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Sai Baba was tested by Vamanrao by offering apple to Baba’s photo and it was partaken by Baba lovingly by eating all the pulp and only skin of the apple remained in tact. In this way Baba assured Vamanrao regarding His presence and all-pervasiveness. The detailed story from Sai Sarovar was posted in one of the previous posts and devotees who wish to read it can follow the link.

In the year 1911, in the last week of November, Vamanrao Patel’s LLB examination got over and as per his vow he decided to go to Shirdi. Nanasaheb Chandorkar was in Mumbai at that time. So he wrote an introductory note to his son-in-law Shri Balabhau who had a small hotel in Shirdi. Vamanrao’s father Prangovinddas was very much aware of his son’s nature. He know that because his son was studying law he always had prons and cons in his mind. No lawyer will trust on anything without seeing it by his own eyes. Moreover Vamanrao always said that, “I will not accept this truth there is God in this world, unless I see God face to face”.

Prangovinddas said to Vamanrao, “O Son! look at the stars in the sky, sun and moon arise and sets at correct time, they give light and due to this light human beings and other lives get life. All this is done by supreme and nothing is in our hands”. This did not affect Vamanrao’s thinking a jot, instead he argued saying, “All this works as scheduled then where is God in all this?”

Vamanrao’s such firm thoughts were not concealed to his father Prangovinddas and thus before going to Shirdi he thought to give his son some advice on Baba’s nature and mode of showering blessings on His devotees. He said, “Look Vamanya, Saibaba is very queer fellow. Do not speak a word of arguement in front of Him, instead try to search the deep meaning from the words which fell in your ears. Accept with gratitude anything whether good or bad, whether given with love or with angry heart, given by Baba. Any gift received by such saints is for our welfare only.”

Carefully listening father’s advice, Vamanrao took the introductory letter in the name of Balabhau and proceeded to Shirdi on December 10, 1911 from Boribandar in train. He reached Kopergaon by boarding another train from Manmad. He took bath in Holy River Godavari and hired Marwadi’s tonga till Shirdi.

As soon as they reached Shirdi, a small crowd was seen with cries “Victory Be Unto Sai”. Marwadi Tongawala stopped tonga and said, “The Person Who is walking in between the crowd is Sai Baba! He is going to Lendibaug for walk.” Saying this the tongawala alighted from tonga and prostrated to Sai Baba. Vamanrao also followed this.

On seeing Vamanrao Baba said, “Ishwar Aahe Kaay Mhnun, Naahi Mhanto, Nigh… meaning being a human being you doubt the existence of Almighty, Go away from here?”

Vamanrao thought, “This is That God whom I was searching”. He was reminded of his father’s experience how Baba arranged for Shira at the last moment of meals and took care of his comfort. Baba fed his father and satisfied him to his heart’s content and he found that thing which for which he came to Shirdi and thus he am also satisfied.

As Vamanrao had introductory letter from Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Balabhau arranged for Vamanrao’s lodging in Dixit Wada and took him for Baba’s darshan. The thirst of Baba’s darshan did not decrease a jot in Vamanrao’s heart and so he again went to Dwarkamai with Marwadi pilgrimage. But Baba adopted angry form and did not allow them to step in Dwarkamai. As they both were scared they did not dare to go for Noon Arti. They sat in Radhakrishnamai’s home and took darshan of Baba from there only during Arti. After lunch Vamanrao went to Dwarkamai with Shri Shingane, Judge of High Court. Baba gave prasad of grapes sent by Radhakrishnamai to Vamanrao.

Meanwhile a devotee put forward a question before Baba, “Baba, plague bubos were seen on Your body, do they pain now?” Baba answered, “Bhau (brother), What is its treatment?! The bubos will disappear as they appeared. I took this disease on Me. Only total of seven people from the whole village will die due to plague, not more than that.”

Baba was seated on His seat and rested His Hand on the bloster and Vamanrao sat on raised stone adjacent to the bolster. After few minutes a crowd headed towards Dwarkamai with Baba’s name. All the people requested Baba to take care of them and safeguard their lives from plague.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories
Baba said, “Yah Dharti Mere Allah Ki Hai, Yah Kabhi Viran Hone Wali Nahi Hai, Mere Allah Ki Kudrat Aabaad Hai, Ab Sirf Saat Jiv Hi Marega, Tum Sab Log Mil Ke Sab Gaav Ke Sab Mandir, Masjid, Kabristan, Gali-Gali Mein Jadu Laga Ke Saaf Kar Do, Sab Achcha Ho Jayega! Garib Murbo, Sadhu, Sant, Fakiro Ko Roti Khilao, Jiv Ko Tarne Marne Ka Yahi Shresht Tarika Hai – This soil is of My Allah, this will not turn barren anyday, nature of My Allah is very kind, now only seven lives will die, you all clean all the temples, mosque, grave-yards, lanes of the village, everything will be fine! Give food to poor people and saints. This is the best way to save lives of all.” Saying this He showed seven bubos on His back by lifting up His Kafni.

Baba’s instructions were followed by the villagers word to word. His words came out to be true and only seven villagers died due to plague and then plague disappeared completely from Shirdi.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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