Shirdi Sai Baba In Dreams – Awating Responses From Sai Readers

Dear Sai Readers, many of my own experiences are posted on this blessed blog. All such divine experiences were always a mystery and later on they got solved as time passed by. Sai Baba works on His devotees in unique ways and all His ways are very difficult to comprehend. A human’s life is ought to change and every new change in his life frightens him to some extent. But when Sai Baba is present to make such changes favourable and extends His loving hands, the change becomes easier to accept. Following this rule, i am also not an exception to this. After starting new lease of life, it was obvious that changes took place often in my life. But Sai Baba was there with me to guide me all the time.

After reading and posting many experiences, it was my question to Sai Baba that why He does not come frequently in my dreams? This was common in my early days of devotion in the year 2006, but why now it is not so? Now i realise today that there was no such need. Today when i need Sai Baba’s presence and more of His blessings, He gave me few dreams which carry deep meanings but i am unable to understand. Dear Sai Readers, i am sharing all three dreams here and request you all to present your views regarding those dreams in the comment box below.

  • First dream before my wedding:

    One of fortunate Sai devotees in my neighbour-hood have beautiful idol of Sai Baba and they perform all rituals in very devoted way. Their simple way of devotion touches everyone’s heart who visit there. Since it is near to my place i used to visit there often and take part in arti before wedding. Before one month of wedding, invitation cards were being distributed and every time i saw invitation card, i used to wonder if Sai Baba would come to my wedding or not. No doubt many such cases are seen and i was confident that Sai Baba would certainly come to attend my wedding, but my faith was surrounded by doubts in my deep heart.

    One night i had a dream, i has been for arti in at that same place. We finished arti and i saw idol of Sai Baba (Baba itself!!!) opening His eyes.

    I asked Baba, “Baba Ap So Rahe The Kya (Were You sleeping Baba)?”

    Baba answered, “Ha Beti Ankh Lag Gayi Thi (Yes child, i took a nap)”.

    We all just chanted arti of Baba i.e. “Arti Sai Baba Soukhya Daataar Jiva”.

    So Baba asked, “Why did you not sing ‘Shirdi Maze Pandharpur’ In vain is your arti?”

    I answered, “Yes Baba i missed it”.

    Baba then replied, “You recite this hymn now onwards”

    I agreed and then questioned Baba, “Baba, why dont You come to my home?”

    Baba replied, “Yes I will come, you proceed, I will follow you soon”.

    As per Baba’s instructions, i found myself at my home sitting with my brother in living room. Soon i saw Baba coming and He stood near gate and waiting for being noticed. I immediately noticed Baba as i was eagerly waiting for Him.

    I said my brother, “Shashank, go open the gate, Baba has come, He is waiting”. And then, i found Him sitting on the same place where we were previously seated and we all (my parents, brother and myself) were quite busy in wedding preparations. Baba was observing what all was going in front of Him. While we all were busy in our own works, Baba was seated at our home just unnoticed!!!

    Thus the dream ended but it taught me to chant the hymn and to my surprise though i never bothered to recite it, i knew it by heart and i could sing it without referring Arti book!!!

  • Second dream ( OR A Dreadful Incident) After My Wedding:

    Yes, it was really dreadful. I cannot judge even today whether it was a dream or any dreadful incident.

    On July 31, 2010, i was taking noon nap. Suddenly i felt a jerk in my body. It seems that my body was freezing and i could not even move. I tried to shook to my husband and wake him up, but i could’nt. Even i tried to speak, but failed. Then i remembered my mother, uttered “Mummy mummy” three times and then i thought in dream that how can i call my mother to help me. She is very far now and can’t run to help me. It is foolish of me to think so. Suddenly i remembered Mother Sai and spoke up, “Baba” and that too only once. The moment Baba’s name was uttered i was liberated. Me and my body were back to normal.

    Only one cry of despair made Baba run to me and took me out of that dreadful situation. Ah! Baba You are truely Mother of all.

