Shirdi Sai Baba Mobile Wallpapers for Download – Part 1
Sai brother Nimesh has been making awesome and beautiful wallpapers of Shirdi Sai Baba for this blog since many months. These wallpapers can be used as wallpapers for desktop. One day while sharing Sai brother Nimesh’s creations with my younger brother Shashank, he said i will also contribute something for your blog. No doubt it was a happy moment for me. But i had to wait for that moment to come. My brother is doing B.Pharm. So time constraints and studies dont allow him to be helpful directly. Now that his exams are over and he is enjoying his vacation, he tried to some edits with pictures made by Sai brother Nimesh and resized/cropped about 200 pictures of Sai Baba to be well-fitted in your mobile screens. As though he is always interested in latest technologies in mobile phones, he got this idea to contribute something from his part in this way.

As per his wish i am not uploading all the pictures in one shot. They will be posted in four parts, each part consisting of 50 wallpapers. He gives some specification regarding wallpapers as, “The wallpapers are of 320 x 240 resolution. They can easily be used in any latest mobile handsets. You can transfer wallpapers into your mobile handsets by USB Datacable or Card Reader. If there is any difficulty in transferring wallpapers to mobile you can comment here and i will try my to solve it with my best ability and knowledge. Last but not the least i hope you all will like my small contribution to this vast ocean of Saism. Thanking you. Jai Sai Ramji – Shashank Patil”.

Few of wallpapers are uploaded with this post.

Shirdi Sai Baba Mobile Wallpapers for Download – Part 1 Click Here to Download

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