As said in the last post, here we continue with the story of Vamanrao Patel’s father Prangovinddas and his relative Sakarlal. Prangovinddas’s difficulty to eat solid substances was solved by Sai Baba by sending Shira for him at the time of meals. But the actual reason for their visit to Shirdi was to get rid of Sakarlal’s lamness of leg caused due to an accident. Two days passed by and they decided to leave Shirdi by taking permission from Sai Baba. They went near Bala Gandhi’s shop to hire to tonga for Kopergaon. Sakarlal was about to board the tonga, there was a sprain in his leg and he started suffering from much pain. He thought now the leg is completely useless. Still he tried few movements of his leg forward and backward and there was no limit to his surprise. Instead of sitting in tonga he walked 8-10 steps and Lo! he was able to walk without any problem. The wound had completely vanished automatically with the blessings of Baba. The lamness of Sakarlal’s leg was cured by Baba in this way.

Sakarlal and Prangovinddas shared their divine experiences with Vamanrao after returning to Mumbai. They both advised Vamanrao to visit Shirdi only once and added that all his doubts will be cleared.

After returning from Shirdi, Prangovinddas started worshipping Baba’s photo which he had bought from Shirdi. A practice to offer fruits in front of Baba’s photo after worship and food before meals was started.

On repeated requests of his father Vamanrao decided to go to Shirdi after his LLB examinations were over in the month of November.

One day a strange thought came to Vamanrao’s mind. He was observing that his father was first offering food to Baba and then only partaking it himself after returning from Shirdi. Does Sai Baba really comes and eats the food offered to Him? was the question revolving in his mind. If Baba assures this then only he will go to Shirdi, this was his decision. At that time he lived in Santacruz in a building called Tapidas.

At night before going to bed, Vamanrao placed the photo of Baba on a cupboard. Before that photo he placed a glass of water and an apple for Baba to partake as a part of His test.

In the morning when he woke up he saw that the apple was present as it was placed the previous night. He took it in his hand and felt that the only skin of the apple was left and the pulp was eaten by Baba. Now Vamanrao was assured that this miracle was done by none other than Sai Baba. He decided to go to Shirdi not even this he started to seek help from Baba in his daily activities too. Thus Baba confirmed faith by helping Vamanrao in all aspects.

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