Let’s Pay Tribute to Bombay Victims

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

Today’s post does not include any translated story or experience of any devotee. It is dedicated to the victims of Bombay blasts and firings by few disturbing elements in our society. The incident was shocking and horrible news for all of us. Many innocent people and brave commandos had to sacrifice their valuable lives. So I would like you all to come up to pay a tribute to all those who lost their lives and pray to Sai Baba to help to come out of fear of death who were lucky enough to save themselves. Its very difficult for the relatives of the victims to compensate the loss of their loved ones, but Sai Baba can only give them courage. We can play our part by praying to Sai Baba to save all of us from such incidents in future. To pay tribute, you can write few lines as comment under this post.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. it is really very tough period to face..may baba give strength to ppl who have lost their loved ones in mumbai attack…my salute to navy army nd police…jai hind..jai sai..


  2. its really hard to believe that are country administration is completely blank and doing nthng for the people who have lost so much things that cant be returned by providing money …n may baba give dm love n strength n lofe full of appiness dat should shade away the sorrow…salute to the people who gave their lives for our country INDIA….
    JAI SAI..

  3. I would like to express my grief in one word. It’s a barbaric behavior. I strongly condemn this horrible act of violence. I offer my condolences to those whose families died and those who injured.

    Let’s pray together for those who sacrificed their life and all the innocent people who died.

    I am sincerely; praying to Baba, this kind of incidents should not be repeated anywhere in the world whether it is in India or anywhere.

    May Baba bless everyone.

    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Babaji,

    Please comfort the families of the victims and all the brave people who lost their lives fighting the gunmen.


  5. it was really a horrible period for all the victims and their relatives. Baba plz give strength and courage to the relatives of all victims…my salute to all the brave people and army…JAI HIND…..

  6. We ,Sai Devotees, condemn the barbarous acts of the terrorists and convey our condoleances to the bereaved families of those who have lost their life.We pray to Baba that this never happens again in India or in any other part of the world.We renew our prayers for World Peace.Let there be Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace!

  7. The recent attacks in Mumbai have not only left a scar on the families who lost their dear ones but also a wave of fear has swept through each and every one who has witnessed this incident either personally or via television. A very difficult period for our country indeed.
    Baba please give immense strength to the people who have lost their dear ones and give us the courage to face such situations with utmost alertness and help us to come out of this fear!!! Baba let peace prevail in this world.Make it a beautiful place to live in. Sadar pranams at your lotus feet.

  8. it is very hard to digest and leaves a sign of fear in everyone’s mind to visit any new place.for the people who lost their family is infact a tough situation.my deep condolenscences to one and all.Baba please forgive us if we had done any mistakes.let peace prevail all over the world.
    jai sai ram

  9. I salute the brave men who laid down their life fighting for us, so that we can live peacefully. I pray that their departed soul rest in peace, after all they are now with the Lord Himself, and that their family gathers strength and pride to live without them, and above all i would like to pray even for the young terrorists whose mind has been corrupted by anti humans. i hope they get a change in their thoughts and deeds, they realise their mistakes and surrender to Almighty. SaiRam…

  10. My most heartfelt condoleances to the families of all those who lost their life in this terrible attack. May Sai Baba give us all the strength to overcome and forget these painful moments.
    Please Sai don’t ever let this happen again here or anywhere else in the world and let there be PEACE and LOVE all over the world.

  11. I am utterly shocked to hear that Mumbai civilians were killed in those terrorist blasts. My comments take up some space in this webpage, but from my heart I am asking Sadguru Sai Nath to bring forth courage in the victims’ relatives and friends over their loved ones’ deaths. Baba please resolve this problem so that no one feels insecure but feels love and peacefulness.

    Oh friend, please do not talk about the Lord in this manner. The Lord is all pervading, He is watching and there is a time perfect time for everything. All the people who have died are of Baba, they are all embodiments of truth. He feels more pain then all of us. Part of this is realization in the minds of human beings. In most cases, without realization there wont be devotion to God. All people rave and say things they shouldn’t have when something happens wrong, they blame God, but “shraddha” and “saburi” are principles that we must treasure in order go through the good and pains of life.

    Islam is not to be blamed over the wrong doings of the terrorists; this is unfair to all others who practice the religion.

    Sai Ram!!

  12. If anyone is wondering why Sai Baba didn’t tell anyone about this all you have to do is ask him! Sai Baba will listen to all of our prayers! We prayed to him that Obama would win the election and that is what happen.

  13. People have been praying after 1993 that no attacks should happen to India… Did that happen? Did he listen?

    Obama winning/losing is of no consequence to a common Indian.. Terrorist attacks on Indian soil are…

  14. May Sai give strength to the families to bear this terrible loss of a loved one in the Mumbai violence. We pray to our beloved Sai to change the violent stream of thoughts and actions that guide these misguided people. We pray that Sai bless and protect us all, our motherland and this world.

  15. let all of humankind join now in prayer, thoughts, words and actions for love peace and harmony upon this wonderful planet earth that as spirit we choose to dwell within a pysical body..

  16. Sai Ram my dear anonymous friend,
    Please dont blame Lord Sai for all these happenings. It was destined to happen and so it happened. Unless Lord wills no one can harm us. Our ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’ is tested in such times only. Who are we to judge any religious teachings, if you follow Baba in true sense then no religion must be blamed for anything. It is the deeds of ones past births and he/she has to clear off before leaving this world and be one with our Sai Baba. It is obvious that such incidents make us angry and dejected, but thinking over it again will make us realise the purpose behind all this. I pray to Baba to give strength to the families of those who lost their loved ones and i request you anonymous to use polite words in this forum since every reader/visitor is emotionally attached to it. Thanks for your co-operation…Baba bless us all

  17. god is every where he is omnipresent he knows every thing we need not tell any thing let us pray to sainath every body should be happy in this world

  18. Dear Anonymous, your anger is justified. But probably you are venting out your anger on the wrong source. Just read the Satcharita, and how many times has Baba told all not to hate anyone, to treat even animals as if they are divine. He finished His career on earth trying to reform all….Now, u wanted him to save all those people, but how?/? Until and unless, love and compassion is kindled in the heart of men, can such crime be stopped??? Baba tried to do that all his life. Wonder if it is impossible for Baba also to change the mindset of such mindless and heartless terrorists…. Just pray with more fervour that the hearts of such gory criminals should change. Believe it or not, until and unless the light of compassion is lit in the heart of such people, nothing can be done. However on earth can you prevent a man who is comes with the motive to kill another, and is ready to end his own life for that!!!Can any force on earth stop such people???? Even God for that matter???

  19. BABA, please take each and every troubled soul in your loving shelter and grant wisdom to fanatics by replacing hatred from their hearts with LOVE for Humanity.

  20. Baba my humble pranams at your lotus feet
    i request you that let there be no bloodshedin future in any part of the world and no human beings suffer such trajic deaths

  21. BABA be with the family of the people who lost their dear ones in the unbelievable attack. Bless the world with peace and take care of all. No human being should face such a tragedy end.


  22. May Swami give the strength to the family who lost their loved ones. May their soul rest in peace.

    Let us pray to swami to bless everyone with peace and harmony….

  23. comments cannot help those people.we will never be able to understand their grief, how much we try to.baba will help all of them.

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