We had read a story about how Narke’s fear about death was destroyed by Sai Baba by following peculiar actions. In this story also we shall see how Baba showed Narke his pre-decided path.

The death of Rangrao left a deep impression on Narke’s mind. He was surprised to see the helplessness of Sitabai. On one hand her husband’s dead body was lying and on the other hand to earn money she had to keep the shop open. Due to poverty, the real worth of feelings has decreased and mutual relations are just for the sake of name only, were the thoughts of Narke.

Narke’s mind was engrossed in various sorts of thoughts of human’s feelings and poverty. He mind lost its stability. Meanwhile one day Sai Baba gave few old Kafnis to Thosar, Sakharam Bapusaheb Jog and Vamanrao Patel because Baba was aware that these devotees will take Sanyaas in near future. Narke was present at that time and thought, “If Baba gives me Kafni too, I will leave this worldly affairs at this very moment”. Narke forwarded his hand to take Kafni, but Baba starting speaking in sweet words, “What can I doif this Fakir of Dwarkamai does not allow Me to give you Kafni”. Baba was fully aware that Sanyaas was not for Narke. Even if he was unhappy that day, his future was bright.

On one hand Narke was not employed since long time and on the other hand whenever he went to Dwarkamai Baba used to ask him for dakshina of fifteen rupees which was a considerable amount in those days.

Narke possessed great self respect and did not ask for a single penny from his father-in-law, even though he was a well to do man. Whenever Baba asked for dakshina he could not do anything except listening silently to what Baba spoke.

Narke was a learned person. He knew that Baba is omniscient and was fully aware of his unemployment. There must be a deep meaning behind His asking for dakshina of fifteen rupees everytime. He tried to find that deep meaning.

One day after noon meals, Baba was alone in Dwarkamai. So Narke asked Baba, “Baba You know that I am unemployed from long time and You ask for dakshina of fifteen rupees from me, I dont understand the reason behind this”.

Baba said, “Oh son, do you think that I need this money made of gold and silver? What will I do with such money? You read Yog Vashishta daily, so inculcate Fifteen teachings from the chapter which you are reading right now. Practice those fifteen teachings and they will help you in your good and bad times. I dont require any material money from you.”

Narke continously tried for jobs while staying in Shirdi. Once it so happened that interview calls from Burma and Kolkatta came simultaneously. Baba said, “You go to Burma-Pune”. Readers may be remembering that in an earlier post it was written that Baba used to add suffix Pune after every city’s name which He recommended. Narke was not mentally prepared to go to Burma as well as Kolkatta, so he denied both the offers.

Like this five years passed away. Narke got an interview call from university of Banaras, but Baba said to him, “There is no need to go to Banaras, you go to Pune”.

Narke said, “Baba, there are no colleges and universities of geology in Pune”. But he did not get any answer from Baba.

At last in the year 1917, a section for geology was started in Pune university. Narke read the classified in newspaper and applied for professor’s position as per Baba’s permission.

Narke was selected for the position and was appointed with a handsome salary of Rs. 600. In the year 1918, his job was permanently fixed in the university and with the money thus earned Narke purchased a bungalow and lived happily with his wife and children.

Now the mystery of suffix ‘Pune’ was resolved to Narke and he got a practical example of Baba’s all pervasiveness.

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