Chapter 1 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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The present work has taken shape by translating and scripting Telugu audio of Kakasaheb Dixit Diary into English script from Taking up this task of translating the audio and scripting it in English was of highly tedious and lengthy nature. Still grace and will of Sai Baba worked on because it was His direction to do so. On this occasion of Gurupoornima (2012) i am glad to share this treasure with Devotee Readers. Parts of this diary will be shared subsequently. Kindly visit our blog for full version of the diary.

This is how all things happened.

About one year ago (i.e in early 2011) while getting hooked with my daily emails, I came across with an email from a devotee with subject “Sai Darshan”. This email used to flash every Thursday containing interesting links, literature and bhajans of Lord Sai Baba. A link with Kakasaheb Dixit Diary was noticed and without any pause it was clicked to be opened. It was in audio form in telugu language, so it rather disappointed me as I could not understand this language and this treasure will go un-turned. The gems of history will remain buried. It took place in my system and remained there.

With passing time this treasure was completely forgotten. After one year, I again remembered and tried various methods to get it translated and get English script ready. A devotee’s name was then flashed in my mind and contacted her quickly. Luckily she knew this language and translated all twelve parts (herewith considered as chapters) within no time.

The unexpected helping hand of Sai sister Sujata K has given shape to a thought. I am thankful to her from the bottom of my heart. References from the book Baba’s Vaani by Vinny Chitluri have been taken to check authenticity of the information and stories provided as it is also based on the same subject matter.

Every possible care has been taken to put forth facts and information in this book, still if they are shortcomings in it, kindly treat them as mere human nature and I seek apologies for the same.


Lord Sai Baba’s name has been a name giving solace to many peace seeking souls. His Karma-Bhoomi is Shirdi. He lived in Shirdi sporting in flesh and body for sixty untiring years. During this time span devotees like Madhavrao Deshpande (alias Shama), Mhalsapati, Govindrao Dabholkar (alias Hemadpant), Nanasaheb Chandorkar, B.V.Dev, Hari Sitaram Dixit (alias Kakasaheb Dixit), G.S.Khaparde and many more to be added in the list, were associated to this Divine Embodiment. Except the first two, others were highly learned and had acquired considerable good position in social and professional fields gathering immense wealth, name and fame. Still their association with this Lord living in rags and dilapidated mosque was as deep as water in the sea. With their knowledge of words, many have written literature which serve as good source of history to the devotees of today. Hemadpant was given responsibility of noting down incidents happening in Shirdi and make biography of Lord Sai Baba named “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. This task has been taken up with full faith and devotion by Hemadpant and presently this is the most popular literature read and followed by devotees of Lord Sai Baba.

The present work “Kakasaheb Dixit’s Diary” is also another treasure of divine incidents which took place in Shirdi in times of Lord Sai Baba as gathered by Hari Sitaram Dixit (alias Kakasaheb Dixit). Sai Baba used to call him affectionately Langda Kaka. Kaka Saheb Dixit was known for his obedience to Baba’s orders.

About Kakasaheb Dixit

Hari Sitaram Dixit alias Kakasaheb Dixit was born in a Brahmin family in a taluka named Khandva in Madhya Pradesh in the year 1864. His primary education was completed in Khandva and Hingan Ghat, after that he took admission in Alfiston College of Mumbai and became L.L.B. at very tender age of 19. After that, he appeared in Solicitors examination and at the age of 21 only, he joined a solicitors firm by name Little & Co. Then he started his own solicitors business. Due to sharp intelligence & good presence of mind he started earning good amount of money. He built a bungalow of his own in Lonawala from the wealth he earned. He was well versed in English language similarly he had good knowledge of Sanskrit too. He had a practice of reading Ramayan, Mahabharat, Yog Vashit and Jnaneshwari.

Injury To Leg

Once Kakasaheb Dixit went to London for some social service, while trying to board a fast train he missed a step of the train and fell at platform. There was sprain in his leg. It was a deep wound. Due to this reason he was not able to walk straight. He went through many treatments in London, operation was also undergone, still he was not able to walk properly and this remained till his end.

This Lameness of Kakasaheb Dixit’s leg occurred only due to remove the fickleness of mind. Due to his lameness he got a chance of placing his feet on the soil of Shirdi. When calamity befalls on a human being, he dislikes everything. But sometimes such calamities prove to very useful.

