I was chosen by Sai Baba of Shirdi !!!

Few mails are pouring in to know my first encounter with Shirdi Sai Baba. Even more some devotees have requested the same on message board too!!! I can rightly understand curiosity of all readers to know how Baba’s loved flowed on me and i was given chance to serve Him. Instead of replying individually to mails, i decided to post it here.

Well, in my case, as per my view point, complications in situations were less, but still the outcome is efficious and you all are witness to it. There is no doubt that it is Baba Who has chosen me, but before referring my case i would like to share how my parents were chosen first.

My father, as i have seen from childhood, was more attracted to Sai Baba. About thirty years from today he was working in Nasik and all of sudden he was invited by his friend to go to Shirdi. My father is devout person and love to read religious and spiritual books. Taking it as a mere pilgrimage he went there and was permanently attracted to Baba. With Baba’s grace my father got good job and it was at that time he had been to Shirdi and offered shawl of flowers to Baba with small amount of money he carried with him.

We had few Sai Baba photographs in our house, but it did not attract me. Moreover my father did not teach, both me and my younger brother to worship only Sai Baba. He asked us to worship “God – The Almighty”. Being Maharashtrains by caste we both were more or less devoted to Lord Ganeshji. Sai Baba books were none in our house except Sai Sagunupasana which my father bought from Shirdi before he got married. Today also it is with us. When I saw it first time it seemed to be very untidy, pages had turned out to be yellowish, somewhere there were scratches too. My father and even mother used to sing “Ananta Tula Te” everyday while offering their prayers. I also tried to learn it by heart and started singing along with them when i was in third or fourth std, but it was not done out of devotion to Baba. Just i was doing this to follow my parents. I remember my parents told me that they had taken me to Shirdi after my birth and in those days Shirdi was not so crowded like it is now. So poojariji took me and placed me in Baba’s lap. Ah! i hope i could feel that moment and understand it importance consciously. Still i feel myself fortunate. The same was repeated with my brother too! We used to go to Shirdi off and on but memories have faded now. I have few memories when i went to Shirdi after my brother was born i.e only large petalled roses and dried grapes are now in my memory today ๐Ÿ™‚

After that almost 14 years passed and we did not go to Shirdi. Though we brother and sister did not care much for that, it did not occur to my parents also that we must go to Shirdi. Rather the conclusion which I draw today is that Baba only did not call us.

I had completed my graduation and my brother was to give his first board exams i.e. 10th std. My mother met Sai Devotee who lives in our neighbourhood. Casual talks included few things about Sai Baba and also Sai Satcharitra. My mother borrowed Sai Satcharitra from her and started parayan. She did her first parayan only to seek help from Baba in my brother’s studies. Let me tell you one thing that my brother is very brilliant in studies and thus we are always concerned to help him in his studies. Few more parayans followed this first one and every parayan was for the same purpose. After my brother’s exams, we were called to Shirdi. It was a mere holiday for me and nothing was out of devotion. Though i used to go to Sai temple nearby my house on every Thursday when i was in 12th std, it was only for seeking help in studies ๐Ÿ™ One thing i remember here. We went to Shirdi in end of May month. Maharashtra is very hot during this time. While we were in queue i was much troubled due to hot weather, but when i reached main hall, i felt that weather has suddenly changed. It was very cool there. I felt so relaxed and refreshing. As it was Thursday i had fortune to touch Baba’s paduka and satka. Still i was not attracted to Baba to a greater extent. While returning my mother purchased Sai Satcharitra in gujarati for herself. Now see how Baba pulled me towards Him.

My mother asked me to read Sai Satcharitra from Dashera of the year 2005. It was not regular with me and there was very little progress. Time headed and like this seven months passed. I enjoyed stories but it was difficult for me to make my mind, take the book in my hand and start reading. It was one Sunday of May 2005 and my parents were going to my relatives place. They asked me to accompany them. I was in no mood to go, so my mother gave me Sai Satcharitra and said, “Sit in front of Baba and read it. Finish it till Thursday”. About 10 chapters were remaining but i was doubtful of completing it till Thursday. Unwillingly, again i sat down to read and said, “Baba if You wish i will read, but it must be a matter between us”. It was summer time and my boss was on business tour to abroad. So we were not loaded with much work at that time. I had carried Sai Satcharitra with me to office. I was free for half an hour. After lunch i took Sai Satcharitra and went in a cabin to read it. My collegues, who are Maharashtrains and Sai devotees too, got to know about it.