    When i shared this dream to my mother, she replied that now that she can’t be everywhere and anywhere whenever i need her, Babaji has taken that charge and i must remember Him in the first place itself.

  • Third Frightening Dream :

    This dream occurred to me on August 12, 2010. The same day i had been to my mother’s place and asked her to give me Baba’s Sacred Neem Leaf to keep it in shrine at my home. She agreed, but in evening when i left, we both forgot about it. At night before sleeping i suddenly remembered that i forgot to take Neem leaf. I thought, “I can take it on another visit, so it was not a big issue”.

    After midnight, i saw the following dream:

    I had been to an unknown lady’s place. The lady was fat and she had a small girl in her lap. She was talking to me. Suddenly whilst the talks, she got up, unrolled a roll of long and old paper and out came Baba’s Sacred Dry Neem Leaf. The leaf was very different. It had dried up but the fact that it has small thin red coloured outline put me in thinking state. More than that, i asked for another one for my hubby. She replied, “It is the last one, dear”. I was disappointed and started thinking why i got the leaf and my hubby did not though he was seated adjacent to me. While thinking so, i saw him. And Lo! I saw Sai Babaji sitting besides him. The form of Baba was really divine. As we have usually seen Him in dirty white clothes, His form in dream was just opposite. He was in white clean clothes and light was seen behind His head.

    Baba then said, “Ye Sab To Mithyaa Hai (All this is mere illusion)”.

    I replied, “Ha Baba, Ek Ap Hi Sach Ho (Yes, You are the Only Truth)”.

    Baba was much pleased with my answer and He smiled looking at me. Suddenly, then, Baba disappeared and in His place there was bright light. Then different persons started replacing the light. The persons changed themselves so quickly that i could not recognize anyone. I guess there were few persons whom i already know but could not remember any face except one. There was an ugly old man with his hair flowing down towards his shoulders till his chest. He frightened me. But in dream i was very much joyous to have Baba’s darshan and was dancing with happy cries of “Baba Baba”. In reailty i was crying “Baba, Baba” and this awakened me and my husband too. When i recalled the dream, i remembered the old man and he left a dreadful impression on my mind.

Such mysterious dreams were they. But most of it, i am pleased to get Baba’s grace and advice in those dreams.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. yes its true, even i have felt this several times in my dreams that i am surrounded by evil spirits every where, and when i recite babas name in front of them and start pouring babas abhishekam jal on them they start vanishing and ask me not to recite babas name, to my surprise i keep on chanting babas name and they all disappeared, bab is always ther to help his children

  2. i don't think im qualified enough to comment on such divine presence of baba in ur dreams as i have not been lucky enough to feel his presence in my dreams, but the thing i can make out from ur dreams is Baba is concerned abt his children everytime and always assures of his divine presence in their life thru such dreams…om sai baba

  3. U r so lucky to see baba in dreams . It was and is my wish t oo but I havent had any dream and sometimes feel so desperate wondering what is wrong with my devotion? Must be something wrong thats why so many people see him but i try to think of him before sleeping but nothing happens. Btw today durind noon arti actually felt that baba was smiling so beautifully at me for a second that I missed the arti wordings! Dont know whether what i saw was an illusion or not because it happened too fast.

  4. om sai ram,
    dear sai devotees its only a matter of shradha and saburi.just follow them and be possitive baba is everywhere,sooner or later baba shows his presence to his children…even i have experienced a lot… he appeared as a picture on my kitchen tiles,dreamed a lot but cant interpret all of them.baba is great let your life in his hands .he will guide you , he does only best for us….be happy as a sai devotee ….most important is to belive sai baba.
    may baba bless all…om sai ram

  5. Om Sai Ram

    It is very nice and i feel very good after read this. Its true evrything is fake only god is true in this world. Sai baab ji always with us. Thanks for sharing

    om sai ram

  6. Its a great idea and place to talk about baba.i also saw baba in my dreams once.but some time i feel like baba is not happy with me.i always go through with difficulties.its feels like he doesnot consider me as his child.but i do trust him alot and love baba alot

  7. wow! your so lucky ji.. i wanna c him in my dreams atleast! i dont know when i will.. am going mad for seeing him! hope he will come.! sure he will see all our actions and prayers! Om Sai Ram..dunno if our devotion is not perfect! hope he says that in our dream! Sairam!!

