Preface – Guruwar Ni Palki – Vartman Ane Itihaas

Recently there was a post of Introduction Of Gujarati Book “Guruwar Ni Palki – Vartman Ane Itihaas”. Readers may be curious to know about the book and its contents. Well, the story of its official release is not very old. Generally speaking many of us are aware why and when the tradition of Palki Procession or Chawdi Procession or Thursday’s Chariot Procession, by whatsoever name we may call, came into existence. But this awareness is limited to the extent as described and explained in Shri Sai Satcharitra or any other history book based on life of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. As a note of irony, we find more or less same information everywhere and we don’t find any elaborate description of how this tradition came into being and how it is being followed today. The above said book fills this gap of incompleteness and presents clear picture. Being on friendly terms with Shri Anil Bhojani, who was instrumental in translation of this book from Marathi to Gujarati, on my visit to Shirdi this diwali, I happened to meet authors of this book. Originally written in Marathi it was first released in 2009, when tradition of Chavadi completed 100 years. The authors in context of this book say, “Lord Baba has tested us too much with regards to the book. The vision to write the book took about three years to materialize. But we are happy that now the book has reached many worthy readers and after Gujarati, it is subsequently being translated in other Indian regional languages and also in English. Our only aim is to provide correct authentic information about Chavadi Procession.”

Before I reached Shirdi, on my way I read this valuable book which impressed me a lot. It is a small booklet and contains many unseen photographs with glossy paper. The book is projected to be distributed free of cost and thus the authors showed interest to share it on internet too. The Gujarati version of the book was released on Punyatithi of this year i.e. October 17, 2010 which I shall be sharing with you all in parts.

To enable quick, easy and comfortable viewing, the whole book is uploaded on with comfortability of download links.

Preface – Guruwar Ni Palki – Vartman Ane Itihaas Click Here to Download

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