Casually we started talking about Sai Baba and Sai Satcharitra. I said that it was somewhat difficult to read it in gujarati. If i could find Sai Satcharitra in english, it would be better for me. Suddenly my manager remembered that his brother-in-law was in Shirdi. He called him and my manager’s brother-in-law had just came out of Sansthan’s book stall!!! At that time mobiles were allowed in Samadhi Mandir premises if it were basic models. My manager passed on my message and also asked him to bring some Sai Satcharitra for himself too. It was about 3 – 3:30 PM when all this happened. Next day at about 11:30 AM, my manager’s brother-in-law was in office with Sai Satcharitra in english for me. I was feeling so happy from within, but could not guess why it was so. As soon as i took it in my hands, i felt as if the book is saying “Read Me”. I opened it and turned pages and a feeling of getting something which has been lost earlier gathered me. I readily completed Sai Satcharitra in gujarati on Thursday in greed to read the other one in english.

I started reading english Sai Satcharitra. I had not planned to do parayan. But i was finding it so interesting that i was moving with fast pace. Meanwhile a friend of mine had applied for home loan. But there was no ray of hope of getting it. It was third day of my reading. I took a vow (rather say a test) for completing Sai Satcharitra in a week’s time and asked Baba to take care of my friend’s loan application. On sixth day, i came to know that all possibilities of getting loan have failed. There was an inner confidence that even though one day is left, Baba will show miracle. On seventh day i quickly finished my parayan in morning and started for office. In the way i got call from my friend that loan was sanctioned with not only the applied amount but far more than that!!! It was a miracle for my friend, but for me it increased my faith in Baba and my journey on devotion’s path had started.

Now that my faith in parayan of Sai Satcharitra and Sai Baba had increased immensely, i took up nine parayans for success of my brother as he was in 12th std. After completing nine parayans, we were called to Shirdi on Makar Sankranti (January 14, 2007). We had purchased a shawl to be consecrated at Baba’s Samadhi. Due to festive season there was heavy rush. My mother gave shawl to poojariji. Before she could take shawl back from poojariji she had to move backwards due to push and pulls. I was behind my mother. She asked to stand in a corner and again she went in front of Samadhi to ask for shawl. Poojariji gave her shawl back with two small idols of Baba!!! My mother’s happiness was on highest level, but we were in fix as to what we have to do with two idols of Baba. We felt that Baba had Himself come to us. The idol of Baba rather i prefer to call Baba took place in our shrine and we started worshipping. Till then we did not have Baba’s idol in our house except an old framed black and white photograph of Baba.

On the other hand there were problems in my life, but my faith in Baba did not tremble instead all those situations and bad days helped me to get closer to Baba. My worship to Baba was not formal. But Baba had something else in His mind. On one wednesday night i had a dream. I had gone to a shop of pooja articles. It was early morning and the shop had just opened. A person was sweeping open space in front of the shop. The shop owner was fat person. I went inside and asked for mala (small necklace). He showed me and i liked one in red-yellow colour. Then i asked for khes (stoll). He said go outside many are hanging there. There were many long stolls and my Baba’s idol was small. I showed by gesture that the idol is of so and so size, please show me stolls to fit that size, but he said he did not have. I purchased mala and went off. When i woke up i was happy and thought that Baba wants me to bring these two things for Him. It was thursday morning and i got ready for office before usual time to purchase these things. The shop which i saw in dream was located on road side from where i used to pass daily. Still it did not attract my attention anyday. But Baba showed me the shop in dream and everything happened as was seen in dream. I got small necklace but could not get stoll. In evening while returning home, i took a way from where i dont go anyday. I saw a shop of pooja articles and stopped there. I went inside and asked for stoll. To my surpise, it got stoll too on the same day i.e. Thursday!!! After that i started regular worship on Thursdays to Baba. Time passed by as sand in hand and unexpectedly i started blogs with help of “Sai Man” who himself came forward to help me. He instructed me in all respects technically and all my blogs are an outcome of his hard work and efforts behind me.

