Chapter 10 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

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Few more incidents are covered in this interesting chapter of diary of Late Shri. Kakasaheb Dixit.

Chapter 10 – Kakasaheb Dixit Diary

  • My friend’s daughter who was an insane was pregnant. She used to shout all the time and throw things out of window. She was due to deliver but doctors had already hinted that the delivery may be a tough one. This made everyone worried. A good nurse was appointed to take care of her. But Lord Baba had blessed her and all problems got solved.
    One day, early morning she got labor pain. A person was sent to call doctor. Another was sent to fetch her elder sister. The elder sister came running to her. As soon as she reached near the lady, she delivered a baby boy without any trouble.

  • Venkat Rao is a resident of Mulki village, South Canara. In 1916, he received Lord Sai Baba’s picture and Udi on Christmas Day. His son-in-law was a lawyer in High Court and he was missing. There were rumours that he might have been died. His friend suggested Venkat Rao to visit Shirdi and have darshan of Lord Sai Baba Who will definitely help him. But it was not possible for him to go to Shirdi at that time.

    Since he had Lord Baba’s Photo and Udi, we did arti and applied Udi on his forehead. This incident happened in Bombay. At the same time, his daughter who was at Mulki village got a vision. She wrote to her father inquiring whether he got Lord Baba’s photo and if yes, did he do arti at so and so date and time. On receiving the letter, Venkat Rao was surprised to know that the date and time when he did arti tallied exactly with her daughter’s vision. This incident increased Venkat’s faith in Lord Baba many folds. He could not find out even a single trace of his son-in-law.

    Still his faith in Lord Baba did not tremble. He was saved from many diseases by intake of Udi with utter devotion to Lord Baba. Once he was unconscious due to pain in chest and fell down. He had Lord Baba’s vision. He saw that Lord Baba had two attendants. They tried to give relief to Venkat Rao by rubbing his feet though this was denied by him. In 1918, during Easter holidays he went to Shirdi and was surprised to see same attendants sitting near Lord Baba which he saw in vision.

    Venkat’s elder soon was an atheist. Earlier he used to make fun of his father’s religious beliefs. After experiencing miracles of Lord Baba he also started believing Him and became His ardent devotee. Whenever he had any kind of problem, he used to write letters to Shirdi.

  • Govindrao Gaddhe resides in Nagpur. Once his sister’s son suffered from a very serious disease. There was no improvement in his condition even after different medications. So Govind Rao prayed and vowed that if this boy is cured, he will come to Shirdi for Lord Sai Baba’s darshan. Next day onwards the boy’s condition started improving and after some time he was completely alright.

    Later Govindrao forgot his vow and it remained unfulfilled. He suffered few health issues which did not cure by any means. In the meantime on one Thursday while performing bhajans he was reminded of his vow. He again prayed to Lord Baba that if he recovers completely, he will come to Shirdi along with his nephew. Time again he was cured within two days and he went to Shirdi for darshan of Lord Baba.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. As described in 'Shri Sai Satcharita' Sai Baba used to serve the distressed persons.In the beginning he used to treat the sick persons by medicines.After some time, Sai Baba stopped giving medicines and started using the udi (holy ash from Dhuni) for curing diseases.Some times, Sai Baba used to cure his devotees` diseases by using His superhuman power.

    This is well corroborated in Kakasaheb Dixit Diary.

  2. Hey Allah. Sai is the prorector of this universe. Lets all sing sai bhajans….

    Kakasaheb dixit was one of the most loved devotee of Baba thus baba gave him a peaceful death.

    Allah mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  3. jai sairam, these kind of posts are a proof to shoe that baba is a god ever living ever cultivating faith and devotion to his devotees in distress, SAMARTHA SATHGURU SAINATH MAHARAAJ KI JAI

  4. jai sairam, these kind of posta are really the proof to show that baba is a god ever living ever interested in cultivating faith and devotion to devotees in distress

  5. Om Sai Ram, reading this post, I hope I will also be cured from Depression which I am sufferring from last 14 Years. Waiting for Sai to Cure me.

  6. I was wondering if there are more chapters? It would be lovely to read more of Kakasaheb's diary as he had personal contact with Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

  7. somebody mentioned about depression, it is my personal experience baba wants me to share. if you light cocconut lamp every Thursday for 9 Thursdays in front of baba's murti and do aarti and give nevedhay, baba will cure you, have faith in him.

  8. Yes Baba As you have mentioned you Pulled me towards you from no where—I was on top and Now for last few years I m suffering although I am existing —You know all my problems which I am facing –Please help me Baba

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