Sai Deva knows Past, Present and Future

Sai Baba is Omnipotent. He knew Past, Present and Future of all. Here are few incidents which proves Baba’s all pervasiveness regarding Kaal (time). Baba has said that due to relations of past births, we are here together. The following examples also show how Baba pulled His devotees on account of Rinanubandh.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

1. Nanasaheb Chandorkar was serving as a personal assistant of collector in the year 1887. Baba sent a message to Nanasaheb Chandorkar through Kulkarni of Shirdi when he went to collector’s office for government work to fetch Nanasaheb with him. Nanasaheb did not believe the words of Kulkarni. So Baba again sent the message, but Nanasaheb did not turn up this time too. Baba not minding Nanasaheb’s negative attitude again called him. This time Nanasaheb came with some of his collegues and sat before Baba and asked, “Baba why did you call me?” Baba answered, “There are few men in this world. From those people I call you only, hence there must be some specific reason behind it. We are related since past four births. You do not know this, but I know, so I called you. Do come at your convenience now onwards.” Nana replied in affirmative, “Okay I will come.”

2. The nephew of Dadasaheb Kelkar (Rao Bahadur Sathe’s father in law) got a vision and he came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. He was appointed in Kopargaon. But instead of concentrating on his job, he often used to come to Shirdi and served Baba whole-heartedly. So Rao Bahadur Sathe, many a times, complained Kelkar and requested him to consult to Baba regarding this matter. Baba said, “Let he be dismissed from job and let him serve here.” So no one could say him anything. Baba received sweets, fruits, etc from many devotees. He made Babu eat them lovingly. In the year 1910, Baba said to Dada Kelkar, “Take care of Baba”. After few days he was down with fever and breathed his last at a young age of 22 years. Baba used to remember him often. Baba had prophesied his next birth by saying that Chhotubai would be his mother”. When Chhotubai came Shirdi with her four months old baby boy, Baba said, “Babu where had you been? Were you fed up of me?”

3. Professor Narke who was a lecturer of Agriculture College of Pune had good fortune to stay in Shirdi in the year 1913-14 for a long time. During his stay, one night Baba gave him Darshan in a dream. A poor labourer was standing besides Baba. Baba said, “He is your friend of past birth. He roams according to his karmas”. After two days of this dream, Narke was sitting in Dwarkamai with Baba. At the same time a wood cutter came with a bunch of firewood. No sooner did Narke see that wood cutter he recognised him that he was the same labourer whom he saw in dream. He was thinking thus, “Is he the same whom Baba referred as my friend of my past birth?” While he was thinking this, Baba said, “Go, purchase firehood from your friend for two rupees”. Narke said, “Why to give so much amount for this firehood?” Baba said, “Because, he is our dear friend of past birth”. Due to this the question arosed in Narke mind calmed down. Baba clarified his doubts and Narke gave him two rupees.

4. Once Balakram and another devotee were present and Baba said, “Balakram and this person used to meditate in front of each other’s caves”. I know this person when he was small like a rat. When he was not well in his childhood, a fakir told his mother, “He will get well soon and he is very fortunate”.

5. For Chandrabai Orkar Baba had said, “She is my sister from past seven births. Wherever I go, she finds me out and comes to me.”

6. One day Mrs. Jog brought breakfast for Baba in morning. Baba said,” Today one buffalo will come to your back door, give Puran Poli with lot of ghee. She prepared Puran Polis accordingly spread lots of ghee on it and sent to Baba for Naivedhya and saw a buffalo standing at the back door. As per instructions of Baba she gave Puran Poli to buffalo. In no time buffalo sat down and died. Mrs. Jog was in dismay now. She was frightened and doubted that some poisioned thing must have been mixed in ingredients by mistake. If buffalo’s owner turned up what will she answer him, she was thus and ran to Baba who calmed her down saying, “Do not worry. The buffalo’s owner will not come. That buffalo’s only desire to eat Puran Polis was left and I fulfilled its wish through you. Now it is fred from buffalo’s womb and will take birth in superior womb.”

7. Baba was once returning from Lendi, when He saw a flock of goats. Two of them attracted His attention. He went to them, caressed and fondled them and bought them for Rs.32/-. The devotees were surprised at this conduct of Baba. They thought that Baba was duped in this bargain, as the goats would fetch Rs.two each, at the most Rs.3/- or 4/- each, i.e., Rs.8/- for both. They began to take Baba to task for this, but Baba kept calm and cool. Shama and Tatya Kote asked Baba for an explanation. He said He should not store money as He had no home, and any family to look after. He asked them to purchase at His cost 4 seers of ‘dal’ (lentil) and feed the goats. After this was done, Baba returned the goats to the owner of the flock and gave out of the following reminiscences and story of the goats. “Oh, Shama and Tatya, you think that I have been deceived in this bargain. No. Listen to their story. In their former birth these goats were human beings and had the good fortune to be My companions and sit by My side. They were uterine brothers, loving each other at first, but later on, they became enemies. The elder brother was an idle fellow while the younger one was an active chap and earned a lot of money. The former became greedy and jealous and wanted to kill his brother and take away his money. They forgot thier fraternal relations and began to quarrel with each other. The elder brother resorted to many devices to kill his younger brother, but all of his attempts failed. Thus they became deadly enemies and finally on one occasion the elder gave a deadly blow with a big stick on the latter’s head while the latter struck the former with an axe, with the result that both fell dead on the spot. As the result of their actions, they were both born as goats. As they passed by me, I at once recognized them. I remembered their past history. Taking pity on them I wanted to feed them and give them rest and comfort and for this reason I spent all the money for which you reprove me. As you did not like My bargain I sent them back to their shepherd.” Such was Sai’s love for the goats!

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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