When Kakasaheb Dixit returned with his lame leg to India, Sai Baba’s name was not known to him. In the year 1909, once he went to Lonawala to spend vacation and stayed in his bungalow. There he met Nanasaheb Chandorkar his ‘separated classmate’. After school education, Nanasaheb got engaged in government service and Kakasaheb started his own business. After many years they met in Lonawala.

Kakasaheb narrated his leg problem to Nanasaheb in detail. Nanasaheb said, “When all the dava (medicines) stop working then only Duaa (prayers to God) work.

Kakasaheb said, “Nana, I agree with you totally but today true saints are rare to find. If by chance we are successful in finding one, then it is only we have to repent in the end.”

Nanasaheb answered, “Let me tell you something and hope that you will trust me truly. I am a disciple of one Guru Maharaj. His name is Sai Baba and he lives in Shirdi a small village near Kopergaon. You take his refuge, your lameness of leg will be cured and also the fickleness of your mind be destroyed. I have shared my views and opinion with you. My Guru Maharaj always said – If a sparrow’s leg is tied to thread and pulled it is drawn to us without any effort, in the same way I draw My men towards Me from any corner of this earth. Those persons whose good fortunes have not risen are not called to Shirdi.”

Kakasaheb was also a person of religious nature. His roots had deep knowledge and an urge to study spirituality. Nanasaheb was a learned person and he would not say anything meaningless. On hearing the words of Nanasaheb a new love towards Baba rised in Kakasaheb’s heart. A divine devotion started growing and Maya (attachment) started decreasing. There and then he decided to meet Baba.

In the year 1910 Kakasaheb had to go to Ahmednagar for election work. He resided at Sardar Mirikar’s house. Mirikar’s were well known Sai devotees. Every member of Mirikar’s family had full faith in Baba.

In those days horse race gambling was popular. People were very interested to witness horse races. Sardar Mirikar also went to horse race with Kakasaheb and they met Balasaheb Mirikar, Mamlatdar of Kopergaon. Sardar Mirikar and Bala Saheb Mirikar were cousins. Nana Panse and Appa Gadre also turned up in due course. All started sharing infinite leelas of Baba with each other. Nana Panse said, “An intimate devotee of Baba, Madhavrao Deshpande is in Ahmednagar”.

After retiring from horse race, Mirikar sent his servant to fetch Madhavrao. On his arrival Kakasaheb got excited and hugged Madhavrao lovingly.

Madhavrao said, “My mother in law is now well due to Baba’s grace, so leaving behind the advantage of darshan of Baba, now there is no need for me to stay here. I am leaving by today night’s train”. Kakasaheb Dixit thought that Shirdi is not very far from Kopergaon. The work of election can be done anyday. When the golden opportunity of Madhavrao’s company is in front of me, I cannot miss it”. They boarded in train at 10 o’clock from Ahmednagar and when they alighted at Kopargaon, they saw Nanasaheb Chandorkar standing on the platform.

Nanasaheb said, “Had not I said that Sai Baba pulls his devotees like a sparrow with its legs tied to thread.”

The trio fully engrossed in happiness, took darshan of Lord Dattatreya and hired a tonga to Shirdi.

As soon as Kakasaheb stepped in Dwarkamai, Lord Sai Baba said, “O Welcome Langda Kaka!”

After that Lord Sai Baba started calling him Langda Kaka and other people of Shirdi started calling him Kakasaheb.

Kakasaheb Dixit got engrossed with Lord Sai Baba’s darshan and he become still as picture drawn on canvas. His eyes were fixed as a stone.

Construction of Wada

During his short presence in Shirdi he stayed in Sathe Wada. But he was uncomfortable there so he decided that God has given him money in abundance and it must be used for Him only.

Kakasaheb shared his heart’s desire with Lord Sai Baba and for his noble work, His permission was seeked. He bought a small piece of land exactly in front of Sathe Wada. With the permission of Baba, the construction of wada started on December 10, 1910 and it was completed after four months. The wada was put to use from March 12, 1911.