How i was titled “Sai Ki Deewani”

As you all know Baba has made me instrumental in Sai Bhajan album SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM written and sung by Sai brother Rana Gill. Baba made us meet about one year ago. One day he landed on one of my blogs accidently while checking his mails. He saw much information there and thought in his mind “A person who passionately loves Sai Babaji can only do such a wonderful work”. With Baba’s grace and will, he called me up. He shared this thought with me also in our first conversation. I was surprised and happy about what he said. Till then nobody has exclaimed such words for me!!! I was known as “Sai Devotee” but this title was unique in itself and carried a deep meaning. Baba had planned a long way relationship between both of us and thus we started working for Him together. “Sai Man” instructed me technically and Sai brother Ranaji who is far away from technical aspects, instructed me in those areas which were essential to move forward in spiritual matters or say to lead a good life. Some time later i was searching for some screen name and also some good quote for Baba for my blogs for footer note. I thought so much on this, but could not reach any conclusion. It was not new for me that i take advices from Sai brother Rana Gill in many matters or sometimes it directly came to me without even asking!!! I shared my confusion with him and his immediate reply was “Use Sai Ki Deewani”. I said, “First of all it is in Hindi and it looks proudy”. He said, “No you go for this only. To trace out deep meaning from it, let devotees think over it twice”. Also he gave me permission to use first line of one of his bhajans “Sai Teri Leela” as footer notes of all my blogs. My hearty thanks to him. Well, dear readers, now i presume that it is clear to you what made me call “Sai Ki Deewani”. My belief is that it is Baba who is behind all scenes!!! My only prayer to Baba is to allow me to work for His cause in all my life and always love me as He does now ๐Ÿ™‚

An Update (as on August 5, 2010):

The incident of two idols as narrated above was a mystery to us. Why we were given two idols and what we were supposed to do with them was an unanswered question. But Sai Baba, as He always demands patience more than our faith, solved this mystery today. After marriage and after moving to our new home, i, obviously had a wish to have Baba’s throne as i had earlier at my parent’s place and could serve Him the way i did there. Out of the two idols, we had placed one idol in our shrine from the time we got it and the other one was kept separately to get Baba’s indication about it. My mother after wedding, one day told me that she would give me the other idol of Baba which we got from Samadhi mandir. Thus the mystery why Two Babaji idols came to our house has been solved. My parents, though, were always aware of the fact that their daughter was to go away from their home someday, did not think that such would be our Father’s wish for me. Babaji knows past, present and future of all His kids and He plans everything in advance of them all the time. Thanks Babaji for coming to my new home!!! Much much love to You. Be always with me like You have been.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
Articles: 488


  1. Sai Bless You Hetalji
    You should do more and more good work and feel the bliss of Baba’s Love

  2. Sai Ramji Sailavanyaji,

    I will try my best ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  3. Sairam Hetal ji, Rana bhaiya has aptly told you to take the name of Sai Ki Deewani… the work that you are doing and all your efforts always make other devotees feel that only a deewani can do this kind of selfless seva to her Guru… one needs to be totally devoted to do such niswarth seva…. and it completely shows in your blogs.. May Sai Maa always bless you and may you always keep working for HIM and inturn bless people like me… Om Sai Ram

  4. Om Sain Namo Namah,

    This is the first time i visited this site. the reason being i am going very upset in my life b'coz of my ongoing mental and health problems. from morning i was having a headache and depressed but as soon as i read ur story i am feeling my head as light as air without any tensions. i dont know whether it is right to ask so….. but i believe that only BABA can get me rid of my problems forever…… by today morning at a point of sacrificing my life….. but after going through all u have mentioned there is a new ray of light for me……….. i want to dedicate myself in BABA's charan and hopr that BABA will bless me with a healthy a nd peaceful life…..

    Can you please suggest me how i can be blessed by BABA…………… i know baba can hear me and know all my problems………… and i am also sure that BABA will bless me with his blessings…

  5. Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

    Thanks for posting your comment on your first visit only ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am glad that the above write up made you feel comfortable and hopeful.

    I can only suggest two mantras of Sai Babaji "Shraddha and Saburi" to be blessed by Him. We are suffering due to our bad karmas or demerits of previous births and it has to be cleared off as soon as possible. We all are equal in eyes of Sai Babaji still question arises why someone is too much happy and on the other hand some other person is suffering too much. He has His own ways of blessing His devotees and to seek His blessings please approach Him whole heartedly and love Him devotedly. As you have read my story you must have realised that though i was hinted many times, i was not attracted towards Him. But when some merits of previous births were noticed by Him, i was accepted ;;) These are my feelings but reality only He knows.

