In the last post, we had seen how Sai Baba called Gopal Ganesh to Shirdi as a sparrow with © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesthread tied to its leg. All the strings were in Baba’s hands, but outwardly He was un-concerned. He was the sole Doer, still He appeared to be non-attached. This was the truth before 1918 and it is a truth after 1918 too. He is Saviour, Protector, Doer, Wire-Puller of all the happenings of our life, but due to ficklness of our mind we are able to see only outward consequences and the hidden lessons are simply unseen.

Here is another short story of Tarhad family where Baba imparted great meaning with His words and actions. After reaching Shirdi, on March 22, 1913 water pump in Shirdi was fitted and people of Shirdi were very happy. Next day, Ramchandra Tarkhad and his wife Tarabai Tarkhad with some other devotees assembled in Baba’s court in Dwarkamai. After sometime Baba asked for Dakshina from Ramchandra Tarkhad. He took a currency note of Rs. 5 from the pocket of his coat and handed over to Baba. Baba played with the note for a while and after returning it to Ramchandra, Baba asked him to preserve the note well.

Again after few minutes Baba cautioned Ramchandra Tarkhad saying, “There are many thieves in all the directions, so keep it safe.” Rs. 5, in those days, were sufficient for the household expenses of a person for a month. Ramchandra Tarkhad who had placed the note in the upper pocket of his long coat, checked its presence by pressing it. He again assured Baba that the money was safe with him in his pocket.

After Noon Arti, Baba’s court dismissed and Ramchandra Tarkhad went to Dixit’s Wada for lunch. He re-checked the currency note and it was very much present in his pocket. He was now confident regarding its safety. He went downstairs for lunch and on returning he found that the note had disappeared. Ramchandra failed to get it back again and he was reminded of Baba’s words to preserve it well.

Five rupees was not a big amount for Ramchandra Tarkhad nor he was to suffer a big loss if the amount was stolen away, but this peculiar action was resorted by Baba only to set example on devotees. This can be seen from two stand points:

(i) By this incident it is clear that Sai Baba used to warn His devotees even for small difficulties as forth seen by Him. The above incident highlights this. He is Omnipotent and iaware of Past, Present and Future. He may be fully aware of the situation which were to follow with Ramchandra Tarkhad. Still He wanted to show His deepest love and care towards His intimate devotee and followed this particular course of action. With the example of Rs. 5, He wanted to signal some forthcoming danger and wanted Ramchandra Tarkhad to be ever alert. By asking Ramchandra Tarkhad to check again and again, Baba gave a hint that whatever may be the situation, He was always behind him for help and protection.

Even today Baba is giving us such hints, but our minds sometimes get overpowered by intellect that we fail to understand those hints and in turn face failure. Baba is all pervading and we must not forget this. We must be ever alert to understand such hints through the eyes of Devotion (Shraddha) and assimilate them with Faith (Saburi). If this is followed, we can be one with Baba, who always craves for love from His devotees.

(ii) Sai Baba asked for Dakshina only to make His devotees understand some spiritual lesson or to emphasise importance of something and not for Himself. This incident clearly show the reason why Baba asked for the nominal amount of Dakshina from Ramchandra Tarkhad.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Sai Ram. I got this spiritual gem by His inspiration. Sai asked Ramachandra Tarkhad to guard his five senses against the six internal enemies. He took the five rupee note and gave it back signifying that the five senses are God given and are to be used for divine purpose. And the six internal enemies are always present to steal the divine knowledge. That is why Sai told Sri Ramachandra Tarkhad to be careful against the thieves. He gave a similar warning to other devotees like Sri Vijayanand Sanyasi etc. also. Sai Ram.

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