With the powers, that rest in abode of Lord Baba, Kakasaheb’s interest from worldly attachments and affairs started decreasing and he made Shirdi his home. He, one day said to Baba, “Baba, God has given enough money for food then why I be engaged in these worldly knots? I have got a chance to live in Shirdi by good fortune. I have no desire to leave the pleasure of heaven like Shirdi and go to any hell. I wish to wind up this solicitor’s business and live in Shirdi forever.”

Lord Sai Baba spoke in sweet voice, “Kaka Why there is need to wind up your business?”

Kakasaheb answered, “O Baba in my business, I have to falsify the truth and false facts are to be made true.”

Lord Baba said, “Others may do whatever they like, but why should we do? Do your business honestly without any false action, but there is no need to wind up the business.”

Like this as per Baba’s advice Kakasaheb continued his business, but he spend most time of the year in Shirdi and served Lord Baba whole heartedly.

Lord Baba gave him updesh to read Eknathi Bhagwat in morning and Ramayan at night daily, which he followed strictly even if he was traveling in train. This was his routine till the age of 62 when he took leave from this world forever.

In the year 1926, Kakasaheb Dixit’s son Ramkrishna fell ill. He was admitted in hospital of Dr. Deshmukh. Kakasaheb intended to see him so he went to meet Govindrao R. Dabholkar in Colaba from Vile Parle. Before starting for the hospital, he lighted perfumed incense stick and sung the following melodious gazal by Dasganu Maharaj:

Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Jaanaa Tumne Jagat Pasara…Sab Hi Jhoot Zamaanaa…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Main Andha Hu Banda Apka…Mujh Se Prabhu Dikhalana…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Dasganu Kahe Ab Kya Bolu…Thak Gayi Meri Rasna…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…
Sai Reham Nazar Karna… Bachoo Ka Palan Karna…

Then he left and reached Mahim station with Dabholkar where he meet Lord Baba’s intimate devotee Raghunath Purandhare. On hearing about Ramkrishna’s bad health, he also expressed his desire to go and see him in hospital. When they reached Mahim station, they were late by three minutes; still they were able to board the train with Lord Baba’s grace.

After boarding the train, Kakasaheb said, “How kind is Sai Baba? He takes care of the minutest needs of His devotees. If we had missed the train our day would have spoiled and we had to spend the night in Colaba”. Saying these words Kakasaheb closed his eyes. Purandhare and Dabholkar assumed that Kakasaheb got engrossed in Lord Baba’s meditation.

About four to five stations passed away, now Dabholkar whispered to Kakasaheb, “Bhau, are you awake?” He repeated his question about three times, but he did not get reply and Kakasaheb seemed to be turning. So a doctor of railway was called from Mahim station. On examination doctor concluded while speaking Kakasaheb left this mortal world.

Kakasaheb’s dead body was taken to his house in Vile Parle. On July 5, 1926, Monday, Ekadashi day at the age of sixty two, Kakasaheb entered Lord Sai Baba’s real world (i.e. heaven). Lord Baba always said him, “Kaka! I will take you in aeroplane”.

From the point of view of a Sansaari purush, Kakasaheb’s death was pleasing, fearless and surprising.

From the point of view of spirituality, his death could be considered as a blessing from his Sadguru.

It is said in Gita, “The last wish or thought that a man has at the hour of death, determines his future course and he attains the same”.

In this case, when Kaksaheb was talking about Lord 0Sai Baba’ fame and kindness, he breathed his last. Thus he attained Sadgati. It is very rare that at the time of death a person has Lord’s name in his mouth, only great person like Kakasaheb Dixit cannot forget to take the name of Lord Baba in his last moment.