    Keep visiting here henceforth.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  6. Dear Hetal ji, Reading your response above makes me think that BABA is always there and cares for his devotees. My 82 years mom was mistreated by my only brother's wife since the day she has married to my brother. After almost 35 years this sad but miraculous incident had to happen that made me an instrument to set my mom free from that uncaring lady..my sister in law. She invited my mom to US and mercilessly mistreared her each moment of the day my mom came to her house and ultimately kicked out my mom and due to that incident we who were her guests at that time walked out of my brother's house too. And till today she has shown no remorse!
    I have lost my father when I was just 15 years old , my mom was only 38 years old! She has been always meek and accommodative all her life and yet she has to face such a bad treatment from her only Bahu was a terrible thing but she has taken it vary patiently and now she is with my youngest sister in India. I called her on to greet her for Dashera and I heard her saying she is very happy and cheerful with Life and has sort of forgiven my sister in law only with a fact that she is not going to talk to her anymore.
    My sister in law hates us, all of us in her in-laws family. Donot know why? Only BABA knows. We just pray BABA to heal that scar and set things right for my brother.
    I have hundreds of incidents which shows BABA's grace showering on me all through my life. Pranaams BABA.
    Jai Sai RAm.

  7. Hi Hetalji,
    I am simply amazed by the articles and content you have in the blog. I enjoyed reading your article and will try to visit often.

    God Bless you.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. Sai Ramji Suresh ji,

    Thanks for your comments and views. Do keep visiting for more such content.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  9. Dear hetal .
    How we can spread the true messages of saibaba?
    Do you or rather to say do we really know what are the messages ?
    Can you help me in this regard.
    My email [email protected]
    Awaiting for your reply with patience & faith.

  10. Jai Sai Ramji Nilesh ji,

    I have been chosen to take Sai Baba's name through medium of blogs and internet. Often we get real hidden messages when we peep in the pages of history. So such pages are turned and selected stories are shared here on this blog which are helpful in understanding and digging out real messages of Sai Baba. Sometimes i point out the meanings as per the best of my knowledge and sometimes i leave them at reader's discretion to make out the meanings.

    As an open treasure with knowledge gems Baba has left His Biography (Autobiography) Shri Sai Satcharitra for us and we can read it to understand what the happenings and stories meant in it. Those meanings in my view are hidden and real messages of Baba for us and i think there is no need to spread them because as a devotee of Baba, i guess, we all have this treasure.

    True and apt messages of Sai Baba can also be gained from senior Sai devotees who have been with Baba since considerable long years. Scenario before 20 years is different from today's. New devotees are often attracted and pulled towards the flow of information of current waves which may be sometimes wrong.

    Once we ourselves start gaining real messages of Baba, which were very practical and easy to implement in our lives, they will automatically spread through our speech, actions and thoughts.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  11. Dear Hetalji,

    May Sai always bless you. your blogs are so inspiring for devotees who are stuck in critical situation like me.I came to know importance of Sai satcharitra from your blogs that i came across acidentlly.

    Currently i an in Australia on student visa and i am about to finish my studies.i was about to apply for my PR in july but gov has changed all the rules.I am so helpless that i rules are changing from 1st july and i am getting my result on 7th july. jUST for 7 days i am losing my PR for which i have worked so hard and sacrificed all my enjoyments.just left with one subject, i am unable to get my completion letter.i believe firmly in Baba but now i have started to lose all hopes.PLZ give me any useful suggestions or giideliness if possible.

    sai nath ki jai ho

  12. Sai Ramji Anonymous devotee,

    Thanks for being here.

    I have read your situation. As a devotee of Sai Baba, we all talk about His teachings and paths shown by Him. But when actual situations arise where we are required to implement such teachings of our Guru, we always fail. Nevertheless it is human nature, but we should not forget that we are kids of Sai Maa. A mother can give bitter piles during sickness and on the other hand she will slap us when we do something wrong. The same rule applies here. Baba has only heart which loves His kids dearly and believe me He has arouse storm in your life only to re-affirm your faith and devotion. If your future is good in Australia in the eyes of Param Pita Babaji then no rule can stop you getting PR over there, otherwise just believe (if you cant believe, just settle in your mind) that there was nothing for you in Australia.

    Do let me know once your life takes favourable turn.