  8. Om sai ram,

    You are lucky to see baba in your dream. I have seen baba few times in my dream, but couldn't remember the dream properly. One of sai devotee told me, if you see baba in your dream you never forget that dream. So I am not sure my dream was a dream or imagination.

    Om sai ram.

    • No its not like that its our physiology some dreama we remember in certain phase of sleep cycle…some we another phase of sleep cycle…so it might happen u dont rem exact dream..but 1 thing confirmed…u are blessed

  9. om jai sai.. even i had a dream in which i was having a idol of saibaba and that which started glowing and i was literally talking to it …after which i got up and saw it was only a dream …… i very eager to go to shirdi but something obstructs but surely i beleive soon i will be in sai sanidhan

  10. I am very fond of dogs..we have some street dogs sitting outside & during winters they come in our garden.1 day i heard all of them barking,when i & my mom rushed out we could see a municipality truck carrying street dogs to vaccine them.they took our 2 pups & we asked them to leave them,instead we could get the vaccinations for them by some vet doc.The stff said they would leave them after 3 days back.But we doubted,because they free the dogs at one place & thn they wander.i prayed a lot to sai baba to let those pups get back to us soon,as they were so small that they hardly had memory to recognise the locality.To my surprise,i saw sai baba same day in my dream..i could see people singing his arti & both the pups with his idol.Very next day,both my pups came back home & i saw sai's miracle. Secondly,one time i had an urge to worship lord ganesha & felt in my heart that if both were my dreams it came-i saw lord ganesha standing with sai baba's picture in his hand.And now am waiting for that 1 thing in my life which is my life.Sai i am still waiting!OM SAI RAM

  11. I have been having Saibaba's dreams for the past 20 years.
    the first dream was somthing like this: In my Mumbai house, there is a photo of ganpati. In the dream, I am looking at this pic, and ganpati is replaced by saibaba, as i stare in amazement, i start hearing hymns and stotras and see baba's mouth moving. after that, I dreamt that I am standing in front of a house and baba walks towards me, I rush forward and touch his feet. Then I have had several dreams where I see baba sitting in some temple. It so happens that Later, I have visited the temple and found out that the temple was of Lord shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lors hanuman. Once I dreamt that I see baba and many other people sitting on a Table!!! having food !!!! I kept wondering as to what this means, when after a few months i saw the painting of "the last supper" of lord Christ!!!!
    Maybe this is his way of telling me that they are all ONE. !!!

  12. I too saw baba in my dream once…..i was a kid so i dont remember the exact details but ya he was standing in my great grandfather's house and i saw something in his stomach….he was trying to show me something but i dont rmbr exctly wat it was…i saw both sai baba's trying to show me something…later i came to know that in that very same place sathya sai baba had come to visit

  13. This morning I had a dream like going to temple where a priest asked whether I can offer silver pot for the temple.Even I agreed. When i moved forward I saw sai samadhi decorated beautifully with flowers and I also could hear people uttering 'sai ram sai ram' everywhere. In that crowd I found a plca to sit and was looking at the sai statue with a grand decoration. after few seconds I felt the statue alive and a holy man raising and walking. It was unbelievable. can any of the sai devotees tel me the meaning for it? I am so anxious to know. Worshiping sai for several years and this is the first time i am seeing him in my dream.

  14. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Even i had similar dream. I was lined up in Samadhi Mandir and suddenly noticed idol of Lord Sai Baba turning into Live Body and descending steps of its Samadhi.

    Everybody starting running towards Him including me. I went near Him, fall at His feet, started crying and simultaneously asked, "Why are You not doing this. Why Please tell me" He did not answer and my dream discontinued.

    From this dream i got a lesson that Lord Sai Baba is lively even today and speaks through His idol and Samadhi.

