Chapter 5 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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More and more interesting stories of Sai Baba are coming up as we are proceeding with this incredible treasure called Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

Chapter 5 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • Shri. S.B.Naachne was working as a treasury master at Dahanu in the year 1914. Shri. Fanse was an employee at his work place who was suffering from mental disorder. Once Shri. Naachne was praying to Lord Sai Baba in his shrine which was in kitchen, suddenly he heard a loud noise. He saw Fanse standing there. Forcibly he came near Naachne and squeezed his neck. Further he advanced towards him to suck blood from his neck and tried to eat it. Naachne somehow took spoon which he used to offer water and thrust it in Fanse’s mouth. Fanse immediately closed his mouth and started eating his fingers. Since Fanse had pressed Naachne’s neck with great pressure, his nails were pierced causing intense bleeding in the neck. Due to this attack, Naachne fell down unconsciousness. When he regained consciousness, he saw his mother, younger brother and doctor around him. he came to know that his mother and brother came and saved him from this insane person at the nick of time.
    After few days, he went to Shirdi. When he went to Dwarkamai in the afternoon, Lord Sai Baba, pointing towards Naachne, said to Anna Chinchanikar, who was seated nearby Him, “If I had delayed a single minute that person would have killed this person. When his neck was being pressed tightly, I went and rescued him and thus averted his death. If I don’t save My children who else will”.

  • One of my neighbor Anandrao Krishna Choubal was staying with her mother. He and his mother once accompanied me to Shirdi. His mother was a very learned and knowledgeable person. She had decided to offer eight annas as dakshina to Lord Sai Baba. For this reason she asked her son to bring change of Re. 1. In the change, she received one 50 paise coin and two 25 paise coins. When she went to have Lord Baba’s darshan, she offered only one 25 paise coin and was about to leave. Lord Baba called her back and asked her to give another 25 paise coin as per her decision and asked, “Why did not you give me My other four annas and cheated this poor Brahmin.” Hearing this she felt ashamed on her act and offered the remaining dakshina.
  • Shankar Rao’s mother once planned to visit Shirdi and from there they wanted to proceed to Pandharpur and few other places of pilgrimage. As per her plan she first went to Shirdi. When she went to take Lord Baba’s darshan, she was asked to return home and given Udi. Thus she cancelled her trip to Pandharpur and other pilgrimages. She had to consider Shirdi as her Pandharpur.
    After reaching home, when she unpacked her luggage to give Udi to all others, she did not find Udi in it. Instead of Udi, Bukka (fragrant powder formed of various ingredients) which one gets on visiting Pandharpur shrine, was present. She was surprised at this change, but then she was convinced that since she considered Shirdi as Pandharpur, she was given Prasad of Pandharpur only.
  • In the year 1915, I, my wife, brother-in-law and Shankar Rao started for Shirdi. On our way, we met Vasudev Sitaram Saamanth who was working as Veternary and Sanitary officer at Basin. On his knowing that we were bound to Shirdi, he gave me two anaas and also asked me to buy coconut, incense sticks and camphor to offer to Lord Sai Baba on his behalf. I took this responsibility and money and proceeded with our journey.
    After having pleasant darshan, we asked for Lord Baba’s permission to leave. He granted us permission but asked for two aanas, coconut, incense sticks and camphor. He exclaimed that we have cheated poor Brahmin. I quickly went and fetched those things and offered them to Lord Baba. He said, “When you decide to take up any task, do it with utmost care or else don’t accept it.”

Upcoming: Chapter 6

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Hetal Patil
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  1. As described in Shri Sai Leela magazine Vol.II:
    If any Dakshina was sent through some friend, who forgot to hand over the same to Baba; He reminded him of it and made him pay it and sometimes, He asked of some more Dakshina than what they originally intended to give.

    This is well corroborated in Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. "……. In the change, she received one 50 paise coin and two 25 paise coins. When she went to have Lord Baba’s darshan, she offered only one 25 paise coin and was about to leave. Lord Baba called her back and asked her to give another 25 paise coin as per her decision …."

    The translation should have been 8 annas and 4 annas as Kakasahib Dixitji would not have known the existence of 'paise' during his time. Sairam.

  3. In first chapter of Kaka Saheb Dixit , it is mentioned that "Kindly visit our blog for full version of the diary." I request you to provide link for this or send me Blog site name.

  4. The description about Dakshina in Shri Sai Leela magazine Vol.II is mentioned in Chapter XIV of Shri Sai Satcharita in English by N.V.Gunaji published by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Shirdi.

  5. I visited Shirdi on occassion of Guru Purnima few days back and enquired everywhere for Sai Leela magazine. However they closed down the library and the magazines were recalled back. Its a shame that such treasures are no more available for us.The authorities said that since all subsequent incidents are recorded in SST thats why there is no more need for the Sai Leela magazine any more.

  6. Shri Sai Baba is the master of universe, he knows our requirements and situation at every moment of our life. It's the faith, devotion and following his teachings, which brings us very close to him. He gives us what we r worthy of, without asking. So love n respect him naturally instead of begging all the time.

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