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  13. Dear hetalji,
    i read ur blog for first time it is really very pleasant n relieves pain of all sai devotees.. i shall keep visiting again n again as i have many queries n im in a hurry now.. thanks for ur sweet blog

  14. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  15. Dear Hetalji,

    I am a saidevotee and have experienced babas presence through his blessings in my life …I have been visiting your website since last few days and its been touching to read the experiences…I also have lots of experiences in my life which I want to share but right now I think my life is just full of problems and I have faith on baba so waiting for him to sort all that out then I will put allmy experienses to share with you all I think I can write a book with my experiences. I read your first encounter with baba and its very touching …thanks for doing such a good work and sharing with us all…I just want to request you please pray for me …may be baba hears you quickly and sort out all our problems…
    jai sai ram

  16. Om Sai Ram!!!!
    SAI baba has made upto this!!!!
    I admitted for engineering at 2003 against all my family members in Pune.I left my engineering after 3 fail attempts in 2007. My life was miserable and spoiled my life with my Bad Karma. I came back home in Mumbai. i was hopeless and alone. My family was blaming me, i was depressed.
    On one Thursday there was an Palakhi going to Shirdi. and suddenly i go an feeling like my mind is full of some thing. and i stared crying watching at that Palakhi. Few days later, i was thinking to go shirdi. But i didnt had enough money. SAI baba arranged all the things, first time i felt like such and when i entered in Shirdi i got a call for Job. then i took darshan at Shirdi and thanked SAI baba for blessing me. While leaving SAMADHI MANDIR i felt same fullness and started crying. i never wanted to leave that place.

    Then I joined for job as technician on salary of 2000. but by grace of SAI baba last year, my scale was 16000/-. One night he had came to my dream and told me to start my own company.

    I risked my Job and tried for same and successfully doing well.
    It was my dream to have own company but no way to fulfil it.
    SAI BABA my true Guru had shown me way for my dream
    with SHRADDHA and SABURI.
    Do good things SAI BABA will bless you all.
    Swayam SAI

  17. Hello Sai ki Diwaniji,

    I am feeling to calm and joyful after reading your blog which I came across for the first time.
    I felt that you is the only one who can answer my question which I am asking to myself all the day.When I was in India I was ardent lover of Shri Sai and I had plenty of his experience which showed his presence around me. But after marriage when I came abroad my life is miserable. When my parents were looking for a boy I in myself surrendered to Saisamarth that he will only take the final decision for choosing the guy for me. My husband is also a nice person. But Hetalji, life is very difficult here, I am looking for a decent job for the last six months and I didnt have yet a good job(here I would like to mention that I am a postgraduate who once dreamed to pursue her PhD from one of the best university of world)and now I have nothing. Everyone around me is now telling to do any kind of job (means to say labor job).I am now not feeling Sadgurus Sainath's presence around me. So why he did this with me?
    I had a very nice job in India and now my life is now from completely settled to completely unsettled.
    Why Sainath did this? I also want to tell you that in all this adverse conditions I am facing right now I still continuously chant his name while sleeping,eating,etc. I had given many interviews for job of my profession but no good luck.
    Now next week I have again a scholarship interview for the university I wished to join. But now situation is I am scared do again Shri Sai make fun of me in front of me? Please tell me what he want me to do?

    I am waiting for your kind reply.


  18. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for considering me fit to answer your question, but it actually does not fit me!!! Anyways i consider it to be Lord Baba's wish and seek His advice before answering you.

    I felt sad reading your situation. But dont you think that it would be worse if Lord Baba was not to take care of you. If we are hurt by only one stone, our Lord Baba is taking 100 stones first on Him.

    Lord Baba is fatherly Guru and He'll not allow anyone to make fun of His dear kids then why are you fearing. Just chant His name always and have faith in Him and go for interview. He'll give us what we want but He only needs that we should wait for correct time. May be, in your case, the correct time has not come and you have to put in Saburi required on your part to gain your wishes.

    I agree that with very good education you can't take up any labour job. But i think at present He needs you to serve your family and husband first. Or getting into a job at this time would be another danger for you. Whatever Future Situations may be, Lord Baba knows them well and He knows what fits His kids the best…!!!

    So at present only "Unshrinking Faith and Utmost Patience" should be given to Him and rest He is there to take care ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do let me know once your life takes favourable turn.

