Shirdi Sai Speaks – Teachings for December

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With Sai Baba’s immense grace and blessings, i will be presenting teachings from Shirdi Sai Speaks in this post. At the end of the post are download link of pictures of Shirdi Sai Speaks at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, ‘right click’ it and select ‘Extract to 12Dec’ to unzip all the pictures.

1 The Samadhi grants the boons and the Gurusthan initiates you into My kingdom.
2 The “Udi” of Shirdi is the best healing agent I have left behind.
3 I approach you from time to time to relieve you. Do not forget Me.
4 Do not neglect the body, for it is Divine
5 I dwell in the hearts of all beings. The world of beings move in Me and I move in them.
6 Love and affection should be the keynotes of your treatment to the guest.
7 Those who really wish to feed Me, may feed the hungry. I receive it through every form.
8 Serve the parents with love and respect.
9 In Truth, all religious unite.
10 I never neglect, reject or detest anyone who looks up to Me.
11 Fortunate are those, who hold My name on their tongues.
12 Whoever calls, I shall respond, support and deliver them out of their karma gradually.
13 Whoever brings his hands together in devotion, I shall reach him wherever he is.
14 Attachment and self-realisation are poles apart.
15 The teachings, when followed, stabilised the mind and enables relection of the Higher Self, the Atman.
16 In My treasury, all is available. I can give anything and everything.
17 Contentment only leads to true contemplation.
18 The deeper the roots are, the stable the tree is to withstand the vicissitudes of the weather.
19 The Lord exists in form, out of form, and even beyond the form.
20 All that work of goodwill done wholeheartedly reaches Me.
21 The victor is one who overcomes the primary illusion.
22 If you feel that you need My presence, read the stories related to Me.
23 Do not think that I exist not. I respond to every sincere call.
24 Guru’s grace is showered on those who are totally dedicated to Him by body, mind and soul.
25 Accept the life as it approaches you throught the events. The stable one never totters.
26 Worship of the Guru is equivalent to worshipping all the deities, for in the Guru, all the deities dwell.
27 Blessed is the one who gains the presence of the Master.
28 The ultimate thought that you hold at the time of death decides the course of next life.
29 I exist in the other and manifest when beckoned from the heart.
30 You may look to Me as Guru. But I am a disciple too, of my Guru.
31 Yes, Yes, Everything has been given, what he be, good or bad, he is Mine.

Shirdi Sai Speaks – December Month Pictures Click Here to Download

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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