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Jai Sai Ram Dear Readers,

It is a proven fact that group prayers have more power and they are readily accepted. Keeping this fact in mind, it gives me immense pleasure to inform you about a new service started on this blog for the benefit of us all, ‘We Sai Children’. With the inspiration of Shirdi Sai Baba, a ‘Prayer Club for Blog Readers’ has been started apart from various other services like ‘Sending Prayers to Shirdi’, ‘Free Udi Delivery Seva’ and ‘Sharing Experiences of Devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba’. This step of mine was not a planned one. Today morning just a thought came up in my mind about Prayer Club. Even I did not have to think how it will be accomplished or what steps will I have to take like everything was ready and only my action on it was pending. There is something else also behind this. While talking with another Sai Devotee, she expressed her desire to put a prayer for her friend on this blog. I told her to send me the prayer as usual and it will be taken to Shirdi. But since it is not always sure when the prayers will reach Shirdi, she requested me to post on this blog. I assured her to try on my side, but completely forgot it afterwards. This happened yesterday and today morning this thought gathered in my mind. I took it as wish of Baba and started working on it. Let me now tell you how I (rather Shirdi Sai Baba) have planned regarding this ‘Prayer Club’.

– The main theme of this ‘Prayer Club’ is ‘Everyone pray for One and One pray for Everyone’.

– At the end of this post I have placed a chat box.

– Devotee who wish to submit their prayers can mail me on this mail id.

– The same will be uploaded here as and when received and other devotees can pray of him/her.

– Devotees who wish to pray for others can write down few words in the chat box.

For sending prayers please note these points to serve you better:

– While submitting prayers please include the words ‘Prayer for club’ in the subject link to make it easy to trace.

– If you do not wish your name to appear in the prayer, please write it specifically otherwise it will be presumed to include it.

– The date of receipt of prayers will be noted onwards. It will remain posted for next one month and will be removed after that so as to make room for new ones.

– Prayers can be sent on this mail id.

Hope you all participate in this small step of mine. Please do not forget to bookmark this page for further reference. This has been the first time ever that such a ‘Prayer Club’ is started on any blog. The more the readers, the more blessings of Sai Baba.


Received on: 26/3/09
Om SaiBaba
Baba Please Bless me and my Family specially my mother who is not keeping well due to weak health.She is doing vrat for you so Bless her and always keep her happy & tension free. Baba I will also be doing paanch guruvaar ka vrat for my Marriage soon with the person whom ILovevery much so Please give me your Blessings and fulfill my wish.I have full faith on you.
Your’s Faithfully
Sai Devotee


Received on: 11/4/09
Oum Sai Ram, my humble pranam on your lotus feet.
Baba, please, fulfill my wishes. I got lots of problems where I am working. Also, I was planning to go out of this country to some western country for a long time. I hope Baba will hear my prayer. Also, please, grant me permission to visit Shirdi soon.
Bless me and everyone in this universe.
With your blessings and shraddha and saburi.
Oum Sai Ram


Received on: 10/4/09
Baba, please help me get that job. It is very important for me, so please me in this. I am praying wholeheartedly. Please Baba, don’t disappoint me.


Received on: 18/6/09
Baba, i am under too much pressure and tension , please baba help me get out of this mess, there is nobody to help me get out of this mess, other than you baba. Mere laaj apke haath mein hain baba. Meri izat apke haath mein hain baba . please meri madad kijiye Help us get out of this court case and all other problems financial and all Baba , please help us ram



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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Baba
    We pray to you, please accept our sincere prayers ever for all souls in this world, who either pray for their own sufferings or pray for their near and dear to recover soon from all kinds of obstacles and diseases be it small and big. You always give hope with your great words that GOD CAN EVEN CHANGE ONE’S HARD DESTINY to our pure devotion. Please give relief to all such suffering souls and rescue them without much hardships. OM SAI RAM SRI SAI RAM JAI JAI SAI RAM. GOD IS GREAT.

  2. Baba, First I prostate at your holy feet for being with me all the hard times. It is your blessings that helped to pass over very tough times of life. Again this hardest time has come,again bow at your feet requesting you to save me baba. Give me shradda and saburi, bless me to visit your Dwarakamai at Shiridi.You know my needs and long standing prayer for a good job in social development field, Baba when will my sins will be washed away so I will get your blessings ‘Udhi”, Prasad Baba. Bless Samir his family my family with all good in life and peace.Baba bless Samir and me as ideal couple.(PSamir-Canada)

  3. Baba I know this is kulyug but please give to those who need, bless evryone, give everyone positive thoughts stop all evil and bad, give everyone peace and listen to evryone, it may take time people but baba is with everyone…sab ka malik ek!

