Celebrating 125 Years of Nirvikalp Samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba on December 10, 2011

In chapter 43 & 44 of Shri Sai Satcharitra, Shri Hemadpant had written about the following incident, “Thirty two years before this, i.e., in 1886 A.D., Baba made an attempt to cross the border line. On a Margashirsha Pournima (Full moon) day, Baba suffered from a severe attack of asthma. To get rid of it Baba decided to take His prana high up and go into samadhi. He said to Bhagat Mhalasapti – “Protect My body for three days. If I return, it will be alright; if I do not, bury My body in that open land (pointing to it) and fix two flags there as a mark.” Saying this, Baba fell down at about 10 P.M. His breathing stopped, as well as His pulse. It seemed as if His prana left the body. All the people including the villagers came there and wanted to hold an inquest and bury the body in the place pointed by Baba. But Mhalasapati prevented this. With Baba’s body on his lap he sat full three days guarding it. After three days passed, Baba showed signs of life at 3 A.M. His breathing commenced, the abdomen began to move. His eyes opened and stretching His limbs, Baba returned to consciousness (life) again.

From this and other accounts, let the readers consider whether Sai Baba was the three and a half cubits’ body that He occupied for some years and that He left thereafter or He was the Self inside. The body, composed of the five elements is perishable and transient, but the Self within is the thing – Absolute Reality which is immortal and intransient. The pure Being, Consciousness or Brahma, the Ruler and Controller of the senses and mind is the thing Sai. This pervades all things in the universe and there is no space without it. For fulfilling His mission He assumed the body and after it was fulfilled, He threw away the body (the finite aspect), and assumed His infinite aspect. Sai ever lives, as also the previous Incarnation of God Datta, Shri Narsimha Saraswati of Ganagapur. His Passing away is only an outward aspect, but really He pervades all animate and inanimate things and is their Inner Controller and Ruler. This can be, and is even now experienced by many who surrender themselves completely to Him and worship Him with whole-hearted devotion.

This year i.e. 2011 it would be 125 years after this incident. While i received mail from a devotee this morning reminding the incident, i visited Shri Sai Baba Santhan Trust’s official website and to my disappointment i could not find any kind of celebration announcement for this function. Let us now see the mail by Sai brother Bhaktal as produced below:

Dear Sai Devotees, we are all aware that our Sainath went into ‘Samadhi’ for 3 days in the year 1886. All the village folks and Moulvis thought He is dead and gone for ever. But the great devotee, Mahalaspathi kept watch on the body all through these 3 days. He knew his Master will come back to life. If He had not, the we would have lost our Sainath then and the World not have heard of Sri Sai Baba.

So it is a great event in the Holy Life of our Sadguru. This is explained in detail in ‘Sai Satcharit’. All Sai devotees should cherish this moment of our Baba coming back to this Earth again, to lead us all to ‘Sadgathi’.

This incident happened on Poornima Day in the Month of Margashira in the year 1886 i.e. exactly 125 years back. Now we are in Margashira Masa and the Poornima falls on 10th of this month which is also birth anniversary of Lord Dattatreya.

Since this year happens to be the 125th year of this Holy Event, it has to be remembered and celebrated as an important festival by all Devotees and mainly by the Shirdi Sansthan. Every one should rejoice this day which gave Baba back to us.

Om Sai Ram


I whole heartedly respect the feeling of this devotee. I have decided that i will remember the incident by reading Chapter 43 & 44 on this day.

Let me know your views what you are planning to do on this day by commenting below.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. I will do the same too..read chapter 43 & 44 InshaAllah! Baba is everliving with all of us..protecting all of us..


  2. Sri Datta Jayanti is being celebrated on December 10, 2011 at Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Anand Ashram BTM Layout Bangalore. I would like to highlight celebration of 125 years of Nirvikalp Samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba to the devotees on this occassion.

  3. Om! Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Nathayanamah!
    This is a Great Event. I rejoice that you have brought this to lime light quite in-time.
    "Once in a great while we read something that bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart".
    I will meditate on Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and read Shri Sai Satcharita with all reverence
    OM! Shirdi Vasaya Vidmahe Satchidanaya !!
    Dhimahi Thanno Sai Prachodayat !!

  4. I will read the chapter 43 & 44.. I know that i will be blessed by my father (BABA)… BABA bless all with richest happiness throughout our life…

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