There is a small village named Mahanagari in Thana District. There lived a muslim devotee of Sai Baba Abdul Ranagari. His wife Aishabhai Ranagari was equally devoted to Baba. Both had immense faith in Baba’s Holy Feet and served Baba with great sense of indifferentiation. Once couple decided to go to Shirdi to take Baba’s darshan. Before two days of leaving for Shirdi, swelling emerged on Aishabai’s throat. She was not able to partake food. Due to this she was in a fix as to how she would to go to Shirdi. But they decided to abide by their decision and proceeded to Shirdi. On the way the lady touched her throat and to her surprise she found that the swelling had subsided to a great extent.

After reaching Shirdi, they both went to see Baba in Dwarkamai. They bowed down in Holy Feet of Baba. Baba said, “Allah Bhala Karega”. They were fortunate to have darshan of Chavadi Procession that night.© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories In the morning, the swelling had disappeared to the astonishment of all. Sai Baba is kind hearted, well-wisher of all and give happiness to all. It is not required to put forth our desires, wishes, troubles, sufferings in front of Him, as He knows everything before hand. He is aware of inner most thoughts of our minds and does only what is best for us. In one of earlier posts, it was said that Udi was cure for many incurables. But in this case Baba’s words and His mere glance was enough. Such powers He possessed still He always said that He was servant of Malik. His actions testified His Godhood and for us He is God who descended on the earth for welfare of His devotees.

Afer serving Baba for four five days, the couple hired a Tonga till Kopergaon. Baba’s words cured the ailment of Abdul Ranagara’s wife’s throat. In this happiness, they forgot to take Baba’s leave. As is rightly said in Sai Satcharitra “One special pecularity of Shirdi pilgrimage was, that none could leave Shirdi, without Baba’s permission and if he did, he invited troubles. Baba gave certain suggestions or hints, when devotees went to bid goodbye and take leave. These suggestions had to be followed. If they were not followed or were departed from, accidents were sure to befall them”. Here are two striking illustrative incidents from Sai Satcharitra :

Tatya Kote was once going to Kopargoan Bazaar. In hurry he went to Dwarkamai to take leave from Baba. But Baba adviced him to be calm and forget Bazaar. Seeing Tatya Patil determined to go, Baba asked him to take Shama with him as a precautionary note. But Tatya did not mind Baba’s direction, he drove without taking Shama and after passing Savli Vihir, one the horses began to run rashly, got a sprain in its waist and fell down. With the grace of Baba, Tatya was saved, but got a lesson for his disregard of Baba’s words. On another occasion, Tatya again met with an accident for not minding Baba’s words.

An European Gentleman went to Shirdi with an introductory note from Shri. Nanasaheb Chandorkar from Mumbai. But Baba did not allow him to step the steps of Dwarkamai. Thus he decided to leave Shirdi at once and went to Masjid to take Baba’s leave. Baba asked him to go next day, but not listening to Baba’s words and other people’s advice, he left Shirdi immediately. Again after crossing Savli Vihir, he met with an accident and had to be hospitalised.

The man of this Kaliyug is not concerned about feelings and emotions arising in other’s heart. Its value is getting lower day by day. He is only bothered that his work is accomplished and then his responsibility is to forget and get drowned in the sea of selfishness. There are many reasons for this, fast, busy life, high standard of living, to name a few. Rather we must be stop for a moment and be concerned for others. Baba has tried to give us this message by many of His actions and deeds. Whatever He said, can be applied practically without any difficulty. Even today when Baba is not in flesh, the moral behind stories which we are reading day by day can be easily brought in practice. In this way Nector of Sai Love will spread in every direction. Now coming back to the story of Abdul Ranagara, he and his wife left Shirdi without taking Baba’s leave.

The path between Kopargaon and Shirdi was untreaded. There was fear of thieves too. But devotees of Baba remained untouch by such fear and calamities. Baba was such a mother who cares for His children even if they are 1000 kos away. This can be seen further.

It was about 12 at midnight. There was darkness all over and none could be seen near or far. Suddenly both supporting bamboos of the tonga broke. The object required to rejoin the bamboos was not available nearby. Now they were in dilemma where to go in this dark night and thick forest. They started Baba’s naam smran and sat in between the road. The speed of Karmas is very fast, no one can escape be it Saints, God or Goddess, then what to say about we Humans ?!!!

Sai Baba has such tenderly love towards His Bhaktas that He forgives their mistakes and instantly come to rescue. Readers would be remembering Jamner Miracle, where Baba became a tongawala of Gadhwal, stood with tonga at Jalgaon Railway Station to ensure that Udi reaches in time before Maintai’s delivery and save her from pain of delivery and thus gave timely help in the time of crisis. The same happened in this case too. Baba reached with a tonga on that untreaded road of Kopargaon at midnight and started shouting thus, “Is there any Abdul Jaan from Thana?”

Abdul Rangari started thinking, “I am not familiar with anyone in this area, even in this dark night no one can see and recognised anyone’s face, then Who is This Who is shouting with my name?” On enquiry the Tongawala said, “Sai Baba of Shirdi told me that the tonga in which Abdul Rangari left Shirdi has collasped. So He sent me to help you. You sit in this tonga of mine and I will take you to Kopargaon as soon as sun arises, you can then catch the train going to Thana from there in time”. Thus Baba came running to help His devotees. How can Sai Baba who is well-wisher of the whole world, having pure heart, a mine of virtues, can avoid His devotees’ welfare. No words can describe His greatness as depth of an ocean cannot be measured.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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  1. The interpretation of leaving Shirdi without Baba,'s permission will result in bad happenings is totally wrong.In fact Baba knew something bad is to happen so He stopped certain persons not all from leaving Shirdi

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