A Very Hearty Thanks for My Birthday Wishes

On June 3rd this year i celebrated my 25th birthday. I was thrilled to receive personal phone calls from many Sai brothers and sisters, mails, orkut scraps and wishes in Sai Baba forums. Due to unavoidable circumstances inspite of my eagerness and earnestness i could not reply to mails, orkut scraps and wishes in Sai Baba forums, so decided to post a common message on this blog only. But my sincere and humble thanks to that Malik who made me known to many of His devotees and thus i received their hearty wishes and also for arranging such circumstances in which i could celebrate my birthday with my family and so many relatives.

Thanks a lot to all who took out some time from their busy schedule and sent me wonderous and beautiful birthday wishes. May Babaji bless us all, may He always shower rain of His grace and give us shelter under His Loving Roof forever.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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