  4. Baba i am so sorry for my mistakes I dint follow you for so many days but you have always been for me and you put in the right path.Please stay with me forever and I can easily face any difficulties in my way.I know you have decided everything for me,I dont have to ask you anything in specific.Keep showering your blessings and love on me and give the a chance so that I can help others and serve you as much as possible.Give me the oppurtunity to feel you and stay with you.

    jai sai ram,

  5. Om Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    BABA please bless everybody, help everyone, be with each and everyone at all times.
    Om Sairam

  6. Om Sai Rama!!
    Baba Please bless all who are needy and are in pain..
    Baba you are great..Please forgive your childrens and show them the holy path..
    Om Sai Rama!!

  7. Om Sai Rama!!
    Baba please help me n my family…
    Baba you are the only one who can save us n give us a happy life,,..
    We are at your lotus feet and pray for well being of our health…..
    Baba please show us the ray of hope…
    Baba please show us the positive result..
    We have full faith in your grace..
    you will surely bless us………
    We will have Shraddha n Saburi.
    Om Sai Rama!!

  8. Om Sai Rama!!
    Baba u r great n u are the only hope for us.
    I have full faith in your grace n your blessings..
    So I will not worry n fret now..
    I have kept all my fears n worries in your lotus feets n pray to you for the well being of my family..
    I have many times felt your grace on us..
    Like yesterday your udi helped my hubby in his well being.
    I am really grateful to u n hope u will keep on showering your blessing on us..
    Baba pls help me too..
    Om Sai Rama!!

  9. Sai Baba .
    Please help Baba…
    Baba Pls show us ray of hope..
    Baba we surrender in your holy feets..
    Baba we will be humble…

  10. om sai Rama!!
    You are great baba..
    you have once again saved us from lots of trouble….
    Thanks Baba for your blessing..
    We surrender ourself to your holy feets..
    Om sai Rama!!

  11. sai ram please help me

    baba my name is sukanya iam sai devotee my parents seraching groom for me last 7 years my age 35 years baba my marriage not fixed baba my parents are very worried about my marriage my father health is not good baba baba you know my problemms baba please i beg u baba my marriage getting soon suitable person baba please hear my prayers give you happiness and peaceful life for my family baba give you answer my prayers baba give you good helth for my father very soon baba
    please take care of my family you are always with me and family

    with tears

    one of small devotee


  12. Sai baba…please help us n make my hubby understand What to do….
    I m very sad…but hopeful that u will surely help us…….
    We r in your lotus feet..
    you will only save us from disease..
    om sai rama…

  13. Sai baba
    where r u…please help us baba..
    we we are feeling very lonely..
    Why all this is happening to us…
    Why we are suffering mentally n physically ..
    Baba pls help us.,shower ur blessing on us..
    We have faith in u baba..
    you will surely help us..
    Om Sai rama!!

  14. Thank you Sai Baba,You havefinalyy grant our wishes..
    WE are happy for your grace and blessings on us..
    We bow down in your lotus feet and surrender ourself .
    We have full faith and perseverance.
    we got a reward for our patience.
    Thanks so much.
    We love u baba..
    yo are our strenght.
    Stay with us always….

  15. Jai Sai Ram,

    My son and husband are not fit these days. My son remains ill these days. Please people pray that my son and husband get well as soon as possible. I also want that I be blessed with a flat in Shirdi, so that I can spend as much time I can in this shirdi, the holy place.

  16. OM SAI RAM!!!!!
    Baba I know you will always take care of me.I always pray to you to show me the right path,I can take the failure as blessing but be with me and drive me towards the success path.Give me proper guidance to overcome my problems fear and sorrow.Give me strength to fight for myself and remove all the hurdles on my way.I hope you have planned something for me,give me patience to wait until your blessing comes to me.

  17. Om Shri Sai BaBa Namoh Namah,

    Sai BaBa,
    Main apne aap ko bahut bhagyashaali maan rahi hoon jo aapki sharan me aane ka soubhagya prapt hua hai mujhe.
    Baba main aapse mere poore pariwaar ki aur ankur ke pariwaar ki khushiya aur sabke liye aashirwaad ki kaamna karti hoon.
    Baba main ankur se shaadi karna chahti hoon aur aapko sab pata hai ki main apne parents ko bhi dukh nahi dena chati.Baba mere parents is shaadi ke liye jald se jald yaiyaar ho jaaye.Mere papa ,mummy ,bhai ,behen aur ankur ke papa aur mummy ki tabiyat theek rahe aur aapka aashirwaad hamesha ham sab par bana rahe.

    jai Sai Ram ji ki.

