In the year 1911 Mankar was Kopergaon’s mamlatdar. He had strong devotion towards Sai Baba. He came in close contact with Dr. Sitaram. Dr. Sitaram was staunch devotee of Lord Rama

Mankar, many a times, used to talk about Baba to Dr. Sitaram. He used to say, “Sai Baba is not Muslim Fakir, He is an ocean of truth, follower of preachings of Vedas, He incarnated in Shirdi for the benefit of the world, I am an ignorant person to describe Baba’s nature and love in Godly way. Thus whatever may come, you please go to Shirdi once for Darshan of Sai Baba.

Doctor replied, “My head will not bow down to any God other than Lord Rama”.

Mankar said,” Doctor! Never mind if you dont bow to Sai Baba, its your wish. Baba will ask you to bow down to Him, instead Sai Baba says – as you sow, so shall you reap by coming Here.”

After sometime Christmas holidays commenced. Mamlatdar Mankar and Dr. Sitaram went to Shirdi on December 21. As soon as Dr. Sitaram climbed steps of Dwarkamai, he was surprised.

He saw Lord Rama on Sai Baba’s seat. He was so engrossed and surprised to see Lord Rama. He bowed to Baba with folded hands. At the time of returning to lodging, Mankar asked Doctor, “What happened? You were determined not to go to that Fakir but were the first to bow to Him as soon as you climb the steps of Dwarkamai”.

Doctor, who was over flowing with emotions replied, “This is not a fakir, but My Parabrahma Lord Rama! Mankar Saheb, how can I narrate my experience to you. Today good deeds of my this birth and many previous births have been fruitful as I had very good Darshan of Lord Rama.”

Doctor added, “I will not partake food and also will not go to Dwarkamai unless Parabrahma Ram Sai Baba blesses me.” So Doctor resided in Shirdi only.

Like this three days passed and Doctor didnt partake food nor went to Dwarkamai as per his vow.

On the fourth day, Baba’s devotee named Vasantrao came. He was familiar with Doctor from long time. He was surprised to see Doctor in Shirdi as he knew that Doctor was staunch devotee of Lord Rama and it was otherwise with him to bow to any other God.

Both the friends met after nine years in Shirdi. In this happiness Doctor forgot his vow and along with Vasantrao went to Dwarkamai holding his hand. Both bowed to Baba and sat in front of Him.

Baba asked, “Who had come to call you at your place?” Hearing these words from Baba, Doctor was surprised and felt ashamed.

Dr. Sitaram took food after four days at his lodgings and had sound sleep. In early morning Baba appeared in Doctor’ss dream and made him experience the eternal bliss. After taking Baba’s leave, Doctor left for Kopergaon and he experienced the same bliss for fifteen days.

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