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The name of Shri Vikas Mehta ji is not unknown when contribution in spreading Sai Baba’s name is considered. He has written many poems on Sadguru Shri Sainath. His poems depict true feelings of Sai devotee. Also poems carry deep messages in them. Recently Sacred Text – Shri Sai Satcharitra was translated in Nepali language and Shri Vikas Mehta ji is key person behind this large contribution.

I feel myself very fortunate that i got a chance to read poems written by him. I received two poem books viz “Baba Se Ru-Ba-Ru” and “Baba Ki Khumari Mein” to my surprise few months back. Really those poems made me cry. All of us have such feelings towards Sai Baba in our deep hearts, but are we able to express them or are we able to pen them down? The answer is but natural “No”. This talent has been poured abundantly in Shri Vikas Mehta ji by Sai Baba Himself.

With intervention and full support of one of my Sai brothers, i was inspired to ask for permission to put such great treasure of poems on this blog from Shri Vikas Mehta ji. My proposal was readily accepted by Shri Vikas Mehta ji and i got affirmative answer on Thursday. Hence now onwards beautiful poems by Shri Vikas Mehta ji will be posted for you all. Today i am posting first poem from the book “Baba Se Ru-Ba-Ru” meaning “Face to Face With Baba”. Shri Vikas Mehta ji writes poems in Hindi language. I am noting down the poem alongwith its translation and meaning which i could make out with the best of my knowledge and concise. In preface of the book, i found something worth sharing in words of Shri Vikas Mehta ji which is as follows :

Once it so happened that one of my poems got misplaced. I tried my level best to find it, but it did not produce any result. So i sat and tried to write that poem again, but could not write. Being most perturbed, i ran to Sai Baba and prayed to Him. I started my search again and luckily got it. This small incident gave me big lesson that Baba wanted to tell me that He is only Writer of these poems and i am taking the proud myself unnecessarily. I am only a medium. It is only Baba Who is filling such feelings in me.

Views of Chairman of Shirda Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Shri Jayant Sasane about this book, “I am happy that Shri. Vikas C. Mehta is bringing out a book namely, ‘Baba se Ru-b-Ru’ on Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi.

I have gone through the poems as well as the gist of some lessons of Shri Sai Sat Charitra and I really appreciate the feelings of author towards Baba, as it touches my heart.

I pray to Baba to give more realisation of Energy to Shri Vikas C. Mehta so that he can get ‘A Power of Baba’s Thought’ and express the same for Sai Baba’s devotees”.

The following poem is dedicated to Shri ShivaNeshan Swami ji (Composer of Sai Baavani).

Sadguru Shri Sai Baba,
Jab Maine Tumhara Pyaar Paya,
Mujhe Yaha Jeevan Jina Aya.
Tumhare Is Pyaar Ki Khushbu Se
Mujhe Mehkana Aya
Mujhe Muskurana Aya
Jo Baag Abhi Tak Sune The
Vahaa Tumhare Pyaar Ki Shakti Se
Phoolo Ko Khilna Aya
Jab Mene Tumhara Pyaar Paya
Mujhe Yaha Jeevan Jina Aya

Jis Din Tum Ruthoge, Mar Jaaunga, Main
Jin Din Chhodoge
Kho Jaaunga, Main
Lekin Mera Pyaar
Tumhe Yaad Ayega
Tumhe Bhi Hasayega
Tumhe Bhi Rulayega
Mera Pyaar Yu Hi
Vyarth Naa Jayega
Vo Tumse Mila Tha
Isiliye Amar Ho Jayegaa
Sabhi Ko Jeena Sikha Jayega
Tumhare Pyaar Ki Shakti Se
Muskurana Sikha Jayega

Ab Main Kahi Naa Jaunga
Har Baar Lout Kar
Tumhare Paas Hi Aunga
Phir Muskuraunga
Apne Saath, Sabhi Ko
Jeena Sikha Jaunga

Vo Pal Bhi Kya Hasi The
Jab Main Tumse Mila Tha
Laga Tha! Shirdi Ki Bagiya Mein
Ek Naya Phool Khila Tha
Main Yu Hi Mahak Raha Tha
Idhar-Udhar Dekh
Chahak Raha Tha
Tabhi Mujhe Tumhara
Ek Deewana Mila
Jisne Mujhe Uthaya
Apne Gale Se Lagaya
Mujhe Tum Se Prem Karna Sikhaya
Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya

Shri Vikas Mehta ji says, “Sadguru Shri Sai Baba, when i got Your love, i learnt to live this life. The sweet smell of Your love made me smell sweetly and smile. The gardens which were dry earlier, flourished with power of Your love.

The day when You will be angry with me, my death will come. The day when You will leave me, i will be lost. But You will remember my love. It will also make You laugh and cry. My love will not go worthless. My love was mixed with Your love, so it will remain forever. It will teach everyone to live. The power of Your love will make everyone smile.

Now i will not go anywhere but every time will return back to You and smile. I will make others live.

How exquisite were those moments when i met You. I felt, as if a new flower has blossomed in garden of Shirdi. I was wondering here and there, when i saw Your Lover who hugged me and made me love You and live my life.

Copyright : Shri Vikas Mehta ji

Credits :
Photo Courtesy : Sai Brother Rahul ji

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai Sai Ram…
    Poems of Vikas Ji on Baba Ji are “True Feelings in Simple Words”…
    Its really wonderful & ultimate…!!
    Truly expressed…
    “Jis Din Tum Ruthoge, Mar Jaaunga, Main
    Jin Din Chhodoge
    Kho Jaaunga, Main
    Lekin Mera Pyaar
    Tumhe Yaad Ayega
    Tumhe Bhi Hasayega
    Tumhe Bhi Rulayega…”
    My Prostration in the Lotus Feet of SadGuru Sai Baba & Shivneshan Swami Ji…
    “Tabhi Mujhe Tumhara
    Ek Deewana Mila
    Jisne Mujhe Uthaya
    Apne Gale Se Lagaya
    Mujhe Tum Se Prem Karna Sikhaya
    Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya…”
    Thanks a Lot for Sharing…
    Baba bless us All…
    Jai Sai Ram…

  2. Sai Ramji Anubhav ji,

    I also agree with you. Shri Vikas Mehta ji use simple words, but they are directly pierced in deep hearts. I am very much thankful to Sai Babaji who gave me this opportunity to read and share such beautiful and fabulous poems.

    May Babaji give more skills to Vikas Mehta ji to write many such poems future.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

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