    May be your dream also signifies the same.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  15. Om Sai Ram….
    I also had a dream of Sai, and i remember it very clearly. I along with my family are in some function and there Shirdi Sai Baba comes and I was talking to him. Then I move out leaving my Grandmother in that room along with Baba. Baba calls me back and asks me to go to Tirupathi. I agreed and was about to leave. He called me once again and insisted again on me going to tirupathi. With that, I woke up and was so happy for it was the first time that God has come inmy dream. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream???

  16. Can anyone help me or explainon this dream. Last nite i dream of going to shirdi BABA temple. they were so may of devotees. only me n another lady was sitting closed to Baba's statue. i was praying non-stop as the priest was saying manthra's n taking aarti. and finally after pooja i left immediately. when i open my car door, i saw plenty of sandal wood powder adn saffron powder on my seat. then i called the devotees to take the prasad.

  17. Can anyone help me or explainon this dream. Last nite i dream of going to shirdi BABA temple. they were so may of devotees. only me n another lady was sitting closed to Baba's statue. i was praying non-stop as the priest was saying manthra's n taking aarti. and finally after pooja i left immediately. when i open my car door, i saw plenty of sandal wood powder adn saffron powder on my seat. then i called the devotees to take the prasad.


  19. Today (15 Sep 2011, Thursday) early morning i had a dream, that i saw a platform where shirdi baba white marble statue placed but no roof, suddenly it brokes and inside there is black old man ( similar to baba old photo) is looking and he is alive. One truck passing on the road i suddenly get shock and look again , the live man covered by white marble, it become marble statue.

    I am astonished and i went baba temple in chennai may be twice and can any one cay say what is the meaning of dream. I still cannot believe my dream and decided to atleast once to shirdi.

  20. I would like to share my experience. 2 weeks ago i was going through a hard time and many issues were bothering me family as well as financial issues. i had been to goa on a planned vacation and as a stress buster vacation since there were few issues months ago . i returned from goa and the same day i returned i had a fight with my wife .. that day i was wondering when will this come to end ..when will things improve. that day i slept and i saw sai baba in my dream with a cross (Jesus christ) behind sai baba's image. I'm wondering may be i visited lot of chruches in Goa and saw many images of jesus christ and the cross. i saw a combination of cross and sai baba in my dream.we did not have interaction the image of baba blurred away after sometime can this be true?

  21. Shree Sai Ram.
    Few days ago i had a dream of baba. he was just walking near my home, when i saw baba i ran toward baba and grab his leg then he hold me and said don't worry everything gonna be fine. he even bite my nose and said don't worry, what does it mean? i usually dream of baba but biting my nose, i couldn't interpret it.

  22. i am just looking for an answer because my wife had a dream of baba like being in the temple with many other people, i don't know what does it mean but i think very thing happens for a reason may it a calling card well lets wait and see..TQ

  23. This morning I saw a dream in which Theerth (water) flowing from baba's photo.

    A few month's ago I saw a dream in which I was walking through a lane and could see so many baba's idols decorated and kept in shops. In the background I could hear Raghupathi Raghav bhajans being chanted.

    Sai Ram!!

  24. Hi, I've experienced his blessing as a father been there for me. Infact he is now my partner in my business. I'm waiting to see him in person along with my children.

  25. The other day I was very upset and I questioned Baba and asked him, Why do I have to go through such humiliation and doubt from people around me.I wanted him to give me a sign to tell me that he is there for me and my belief in him is not false. The night I had a dream, I was crying and saying the same thing and Lord Krishna(he was blue in color) came hugged me and smiled…and then I saw this huge footprints(paduka) in front of me. I had no idea that Shirdi Baba's paduka is worshiped. I never understood whose footprints I saw till the other day, I went through some pictures of Shirdi.
    I now think I saw Baba's Paduka and he was assuring me thst my belief in him is not wrong.

  26. For all the devotees who saw baba in their dreams,you are vey lucky.I believe that those dreams are not random.Even though you don't understand the meaning right away,the situations you face in future are definetly connected with the message baba gave you in the dream.

