The greatest cause of a man’s problems and unhappiness is his own state of mind. Whatever a person possess, is not liked by him. He likes the things which are not his. Thus a person’s state of mind which is fully flooded with hopes and desires, makes him unsatisfactory and he is always longing for ‘more’.

No one is perfect. Weakness or shortcomings are common in every human. Only its intensity changes. On the other hand, whatever is destined to happen will happen and every person has to accept it. Thus it is advised to people who are heavily loaded with miseries and desires to stable their mind, have firm faith in Sai Baba and lead a peaceful life. Firm faith in Baba in a way means a carefree life without any worries and afflictions.

It was in the year December 1911, Lord Dattatreya’s birthday was celebrated enthusiastically in Shirdi. Next day i.e. December 8th, severe cold made Shirdi freeze.

Morning darbar of Sai Baba had presence of some renowned and well known devotees like Madhavrao Despande, Bhism Thosar from Bombay (presently called Mumbai), Advocate Ganesh Krishna Khaparde, Dasganu Maharaj, Kakasaheb Dixit, Ravbahadur Moreshwar Pradhan and his wife Chhotubai from Mumbai. That day every face present in Baba’s darbar reflected grief as Baba’s favourite child Babu had died that day. Even the grief and sorrow of Babu’s death had made Baba too sit quietly. There was a post on this blog and few lines have been written about Baba and Babu’s relation. Babu name was lovingly given by Baba to Dada Kelkar’s nephew and Baba loved and care for him immensely.

Sometime later Baba saw Chhotubai Pradhan and broke His silence, “This Babu will take birth somewhere else. I have to pay off debt of Chhotubai. I will free this Babu from Dharmraja (Yamraj) and place him in Chhotubai’s womb. Babu will be Chhotubai’s son for ten years. I will call him back after the birth of his brothers and sisters”. Thus Baba called him back, he lived for ten years as Chhotubai’s son and after his pre-decided tasks were over, he died as per Baba’s words.

Baba used to say, “My treasury is full, its overflowing and open to all. Loot away whatever you want and fill your cart loads, but mind well to take my treasury, do you have such power?” A staunch disciple of virtuous Guru can only take this step. A person whose fortune has risen, whose fruits bad deeds have perished can only take away Baba’s treasury. Only devotes like Balaram Mankar and Upasani Maharaj sometimes are successful in achieving this unachievable target.

Babu again took birth through Chhotubai’s womb. After two sons and one daughter were born to her.

We generally find that no one is happy and content in all virtues. Some is overcrowded with physical problems, some with mental problems, some with financial problems and there is no end to it. Chhotubai was no exception to it.

One of the sons of Chhotubai used to get fits anywhere and at anytime. He fell unconscious and his legs used to get stiff during fits.

One night when all the members of Pradhan family were fast asleep, Baba came near Chhotubai’s bed and said, “You are sleeping! Your son Madhukar will get fit”.

Hearing voice of Baba in this way Chhotubai was overflowed with love for Baba. All sorts of mixed feelings – happiness and sorrow – gathered her. She started speaking in sleep itself, “Sai save us protect us. This child is Yours. I am only his guardian. So You will have to protect this child.

Like this talking to Baba in sleep, Chhotubai was awakened, she stoop up from her bed and went near Madhukar’s bed who was fast asleep. There were no symptoms of fit. Also he was not coughing. Chhotubai was sure that Baba’s words never be untrue. So she took out all medicines from cupboard which were needed at the time of fit and arranged them on table. She also kept water for boiling. After arranging for all necessary things, Chhotubai sat near Madhukar’s bed. It was her firm belief that Baba would never speak facts which are not true and the voice she heard before few minutes was of none other than Sai Baba.

It was 2 o’clock at night. Madhukar raised his hands in sleep and started loosing consciousness. This was noticed by Chhotubai and she woke up other members of her family. As Chhotubai had arranged everything in advance with grace of Sai Baba, she asked all to be calm and not to worry.

After half an hour the boy regained consciousness and then after he permanently got rid of this physical ailment.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. I love reading Sai's miracles. I want to read more and more of his miracles which also increases my faith and devotion in him. I love you Sai. Please don't let go of my hand. Om Sairam.

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