Chapter 1 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • Few youngsters came to Shirdi for Lord Sai Baba’s darshan. They wished to capture photograph of Lord Baba. When they did not succeed in this task for next two days, they disclosed their heart’s desire to Madhavrao Deshpande (alias Shama) to request Lord Baba on their behalf. Shama advised them to meet Lord Baba when He returns from Lendi near Sathe Wada. So they all marched towards the Wada and stood there waiting for Him. Lord Baba returned from Lendi and reached near Wada. He questioned Shama about the matter. Shama quietly answered, “Baba, these young boys want to take Your photo and that is the reason we all have assembled here. Please stand here for a while” Lord Baba said, “There is no need to take My photo. To know My Real Form they just need to break the wall of difference between us” and quickly went to Dwarkamai Masjid. The youngsters wished to take photograph of three and a half feet of body of Lord Sai Baba which exactly was not His Real Form. They failed to realize that this world and Lord Baba are not different. The feelings of Dwaitya (duality) existed in their hearts and they saw Him only as a Body with Flesh and Blood. This ignorance was noticed by Him, so He wished that this wall of difference should be demolished. He wanted to His every devotee to get rid of hindrances in the path of spirituality and learn His Real Form.
  • Sometime later, a person from Prabhusamaj came for Lord Sai Baba’s Darshan. He was working as a photographer for sometime in a photo studio in Bombay. Even he had the desire to take BABA’s photo and he decided to take BABA’s photo without HIS permission as he was unsure about seeking His permission and went on to take BABA’s photo. After returning, when he cleaned the negative of the photo, to his amazement he found his Guru’s photo instead of Lord Sai Baba’s. He was dumb founded seeing this extraordinary miracle. He then came to a conclusion that Lord Sai Baba has shown this miracle to teach him a lesson that one should have determined faith on his own guru.
  • After few years of Mahasamadhi of Lord Sai Baba, there was heavy flood in MW region. Lord Baba came into his dream pointing towards a box said, “There is a green coloured cloth in this box and I wish you sent it to Shirdi to cover My Samadhi”. He was not aware of any cloth in the box as he had forgotten. When he was reminded about the box and cloth in dream, he made a deliberate search for it in the box. To his amazement, he found green cloth. Accordingly he informed about dream and green cloth to Shirdi Sansthan and sent it to Shirdi. After 1923, this cloth was frequently used to cover Mahasamadhi of Lord Sai Baba.
  • A boy who belonged to Thane region of Mumbai was missing from many years. His father made all possible efforts to find him, but in vain. At last he went to Shirdi and told Lord Sai Baba about his condition. Lord Baba comforted him saying that he will get back his son very soon. After spending two days in Shirdi, he returned home with permission of Lord Baba. He boarded train from Manmad to Bombay (now Mumbai) and reached Thane. At the same time a train came and halted. The father saw his son alighting that train. Both father and son met after a long time and Lord Baba’s words came true.

Next Post: Chapter 2 of Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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  1. Om Sri Sairam! It is wonderful to read this on this auspicious Guru Poornima Day! Thank you so much.

    Is it ok to translate this into Tamil? Do I have the permission? Pl. let me know. Thanks. Om Sri Sairam.

  2. I don't know how to thank you who have put this diary on this most auspicious day of Guru Poornima. All I can say is that we are all blessed by Him. Jai Sai Ram

  3. Sainath:
    I was caught in the emotional whirlpool of mundane life;
    You guided me; I overcame it with patience and faith.
    O Sadguru Sainath:
    You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient;
    You inspired in me the light of spiritual power.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  4. sairam,
    I am very happy to read Kakasaheb's diary. It makes us feel to be in those days and being part of every moment explained in diary.

    Thanks for the very good work!!!

  5. I jumped for sheer joy when I saw Sri Dixit's diary. For long I have wanted to learn more about our Lord's closest devotees but not knowing Marathi or Telugu was unable to read them…very very grateful to you for this translation and to Ms. Sujata as well. May Lord Sai bless you both abundantly..thank you, thank you!

    You are doing a great favour to all SAI devotees who seriously want to know more and more about our beloved LORD SAI BABA. I was searching for this diary for long time but couldn't get any link. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Please tell me where can i find your full tranlated version of this diary. Please do this favour.
    BABA bless you!!
    Gaurav kaushal

  7. Hetalji,

    Thank you for this transalation and to all who have helped you in making this successful. I was very emotional and happy reading it. I was immediately taken back to those times and could visualise it all as it would have happened.

    May Sai's blessings be on you all always.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Om sai ram..
    Felt very happy reading these..Please provide full version..

    Om sai sri sai jai jai sai..