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  19. Dear Hetalji,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. Yours message when I was reading gave me lots of peace. Today is Thursday and I am feeling in my heart like a festival day. I will surely let you know when life show a favorable turn.
    I am chanting his name and will give all my interviews. Also I apologize for choosing an inappropriate place to send you message with very poor english since yesterday I felt very depressed and was continually thinking about the question why baba did this with me?
    But now your reply gave me reassurance that he is there around me and just tell to have Saburi.

    Hetalji I would like to meet you, when in future I will come India as my home is at Baroda. Ana also I would like to ask you that I want to do something for Baba can you please guide me what I can do? Here at my place there is a Baba's temple and since I am not earning right now I cannot able to donate money here. So other than this how I can do something for Shri Sacchidanad SaiMaharaj.

    Om sai ram!


  20. @Anonymous (Nikita) ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    You are most welcomed at my place.

    Take guidance from Lord Sai Baba as to what He want you to do for Him. Just a suggestion: you can read Shri Sai Satcharitra in a week's time or do anna-daan. Lord Baba will certainly guide you, please wait for His instructions and trust Him fully ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  21. Dear Hetalji,

    Thank you very much for your kind moral support and realizing me the truth and guiding me towards Sainath.

    My interview yesterday was very wonderful and now I am not bothered about the outcome of my interview but by the grace of Shri Sai, I really enjoyed the process of appearing for an interview as it gave me positive feeling for the process and boosted my confidence too.

    I would like to express my heartiest gratitude first to our Sai and then to You.


    Kind regards

  22. Sai Ram Hetal Ji,

    I just want to thank you for doing this wonderful job…baba has truly made you the medium …I am on this blog since last few months and my life is full of Baba's experiences ..I can write a book on that ..I can feel Baba's presence in my day to day life ..I am presently in London and just going through difficult time but think every body has that once in their life…I hve full faith on Baba and hope with his blessings evreything will be fine soon..I just want to request you Hetal Ji ..please pray for me and my family ..hope Sai Baba hears you quickly and may sort out all our problems…I wanted to share my experiences with the others but I think its Baba's wish that I had sent only one experience to you ..but that too also has not yet been come on the blog..so I think Baba wants me to wait…and nothing happens without Baba's wish…so Hetalji..please pray for us..and hope I will see my experience soon on the blog.

  23. sai ram
    sai baba came in to my life in very long time ,but i realize recently after visit to sridi last may 2010 may 22nd ,withmy family.it was woderful in my life ,but i dont know where to go which will have to see the next.sai baba i want to be again in shridi withmy family,.now i am not in happy with my family ,what ever in my heart it has to come true ,i will have tast the sai in my life,i need darishan in my life baba you are my everything ,please grand me peace anf grand my petion in as soon it is needed
    sai ram

  24. I loved reading your encounter with Sai Baba. Infact I found your initial experience quite similar to mine. My parents are ardent devotees of Sai Baba and Shree Swami Samartha. But just like you, they taught me that all God is one. Coming from a Maharashtrian background too, we worshiped Lord Ganesha mostly. I used to visit Shirdi a lot as a kid. And just like you, my parents told me when i was a baby they placed me at Baba's feet in Shirdi. Knowing that, now I feel blessed. All those years that I visited Shirdi I was just doing it because my parents would take me there. But recently, I faced some personal problems and was praying to all the Gods I possibly know. They say when you pray wholeheartedly God comes to help you. And suddenly I had a vision of Sai Baba, it was almost like the Lord Almighty had sent him to me. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have been praying to him since. I will write more about my experience on your other blog once my prayers are answered. Although at times I still feel sad and miserable about my problem, I feel he is there. I have done 3 parayans of Sai Satcharitra and also am keeping the Sai vrat hoping that my prayers are answered soon. Ever since then I've had dreams with Sai Baba where he doesn't say anything but maybe he is just proving to me that he is there. But I wonder why my problem is still not getting solved. I love Sai Baba but I get frustrated at times, not at him but whether he will ever answer my prayer or not. I would like to write to you about it and see if you can help and maybe get a few positive words of wisdom. How can I contact you via email?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Baba has chosen you as an instrument to make all of us know his Leelas to save us from the sorrows and problems of life and to lead us towards the ultimate goal of life, merge with God, as sath guru. Om Sai shree Sai Jai Jai Sai

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