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With this poem, we are done with all poems of the book “Baba Se Ru-B-Ru” written by Sai Devotee Shri Vikas Mehta ji. This poem is on back side cover page of the book, which i read as soon as i had the book in my hand. Really it touched deep within at very first reading. Shri Vikas Mehta ji, though taking words and feelings of stones in this poem, has given meaning of our lives. The stones of Dwarkamai feel fortunate that they could get touch of Sai Baba and they believe that Baba has changed their living and status, the same applies to many of us. Just try to peep in your lives before you knew or believe Baba and compare it with your present situations, lot of difference can be seen. While working on this poem, i could visualise this and felt that if inanimate things like stones gain importance with contact of Baba, then what to think about living beings.

Tum Masjid Ki Deewar Ke Sahare Khade Ho
Lekin Mujhe Sahara Kewal Tumhara Mila Hai…
Tumhari Masjid Ki Deewar Ke Pathar
Mujhse Bolte Hain
Hum Pathar Avashya Hain
Par Hum Mein Bhi Pyar, Baba Ka Bhara Hai…
Jab Se Humein Sparsh Baba Ka Mila Hai
Logon Ne Hum Patharon Se Bhi Pyar Kara Hai…
Hum To Besahara The
Bas Yun Hi Raahon Mein Pade The…
Humein Koi Poochta Na Tha
Humein Koi Dekhta Na Tha…
Hum Besahara Kya Sahara Dete
Humein To Swyam SadGuru Ka Sahara Mila Hai…
Bhala Baba Kya Deewar Ke Sahare Khade Honge
Poori Duniya Ko To Unka Sahara Mila Hai…

तुम मस्जिद की दीवार के सहारे खड़े हो
लेकिन मुझे सहारा केवल तुम्हारा मिला है…
तुम्हारी मस्जिद की दीवार के पत्थर
मुझसे बोलते हैं
हम पत्थर अवश्य हैं
पर हममें भी प्यार, बाबा का भरा है…
जब से हमें स्पर्श बाबा का मिला है
लोगों ने हम पत्थरों से भी प्यार करा है…
हम तो बेसहारा थे
बस यूँ ही राहों में पड़े थे…
हमें कोई पूछता ना था
हमें कोई देखता ना था…
हम बेसहारा क्या सहारा देते
हमें तो स्वयं सद्गुरु का सहारा मिला है…
भला बाबा क्या दीवार के सहारे खड़े होंगे
पूरी दुनिया को तो उनका सहारा मिला है…

Baba, You are standing with support of this wall of Masjid (Dwarkamai), but i have got support from You. The stones of walls of Your Masjid say, “Though, we are stones, we are filled with love of Baba. We have got love from people since we got Holy Baba’s holy touch. We were supportless and were lying on the path uselessly, nobody talked with us and nobody saw us. We supportless were incapable to give any support instead we got support of Sadguru Himself. The whole world has got support of Baba, then how could He take support of wall.

Poem Courtesy – Baba Se Ru-B-Ru written by Sai Devotee Shri Vikas Mehta ji

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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