Chapter 7 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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After a gap, i am hereby posting another chapter from diary of Late Shri. Kakasaheb Dixit.

Chapter 7 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • Once Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama) suffered a lot from typical type of pain. He went to Lord Sai Baba and shared his problem. Lord Baba said, “I will give the medicine in afternoon”. To save His dear devotee from the pain he was suffering, Lord Baba Himself prepared some decoction using sonamukhi (English Name: Alexandrin Senna Hindi Name: Sonamukhi. Sanskrit Name: Rajvriksa, Bhumyahali) leaves. He called out Shama and asked him to have the medicine as soon as possible. The moment he took the medicine, the pain started to subside and no trace of it remained.

    After two years the pain again appeared causing much restlessness to Shama. He recalled the previous decoction which Lord Baba had prescribed him. He, without consulting Lord Baba, prepared medicine with the same herb. Instead of giving him relief, the medicine had aggravated the pain. Shama, then went to Lord Baba complaining about unbearable pain. Lord Baba blessed Him with His Boon Bestowing Hand and within no time the pain subsided.

    Thus diseases are cured by blessings of Lord Baba and there is no need of any medicine when His blessings are present in abundance.

  • Saint Jnaneshwar Maharaj’s amritvani was a very well known but it was very difficult to understand by a common human. So very few people could get it’s nectar. Dasganu, another prominent devotee of Lord Sai Baba wished to write it in Ovi meter so that everyone could understand it. He putforth his desire before Dada Maharaj who was a true gentleman and very well known scholar. He was even well versed to write sorts of Amritvani. Still, wish of Dasganu was not appreciated by him. Instead Dasganu was advised to be with Dada Maharaj for sometime to learn basics to get better understanding of meaning of commentary (Tek) and later on he can carry on with the task. These words did not satisfy Dasganu and he said, “If Lord Baba wishes me to write this book, then He will bless me with highest talent to understand the basics. I don’t want to seek anyobody’s help in this matter henceforth”. Dada Maharaj did not understand what Dasganu actually meant but he prayed to Lord Baba to help and bless Dasganu.

    After sometime, Dada Maharaj and Dasganu met again. At that time he had completed two chapters of the commentary. When Dada Maharaj enquired Dasganu about his progress in the task, the later read out chapters to him. Dada Maharaj was very much impressed with great work done by Dasganu and appreciated him a lot. He was also convinced that it was blessing of Lord Baba only that Dasganu was able to accomplish such a task of difficult nature.

  • Shri Daje Vaaman Chidambar was transferred to Shirdi as a school headmaster. We (Kakasaheb Dixit and party) came in his contact after some time. He was unhappy with the position he was offered in Shirdi because his name was spoiled due to students. He added that they did not study regularly properly. When they are scolded for their poor performance, they said that they will ask for Udi from Lord Baba and that will help them to clear their exams. He thought that Lord Baba was spoiling them.

    After 5/6 months, exams were conducted and all students passed out good results. Now he had no complains with students and Lord Baba as well.

Upcoming Post: Chapter 8

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. As described in “Shri Sai Satcharita”,Sai Baba used to serve the distressed persons.Some times He used to treat the sick persons by medicines,some times He used udi (holy ash from Dhuni) for curing diseases and some times He used to cure his devotees` diseases by using superhuman power.

    This is well corroborated in Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

  2. No one definitely decide,Saint was Hindu or Mohammedan.
    His ears were pierced, He advocated the practice of circumcision,
    if Saint was Hindu He always lived in the Majid, if Mohammedan he had always the Dhuni there, if you think Saint was a Mohammedan , the best of Brahmins were always there on baba's feet worshiping with ARGHYA(water).
    Who completely surrender himself to the Lord has nothing to do
    with religion or cast. Saint didnot saw different between caste ,He dances with fakirs, took meat & fish with fakirs, never grumble with dogs when touches the dishes with mouth.

  3. Saint transcendence his body but the still burning UDI lit by His Yogic power becomes invisible Saint into my life. This UDI is as pure as living Saint to me. The depth of my mind is no more under my control, it's in Saint custody at Dwarakamai.

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