than 1,500 people had gathered and the crowd was maddening. Our concern was maintaining peace”, he said.

Β© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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