  9. @VSK ji,

    Sai Ramji,
    That's brilliant idea. The more it gets translated into different languages, the more devotees will be benefited. Do let me know if you need any help from my side. You can always reach me on hetalpatil(at)saimail(dot)com. Even all translations can be converted into an e-book so that everyone can carry it in their electronic mediums and share as much as they can.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawt

  10. the sweet nector of each word of the divine dairy has touched deepdown the hearts of sai devotees.eagerly waiting for some more translations. ihave no words to express my thanks for such a wonderful experience.jai sai ram. alpnadeleepbhat

  11. I am a great devotee of Baba , in my view nothing happens without his will. He is everything to me . He is our director , we act according to his will .

  12. i am very happy to see this mail and read on my daughter's b'day which was on 23rd july, i was really happy

  13. @Sai Baba of Shiridi:
    Sainatha or Sai Rama.. you know my life and heart more than myself. You know the heart of my husband as much you know mine. I do not know what is the problem that is prevailing in between us. But heartfully I wanted something from him which any girl on the earth would expect from her husband. Which is unbounded love and affection. I know that I dont trust him much, but Baba, it is fact that I am quiet a stupid human being with most wavering mind. When I dont believe myself what will I believe someother and him. I did not believed you also initially, but it was my pure desire that I want to get rid of this suspecting nature and disbelieving mentality, you helped me to establish your trust on you. Now I am on my perseverance to increase that Faith onto you Baba and my husband. I really need you help and grace to accomplish what I want. I completely surrender to you Baba, though I want my husband to be more expressive, open and loving in nature which he is not from past 24years. He is really feeling very guilty for he know that I am suffering a lot due to his behavior, but somehow he lack that will and wish to change himself.He feels that he will loose some independence if he does the same, I am not sure what is stopping him Baba, from my side also I donno what is stopping me to believe him. I hope my words are meaningless but Baba you only know what I exactly want to tell you. With you being my only hope, I request you heartfully to help me my lord. I love you Baba and I love my husband a lot, really I cannot imagine my life without him. Bless me Baba with your love on me. I give myself to your feet.. pls ward off my negative thoughts and bad ideas… Change me as you want.. ultimately what I want is I want to be in happy relation and great compatibility with my Husband. Both of us want to live happy life with each other.Remove any negativities and egos in us that is hapmering our relation Baba. I fall short of words to ask you what I want, but as Sai Satcharita says you give even tht good thing which we even dint ask you for.You are such a great mother of the universe. You are my only help and refuge Baba. Help me, shower on me ur love.Sairam ki jai, Sainath ki Jai. Mann mera udaas hai and jivan poora soona hai baba… pls reham karo is bhikari par… Ab kabhi bhi main jindagi mein aapke sannidhan ko nahin chodungi Baba.Reham karo is papi par… jeena sikhao Baba.. jobhi durguno ko maine apne parents see seekha hai ya mere blod or DNA main aaya hai unse mukthi kardo.. aur jobhi sadgun unse maine paaya hai jaise tumhaari bhakti.. usko aur badhao baba.. tumhare sharan ab mera jeevan hai Baba.. tum hi ho meri aakhri aas…mujhe mera bhichada pyaar lotado baba… mere jeevan main mere pati ka pyar aur aadar bhar do… jis pyar ki mujhe ummeed hai use mujhe dilaado Sai.. Mere janam janamo ke paapo se mujhe mukth kardo sai… Is praarabdh se mujhe mukti dilaado.. Sharan Sai .. Sai Sharan..

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  15. "OM SAI RAM". I'm a small servant of Shri Sai Baba. My wish is that from Baba to give me blessings like in a way that I(Baba's servant)fulfill Baba's all orders which gives by Baba for me. Baba is my Mata-Pita, Baba is my Ishtdev,Baba is my Guru, Baba is my everything. "Mere liye Baba se bada Bhagwan koi nahi", "Mere liye Baba kisi Bhagwan k avatar nahi balki saare Bhagwan Baba k avatar hai". I want to live with Baba forever. "LOVE YOU BABA". "OM SAI RAM". From the desk of Baba's Servant.

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  17. Wow, this was soo beautiful, I am totally in tears after reading this. I feel blessed to have found the ebook of Sai SatCharitra on iBooks store. I read the book soo many times till now and I have made a promise to myself that I will read it life-long. I am indebted to all who made baba known to me. Jai Sri Sadguru Sai Ram. Love, with all my heart and soul.

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