  27. Last night I had seend a very big idol of sai baba its in a silver and I am taking the blessing of baba what it means can Any one tell me please.

  28. Om sai ram mere bhagaban……..shirdhi ke baba sab se mahan…..have faith in baba ….. Baba is always there for us !!!!!

  29. on 7th Oct (wednesday nite) i got a dream that one man with Black color dress is standing outside of my house, i feel very happy and say "baba baba baba", after that the man goes behind my house, other people also start calling him baba, but after few mins the man comes back to me by changing the black dress to Normal fomal dress and tells me that I am Not baba. Can anyone please tell me why did baba came in blck dress and why did he said he is Not baba?

  30. Yes.sai baba always comes in my dream every thursday but never says anything but only stare at me.sometimes i see shirdi tirthsthan or shirdi railway station.

  31. Hi can anybody explain me the meaning of the dream where I have seen saibaba pushing the water by big stick.I saw that stock of water with mud in open area. saibaba was pushing that water away across one hump. I was standing bit away from baba where there is no water and I was watching baba and observing how he was pushing water and why he is doing that. I felt he is doing this to protect every one on the earth. But I am not understanding why I had this dream and what is the message of saibaba connected to my life. I am in confusion. But I am not sure as really I saw him in dream or within the dream I saw him in tv channel. when I visited saibaba temple in last month On women gave me baba's book. So from that onwards I started to read that book every Thursday. some one please help me to understand the dream. Sai ram…

  32. Yesterday, I had a dream in that all evils are surrounding me. when i starting chanting sai baba name, they all went far away from me. Later sai baba coming near to me and he gave dried grapes to me & to my friend.

    Can anybody explain me the meaning of this dream.

    • Ya very clear cut meaning…baba saved u from evil energies..u r blessed..and be careful…and eat grapes what baba gave u everyday after offering arti to him..and give it to the frans also

  33. i saw babaji in my dream, i am in shirdi and wanted to take mugha darsahan and was waiting in my dream suddenly my God, my babaji got up from the temple and walked towards me…….

  34. Even I saw him in my dreams.. I had a dream in jan 15 and in feb i came to know i concieved.. the dream was a baby boy in hand and thanking baba on the satsang day near shirdi mandir.. 9 months later i delivered my lil girl on first navratra.. sai ram

  35. I am 40 yrs old. Still a bachelor, was busy with business since last 15 yrs. Thinking of marriage since last 4 yrs. Want to marry my lady love. Been rendering prayers to baba to materialise this for me. Please pray for me on my bhalf and wish me get my lady love. May my wish get fulfilled. Sai Ram

  36. hii friends,

    I got a dream like i went to shri sai baba’s temple prayed my wish to come true and i gave him 116rs to donate to some people what is meaning of this dream can anyone tell me???

  37. hii friends,

    I got a dream like i went to shri sai baba’s temple prayed my wish to come true and i gave him 116rs to donate to some people what is meaning of this dream can anyone tell me???

  38. Baba use to come in my dreams also, but now-a-days he is not coming don't know why he is so angry on me. Baba please give ur darshan in my dream.

  39. Hi am a small devotee of sai baba….last friday I got a dream of baba I.e..I saw baba in my dream and baba is cumbg to hug I was scared and am runing…again baba took me to some plac and he poured water for 3 times on my face….and later he gave me a piece of mysore pak…
    Plz any one can tel me whats the meaning of this….plz

  40. Me and my husband completing 7 years of marriage. Last April me and my husband going for treatment to Hyderabad.. on the way we are in train.. I got a dream.. we have seen baba statue in every temple.. baba statue came in my dream and suddenly baba came out from statue and he is walking ..I can't see baba face ..I am seeing his back side he is walking and going..he is wearing long orange Kurta.. now i am doing every thursday baba pooja..only he can save me now..

  41. Today morning in dream i saw Baba and I am offering a lighted candle to him and feeling happy to worship Baba.I also wished to see Baba in dream and its completed.Please anyone let me know what it indicates..Is baba blessing me.

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