  18. shri sai baba ki jay baba meray bhai ko bacha lo abhi tuk bhe ap na hi bca ya ha agya bhe ap hi bachaogay jay sai ram

  19. Mr Dearest Baba

    I do not have words to express how much I love you and how to thank you for all that you do for me. You hear me even when I do not say anything. You fulfill my wishes even when I dont disclose them to you. You are my perfect and faithful God. I just want to move on your path of faith and patience, truth and humanity and be your Dearest Child. Keep Loving Me !!!]


  20. Baba, please help me by giving stability in mind.
    Even though, I am doing parayan, my mind is not silent and always remain worried. Please help me baba, where are you or I had done so much sin in past life that's why u are not looking at me? But Baba, I beg you to please help me in fighting my inner enemies like laziness, unstable mind, untruthfulness and negative attitude for life.

    Help me to overcome this. If parayan is the only solution than bless me to do it again and again. Your blessing is the only thing to complete parayan successfully.

    Waiting for your blessing.

    With tears


  21. OM SAI RAM




  22. Baba please bless me…I know i have been wrong too mnay times but I have tried to correct my self time and again,
    Bless me baba…i have been waiting patiently for so long now…I am your child.So please forgive my mistakes and show bless me!

  23. OM SHRI SAI NATH KO PRANAM….Bless us on this GURUPOORNIMA with your grace.bless us so that we can move ahead in life the way you want us to move.Forgive our sins and let good things happen.

  24. om sai ram
    sai baba ap ko mare or or mry husband ki thraf say bhut thank ap humysha humary sath rhty ho jub be may ap ko bolthe hu help kay liy ap athy ho such may baba ap nay he subsy phly mujy supny may drash diy ap esy he drashan dia kro bhut acha feel hotha hai
    baba please may bank job may select ho jao or pradeep be govt job may slect ho jay apki bdy krpa hogi jai sai ram ap sada sath rhna
    love u sai ji

  25. sai ji ke kirpa say mara naam ho raha hai krthy ho tum sai baba maya nam ho raha hai
    . prbhu ji sada he kirpa hum py bnay rhkna sai ji sdha hi kirpa hum pr bnay rkhna. Jo rashta shae ho us pr chlay rhkna sai ji kirpa bnay rhkna .
    om sai ram

  26. sai baba u r the great great ap any bkth ko kbe akyla nhe chodthy jub be ap ko pukarthy ho app a jathy ho or help krthy ho ap ny tow mujy shaksath drash diy hai bus baba sda apky chrno may esy he dyan lga rhy or hum apki swa krthy rhy
    . ap kbe be marye husband ko or mujy glth rasthy pr nehe jany dogy bus baba apna haath humry or humry family ky uper sda rhkna .Mara belive humsha btha jay or lgn be
    jay jay jay sai ram
    ap ko koty koty praanm.

  27. om sai ram
    Baba ap tow sub janthy hai plese mayre pukar sun low may ethna hard work krthy hu baba tub be marye bank exam may slection nahe ho rhe plese ap kirp kro baba sub ap kay haath may hai ap cho tow kay nhe ho skaktha or preksha math lo maya achay bank may slection ho jay .Baba my pradeep khona nhe chathi ap ko be patha hai mare gur walay kbi nhe manygy mujy kuch ne ptha baba apky hath may hai . Mujy ptha hai maye gurwaly kbe nhe many gy tow ap he mare famly ho bki ap jano baba
    Sub ko kush rkhna apne kirpa bnay rhkna or pradeep ka be police job may ho jay jub thk humri govt job nehe lgyge hum humsha kay liy ek nhe ho skthy ap kirpa kr do baba plese

    om sai ram

  28. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram
    om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  29. Dear Baba, when u accepted me as your child, please accept the rest of my family members as well as ur children.Please be with all of us throughout our lives.And following important things i am writing with infinite FAITH in u.1.Its your duty to be with all of us forever, 2.Ensure love,care,share,trust,respect,responsibility, peace and harmony among family members.3.Get my brothers married at the earliest.4 My parents should be taken proper care in their old age.5.Bless me a permanent job.6.I should talk less, work more efficiently, behaviour is most important, I should go an office improve knowledge,skills and my financial status, this is only main objective in my mind,4.Get me married to a very good person. I surrender myself completely at your feet. Its ur duty to answer all my prayers and fulfill all my wishes

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