Chapter 6 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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We shall now be reading two more instances of history as noted by Shri. Kakasaheb Dixit.

Chapter 6 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • Once Shankar Rao came to Shirdi, when I (Kakasaheb Dixit) was also present. Lord Sai Baba asked him for Rs. 16 as dakshina. He did not have that much money and did not disclose this fact to Him. He was very sorry that he could not give dakshina to Lord Baba though He asked directly. Thinking about this, he returned to his town.

    On his another visit, Lord Baba asked Rs. 32 as dakshina from him. He again could not give what Lord Baba asked for and felt very sorry. This matter was made known to me. I laughed and said, “When Lord Baba asked for money, you could have told him that you don’t have it. Why did you keep silent?” Shankar Rao assured that when he was asked for dakshina, he will give this reply to Lord Baba.

    When we went to Masjid together, Lord Baba asked him Rs. 64 as dakshina. We both said, “How can we have such a huge amount of money?” Lord Baba answered, “If you don’t have, then ask others and get it”.

    A few days later, Lord Baba suffered from health issues. Devotees then did Naam-Saptah and Annadaan for Lord Baba’s health. Dabholkar’s wife and Vaman Bal Krishna Rao started to collect money for this purpose. Vaman Rao then handed over this job to his younger brother Shankar Rao and also informed about the matter to me. We contributed our part for this job. After collection, when we counted the money, it came exactly to Rs. 64. We then remembered Lord Baba’s words about asking and getting Rs. 64 from others. We were also surprised to notice that Lord Baba knew exact amount.

  • On 31/3/1915, Nachne and his colleague Shantaram Moreshwar Panse were returning home after finishing an official assignment. The route was through a dense forest and the only mode of transportation was a bullock cart. It was late night when they reached near Ranshet region. This forest was known to be populated by tigers.

    Suddenly the bullock cart started rolling backwards. They wondered the cause of bullock’s such behavior. At first no reason could be discerned. Then it came to notice that the road ahead was broken on one side and at other side there were boulders (rocks). If the cart moved a little, all of them would fall into the deep ravine.

    Just then Panse pointed his finger in front of him. Nachne looked straight into eyes of a tiger. The tiger had come from rock on the other side of the road. If the bulls in terror swerved a little they would have fallen to their death and if all of them got down to prevent cart from rolling back, the tiger would attack on them.

    Panse thought of getting down and put a stone on the wheels of the cart so that it may resist from rolling backwards. So he got down from the other side of the cart. Nachne who was stilled seated in the cart started shouting on the top of his voice, “Hail Sai Baba, Baba, run and come to our aid.” Panse also joined him. This frightened the tiger and it run away. Thus Nachne’s faith in Baba acted as savior of all of them.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. sairam,
    I am regular reader of Kaka saheb dixit's diary.
    I will be always waiting for new chapters.
    Its really providing us the knowledge of those miracles & blessings of our saideva which was not known til .

  2. om sai ram – I keep waiting to read leelas of Baba during his time as I cherish all I read and my mind gets filled with divine joy.

  3. As described in Shri Sai Leela magazine Vol.II:
    Sometimes,Baba asked of some more Dakshina than what they originally intended to give and if they had no money, asked them to beg or borrow from others.

    This is well corrobated in Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  4. Very Nice work undertaken by Hetal Patil, the sender of these matters.
    He is really Blessed by Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba when giving HIS complete assent for writing Shri Sai Satcharita said that "If my Leelas ae written, the Avidya (nescience) will vanish and when those are attentively and listened with all devotion,the consciousness of the worldly existence will abate and strong waves of devotion and love sprout up when one dives deep into my Leelas, the devotee shall get precious jewels of knowledge."(vide, Shri Sai Satcharita)
    Peace or mental calm was HIS Ornament and HE was the repository of Wisdom.Vide, Chapter IV of Shri Sai Satcharita.
    The life of Lord Shri Sai Baba is neither logic nor dialectic and it shows us true and great path as written in Shri Sai Satcharita.
    In fact "A written word is the Choicest of relics" as said by Thoreau.
    Though the Supreme Truth is not to be attained through human mind and intellect, it can be caught through the experience of devotion and faith. The Grace ofthe Lord removes the ignorance and it is association with the devout that can lead to Spiritual Progress.
    The sender of these matters is thus doing Great Service and Blessed.

  5. Jay Sai Ram. Sai Baba is my Guru and Guide. I fully surrender myself to his Lotus Feet. He gives light to my life. I am thankful to him.

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