Chapter 3 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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Kakasaheb Dixit Diary E-Book Series

The initiative to script this diary of Shri. Kakasaheb Dixit is getting very nice response from devotee readers. I am very much thankful to all who commented and send me e-mails personally congratulating for this venture. This is boosting my morale up and i am sure i will be able to provide this diary on a regular basis. Looking forward for your views regarding making an e-book of the same.

Chapter 3 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • One day, in afternoon, Lord Sai Baba asked me (Dixit) whether Pradhan has come. I answered that he has not come. I seeked permission from Lord Baba to send a message to Pradhan to come to Shirdi. Lord Baba answered in affirmative. So a message was sent to him through Bala Shimpi.

    At the same time when Lord Baba enquired about Pradhan, he was with some person in a bar room in Bombay (now Mumbai) High Court and suddenly he fell unconscious. He was continuously chanting name of Lord Baba. His friend went to seek medical aid nearby and by the time he returned, Pradhan had regained consciousness. After some time, he returned his home in Santacruz by travelling in train without anybody’s help.

    Next day, Bala Shimpi came from Shirdi and gave him Lord Baba’s Udi and a letter written by me regarding the message which Lord Baba wanted to convey. Pradhan was even told that suddenly Lord Baba remembered him. He came to know for what reason did Lord Baba asked about him. Thus this merciful God takes care of His devotees when they are in trouble and even though they are very far from Him.

  • Once Pradhan wrote a letter to Lord Baba in my name, when I was in Shirdi to invite Him for opening ceremony of Lord Ganesh’s idol in a temple constructed in Santacruz. I informed about the letter and matter contained therein to Lord Baba. He gave affirmation on the same. I wrote a letter about Lord Baba’s approval to Pradhan. On the same day Pradhan’s sister-in-law named Smt. Thaaibai saw a dream. She saw someone installing Lord Ganesha’s idol. She informed about her dream to everyone in morning. After some time, Pradhan received my letter. Thus Lord Baba informed Pradhan about His approval even before my letter reached to him and increased his faith many folds.
  • My friend once complained to me that he was not able to sleep even for a minute for past eight days when we both were at work. Doctor’s medicines were not helpful as well. I gave him Udi which I got from Shirdi and asked him to keep it near him for three consecutive days. Next day he came and happily informed me that he had sound sleep the previous night as soon as Udi was placed near him.

    Another friend of mine who resides in Bandra came to Shirdi with his son who was also suffering from sleeping disorder. That night he slept calmly without any problem in Shirdi. Henceforth this disease left him for lifetime.

  • Due to the love and devotion for Lord Sai Baba in my heart, Shirdi had become my permanent home. One day I decided not to have dinner for the rest of his life. This was shared with all others in Wada (Dixit Wada). After Madhyayan arti that day, Lord Baba asked him what he was planning to have for dinner that day. I replied, “I am ready to cook and serve You anything You wish.” “As usual prepare Dal (Lentil soup) and Poli (Chapati – also known as Roti)” came the reply. I asked him, whether I can prepare the same for that day’s dinner and offer as Naivedhya to Him in Dwarkamai. Lord Baba answered, “Bring the preparation here but you have it in Wada itself”. I said, “Today I will have dinner as per Your wish, but from tomorrow I have vowed not to eat anything in dinner”. Lord Baba did not answer me at that time.

    The next day again He asked me to prepare Naivedya of His wish and asked me to have the same. In this way He did not allow me to fast and also showed His disinterest in carrying fast. After sometime, He did not ask me about dinner because He knew that I was having dinner regularly by not sticking to my vow.

Upcoming Post: Chapter 4

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai Sai Ram!
    Please keep on adding new chapters. BABA bless you.
    Your idea of e-book is great. You should go ahead.
    Gaurav Kaushal.

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this. It is such a blessing, you are doing a noble work. These diaries are priceless, they give us a glimpse into our Lord's life and times. For which all of us are very thirsty.
    Lot of us are familiar with Shri.Khaparde's diary but this is not known to many.
    May god bless you with health, wealth and peace.

  3. As described in Chapter XXXII of ‘Shri Sai Satcharita’ ,in quest of Guru and God; Baba disapproved fasting. Baba never fasted Himself, nor did He allow others to do so.

    This can well be corroborated in Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  4. What to say… What a wonderful leelas of Baba. Mr.Dixit was a blessed sole to be with Baba. The more I read about Baba's leela I feel why i was born so late?? I should have been there at the time when Baba was alive. If not a human being atleast a grass or dust in Shirdi so that Baba's foot would have touched me. Now also we feel the presence of Baba on day to day basis. Still Baba blesses me and show his presence in whatever i do.JAI SAI RAM.

  5. Hetalji do not know how to thank you.. Your doing a wonderful job for all the devotees.. I'm really lucky to have got your web site.
    Please share is any work can be done by me..

