From last few weeks I have been posting stories related to Kakasaheb Dixit, an intimate devotee of Sai Baba. In this post we shall dead how Baba gave him a peaceful death and then proceed to stories of another devotee from the book Sai Sarovar.

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In the year 1926, Kakasaheb Dixit’s son Ramkrishna fell ill. He was admitted in hospital of Dr. Deshmukh. Kakasaheb intended to see him so he went to meet Govindrao R. Dabholkar in Colaba from Vile Parle. Before starting for the hopsital, he lighted perfumed incense stick and sung the following melodious gazal by Dasganu Maharaj :

Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Jaanaa Tumne Jagat Pasara…Sab Hi Jhoot Zamaanaa…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Main Andha Hu Banda Apka…Mujh Se Prabhu Dikhalana…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Dasganu Kahe Ab Kya Bolu…Thak Gayi Meri Rasna…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…

Download this gazal from here.

Then he left and reached Mahim station with Dabholkar where he meet Baba’s intimate devotee Raghunath Purandhare. On hearing about Ramkrishna’s bad health, he also expressed his desire to go and see him in hospital. When they reached Mahim station, they were late by three minutes, still they were able to board the train with Baba’s grace.

After boarding the train, Kakasaheb said, “How kind is Sai Baba? He takes care of the minutest needs of His devotees. If we had missed the train our day would have spoiled and we had to spend the night in Colaba”. Saying these words Kakasaheb closed his eyes. Purandhare and Dabholkar assumed that Kakasaheb got engrossed in Baba’s meditation.

About four to five stations passed away, now Dabholkar whispered to Kakasaheb, “Bhau, are you awake?” He repeated his question about three times, but he did not get reply and Kakasaheb seemed to be turning. So a doctor of railway was called from Mahim station. On examination doctor concluded while speaking Kakasaheb left this mortal world.

Kakasaheb’s dead body was taken to his house in Vile Parle. On July 5, 1926, Monday, Ekadashi day at the age of sixty two, Kakasaheb entered Sai Baba’s real world (i.e. heaven). Baba always said him, “Kaka! I will take you in aeroplane”.

These were the sweet words of Baba which devotees were fortunate to listen them many a times, “This body is of Brahmin. I would not rest without taking My devotees to their ultimate destination, even if My devotee is hundred miles away from Shirdi at the time of his death. I will pull him towards Me. I would not allow his bad end. If anything is pending of any devotee to me, I have to give the account to that Parmatma“.

From the point of view of a Sansaari purush, Kakasaheb’s death was pleasing, fearless and surprising.

From the point of view of spirituality, his death could be considered as a blessing from his Sadguru.

It is said in Gita, “The last wish or thought that a man has at the hour of death, determines his future course and he attains the same”.

In this case, when Kaksaheb was talking about Sai Baba’ fame and kindness, he breathed his last. Thus he attained Sadgati. It is very rare that at the time of death a person has Lord’s name in his mouth, only great person like Kakasaheb Dixit cannot forget to take the name of Baba in his last moment.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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