Introduction – Gujarati Book “Guruwar Ni Palkhi – Itihaas Ane Vartmaan”

When it comes to Thursday, if one is in Shirdi, the first thing which comes in his/her mind is “Chavadi Procession“. Every devotee of Sai Baba who has read Shri Sai Satcharitra atleast once, would be knowing that it was practice of Baba to sleep in Dwarkamai and Chavadi every alternate night. This tradition started when Baba was in flesh and blood. When chapter describing the said procession is read, one can clearly imagine the radiance and ambience which Baba’s face wore, but the thirst to see This face with mere eyes remains unquenched. Today while in absence of physical presence of Baba among us, we satisfy this thirst by participating in Chavadi Procession carried out by priests and dignitaries of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi on every Thursday.

With the above introduction of Chavadi Procession, there is something good which i would like to share with you all and specially devotees from Gujarat and all those who know to read Gujarati. Gujarat, after Maharashtra, as per my knowledge and opinion, has ample amount of literature related to Sai Baba and many authors are coming up with translated version of Marathi literature into Gujarati, for benefit of Gujarati community aspiring knowledge in this area. When a lot of hidden literature is available in Marathi, about which most of devotees are unaware, such literature can be brought upto surface when authors themselves take an initiative to translate it in their own languages. One such book has been brought to my notice by respected Shri Anil Bhojani. Residing in Baroda (also called Vadodara in Gujarati) has proved very beneficial in the sense that much literature on Sai Baba is printed here and authors having first hand information are introduced with Baba’s grace. Before two weeks Shri Anil Bhojani was here for noble cause of translating Marathi book “Guruwar Chi Palkhi” originally written by Shri. Navendu Saidaas Marathe into Gujarati. The book has quiet a lot information about Chavadi Procession – Its History And Present Tradition with good appealing photographs. Within a short time the task was completed and it was inaugurated on Vijaydashmi (Punyatithi Day) in Shirdi in presence of renowned dignitaries of Shirdi. See the picture below:

Books on Sai Baba are always an attraction to me and this is known to Shri Anil Bhojani too, so he made arrangements to send few copies of this blessed book to me, which i received yesterday. My hearty thanks to him and other intermediaries. Today being Baba’s day, i found it appropriate to just post an introduction of this book with few words as written and printed in the name of Shri Anil Bhojani as under:

અજ્ઞાન રૂપે અંધકારને દૂર કરનાર સૌના જીવન પ્રકાશક શ્રી સાઈ સૂર્યનારાયણ તેમની જીવન લીલાના એક કિરણ રૂપી (ચાવડી શોભાયાત્રા) વર્ણન માટે પુસ્તક પ્રકાશન રૂપે તેમના અનેક પ્રિય ભક્તજનોને ભક્તિ પ્રકાશ પ્રાપ્ત થાય તેવા આશિષ સાથે ભક્તિ શ્રી નગીનભાઈ વાઘેલા ને (વડોદરા, ગુજરાત) “ગુરુવાર ની પાલખી શોભાયાત્રા” નો “ઈતિહાસ અને વર્તમાન” નું પ્રકાશન કાર્ય સોપીને સાઈનાથે તેમની સેવા સ્વીકારેલ છે. તે બદલ ગુજરાતી અનુવાદાક્ના સંપાદક શ્રી દિનેશ ભોજાણી (અનીલ), નવેન્દુ સાઈદાસ મરાઠે, શ્રી રાજતિલક બાગવે, દિપક મતે (શિરડી) ગુજરાતી અનુવાદના સહકાર્યકારી શ્રી અશ્વિનભાઈ જયસ્વાલ અને દિનેશભાઈ ફાણ્સે (વડોદરા) તેમજ આ પુસ્તકનો લાભ લેનાર સર્વ નમ્ર સાઈ ભક્ત હર્ષ અનુભવે છે.

As such toil and efforts of many hardcore devotees of Baba (as named above in Gujarati) is present in this book, it is surely an example of Baba’s blessings towards all – who gave inputs for it and the ones who will be reading it. Interested devotee readers can collect this book directly from Shri Anil Bhojani whenever they visit Shirdi at no cost, only true and devotional feelings are required. Following are details:

  • Name: Shri Anil Bhojani
  • Age: About 50 Years
  • Residence: Near Shree Chavadi
  • Contact No: 91-93701 33563 and 91-93251 22484

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