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In Chapter 15 of Sai Satcharitra, we had seen an instance of two lizards sisters meeting and hugging each other in Dwarkmai. This incident was prophesied by Sai Baba well before they both appeared in front of all. Shri Vikas Mehta ji has quoted his imagination about what must have happened after this incident when two birds sat talking about Baba and His Leelas in the following poem.

Masjid Ki Munder Par Baith Kar
Pakshi Bhi Chahchahate The
Baba Ki Leelaon Ko Yaad Kar
Din – Raat Aansoon Bahaate The,
Ek Din Ek Chidiya Ne
Doosri Chidiya Se Kaha
Kya Baba Humein Jaante Hain
Hum Kaun Hain
Hamein Bhi Pehchantein Hain ?
Doosri Ne Pehli Se Kaha
Ye Baba Lagte Hai, Faqeer
Lekin Pahuche Hue Sant Hain
Aur Main To Kahungi
Ye Anant Hai,
Thode Hi Din Pehle
Maine Masjid Ke Kone Mein
Do Chhipkaliyon Ko Budbudaate Dekha
Gale Lag Kar
Aansoon Bahaate Hue Dekha,
Tabhi Maine Kisi Se Suna
Yeh Do Behne Thi
Jo Bichhud Gayi Thi
Aaj Baba Ne Inhe Milaya Hai
Dekho To ! Inhe Bhi Gale Se Lagaya Hai,
To Kya Wo Humein Na Jaanege
Hum Kaun Hai
Humein Na Pehchanege,
Prem Ke Avtaar Hai Sai Baba
Jo Bichhud Gaye Hain
Unhe Bhi Milaane Aaye Hain
Sabhi Ko Gale Se
Lagaane Aaye Hai…

मस्जिद की मुंडेर पर बैठ कर
पक्षी भी चहचहाते थे
बाबा की लीलाओं को याद कर
दिन – रात आँसू बहाते थे,
एक दिन एक चिडिया ने
दूसरी चिडिया से कहा
क्या बाबा हमें जानते हैं
हम कौन हैं
हमें भी पहचानतें हैं ?
दूसरी ने पहली से कहा
ये बाबा लगते है, फकीर
लेकिन पहुचे हुए संत हैं
और मैं तो कहूँगी
ये अनंत है,
थोड़े ही दिन पहले
मैंने मस्जिद के कोने में
दो छिपकलियों को बुदबुदाते देखा
गले लग कर
आँसू बहाते हुए देखा,
तभी मैंने किसी से सुना
यह दो बहने थी
जो बिछुड़ गयी थी
बाबा ने इन्हें मिलाया है
तो ! इन्हें भी गले से लगाया है,
तो क्या वो हमें ना जानेगे
हम कौन है
हमें ना पहचानेगे,
प्रेम के अवतार है साईं बाबा
जो बिछुड़ गए हैं
उन्हें भी मिलाने आये हैं
सभी को गले से
लगाने आये है…

Two birds used to chatter on roof of Masjid (Dwarkami). They cried day and night remembering Baba’s Leelas. One one sparrow said to another, “Does Baba know us? Who are we? Does He recognise us? Another one said, “This Baba looks like a Fakir, but He is renowned saint, rather I would say He is Almighty. Before sometime, I saw two lizards in Masjid making noise, shedding tears and hugging and kissing each other. I heard Someone saying that they are sisters who were separated and Baba made them meet. Today Baba has also hugged them”. Then how He cannot know us or recognise us? Baba is embodiment of Love, He has come to help those who are separated and love and hug all.

Poem Courtesy – Baba Se Ru-B-Ru written by Sai Devotee Shri Vikas Mehta ji

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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