    Sai Baba Bless you..
    One question Hetalji I sent you prayers but did not recieve any acknowledgement. Just want to know will we get a confirmation on sending prayers. If so do you want me to resend the prayer?

  6. Im sai devotee from mumbai. a sai devotee going to kaka saheb dixit house today. I hv asked her to bring this diary for me. I m sure baba wil helpe to get this diary. I,came to know abt this diary from ur site. Thaks for that,sai ram

  7. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,
    Oh that will be really nice of you and Shri. Anil Dixit ji if we get original manuscript of the diary. Hope Lord Baba arranges for this.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  8. Om Sai Hetalji

    We live in Dubai. I and my husband started the 9 thu vrat today onwards i.e on 12th July 2012.As my husband is working he ate bread and tea in the morning and sprouted green gram in the afternoon and now can he also eat his regular dinner ater finishing sai's pooja and visit temple.

  9. Om Sai hetalji,

    I am from Dubai. I and my husband start our 9 thur fast today i.e on 12 july 2012. As my husband is working he ate bread and tea in the moring and sprouted green grams in the afternoon. Can he also have regular dinner after the evening pooja. Can we visit Sai temple after finising the pooja and dinner at night as there will be Sai Aarti in temple at 8.45pm.Can you pls help us? I want to get indulge in Sai.

  10. I am grateful for your service. My prayers to Saibaba to bless you with grace, so you can continue work you are doing so selflessly. To serve people like us who are looking for directions. Looking for grace. Looking for support in daily life as well as in time of need. It seemed to have formed a family of like minded persons around you by drawing them to this blog. Which provides nourishment to their souls.

  11. On sai ram. Thank you hetalji. I am blessed that I am getting this opportunity to read kakashaeb ji's diary. OM SAI RAM. Thank you sai ram for giving me ear and eyes so that I can listen,read and enjoy your leelas. Kindly also help me in keeping my mind calm,so that I can implement your sayings in my life

  12. dear all,
    By going through this site, i would like to share a vision given to me, by my Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba…..

    It was a lean patch in my life, i was going through a very hard time, financially …wherein it was very hard for me to earn even one meal in a day there were loans to be paid, ….its true…it was due to me ego…and may be my bad karma that i was not interested in job…but was very adamant……….but i used to worship Sadguru Sai…..and had faith in his teachings….one night it happened. that i had a vision… i was in dwarkamai…and BABA was up in the masjid….he was standing and staring up in the sky….and motioning his hands….then i was i sitting on the masjid, along with other devotees…..BABA was sweeping the floor of DWARKAMAI….one devotee said…" BABA helps all his devotees….." at that time, i said " no its not true " at that moment….BABA again gestured, and spoke to me…HE said " I am at your place, I AM with you" and then later..i saw myself climbing dark huge stairs…which went high up in the sky….when i looked behind…i saw BABA coming behind me…with the help of stick…seeing this …i gave a hand …and said "BABA take my hand and come"….to which BABA replied…."you go ahead …I am coming behind you, dont worry" and then i woke up…it was 3am in the morning…..i told my wife about this vision … was so blessing and real….Friends today i m working….and earning decently…earlier i had my own firm…which was not doing well since i did not had the funds though got business…but its true…..there were many days…when we had to think…where our next meal will come from…but we had strong faith in BABA and he took care of both of us….there are many more visions given to me by BABA….i believe in karma…i had bad karma…from my past life and also from this life so i have to repay……OM SAI RAM

    • Me too but the reverse I was doing well in my life and helped so many etc etc ., but i had some bad habits also. Now for past 5 years i have fallen my Nephew is suffering my son is sick and lots of financial challanges — I dont believe in Karma .How come one should suffer for the unknown sins one does?.. I still have faith in my Baba that one day he will give back my earlier life

  13. OM SAI SHREE SAI JAI JAI SAI…. Protect me BABA please protect me..I don't have any one here..BABA I am scared

  14. OmSairam! Thank yo so much for this!! I listen to Shree Sai Satcharitha audio in English while going to work…for the past few days, I had been thinking in my mind, other than the Satcharitha, which no doubt is a precious jewel, there are so many other stories of Shri Saibaba and His innumerable miracles and I wished to get access to those stories as well…and very recently, I came across this Kakasaheb Dixit blog…thank you so much…I also wish with Baba's grace, someone translates it to English audio in downloadable format…it will be amazing to listen to it on a daily basis…

  15. OM sai ram ji
    Thank you so much for this precious jewel….I always wondered while reading sai Sachitra that from where to read kaka sahebs experiences of baba. Now I found this and I have started reading this.
    Is it possible for you to arrange for sai leela times from the first issue either in English or Hindi.
    I'll be thankful for that. Baba bless you.
    OM sai ram ji

  16. Almost after 9 years i have encountered this gem as if Baba himself directed me to this, one feels so content reading such beautiful leela of our dearest baba. May baba bless the souls who work hard to bring us this treasure and help Babas other children

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