Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Blessing Cards – Information and Details

We all talk with Lord Sai Baba in one or the other way and we have certainly experienced that He responds according to our faith and karmas. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Blessing Cards are of such kind and following are all details pertaining to this treasure.

Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards launched – Presumably for the first time in the world

Baba, in His inimitable way has guided me step by step through the idea to the printing and distribution of Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards, says Shamshaad Ali Baig.

What does Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards mean?

Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards box contains 60 utterances of Baba with colourful and attractive design and a guide book.

Baba’s Blessing Cards are His blessings and guidance, which we can seek in our day to day activity or when we are going through a challenging phase in our life. The cards are a means to connect with the divine; they are easy to use by anyone as it is accompanied by a step by step guide book.

How this idea came from?

I was being guided by Baba to bring out these cards since last year, but then I would think who will buy Baba’s cards when there are Tarot cards and Angel Cards in the market. Moreover Baba’s messages are very philosophical, how can they answer any one’s query on every day issues like love, career, finance, etc. Plus, lack of finance would stop me.

When I was doing Divine Healing Hands, a programme in healing modality with Master Zhi Gang Sha, a Realised Master in May this year, with my inner eye I could see Shri Sai Baba standing on the stage and telling me, “Why do you worry about money? Everything will be taken care of. You start the project, don’t worry, I am there with you.”

I mustered courage and started the project, and as Baba had said, everything started falling in place. Every step of the way was guided by Baba. My simple task was to be in awareness if there were messages coming from Baba, and though it looked an insurmountable task, it got done. The printer started the work with the first advance of Rs. 10,000. He readily agreed to take post dated cheques for the entire project.

Experiences during this project

There are many miracles (leelas) Baba blessed me with during the project. One of the most vivid one is – I was with the printer, when the first rush of prints came out. Everything was fine except for one picture, which was not matching the same colour tone that was created. I knew the customers wouldn’t know the difference, because they did not know what the original image was. Even though I kept on consoling myself with such thoughts, one thought rankled me and I kept asking ‘Baba, what is this happening? What am I to make of this?’

I told the printer that this particular card was not upto the mark, he said that nothing can be done. After some time, the production supervisor Darshan came, I told him calmly that somehow this printing was not looking too good, he said, “We can better this quality.” He went and fixed a few knobs and reams of fabulously printed sheets started coming out!

I was only going to give two pamphlets on how to use the deck, but Baba inspired me to pen a guidebook, while the printing was on. And while I was writing the guidebook, another of my niggling worry was resolved by Baba. I would often think, how can Baba’s philosophical utterances ever resolve the devotees’ questions regarding finance, career, marriage, etc.? Baba in His infinite wisdom guided me that, when the question is posed to Him, He will guide His devotee through the image or message on the card or through a thought, image, sound, feeling, etc. that will arise in that moment of ‘Communion’.

How can one use these cards to predict one’s future?

This is not prediction or astrology cards. They are guidance cards. For e.g. it is mentioned in the step by step guide book, how to still one’s mind, how to shuffle the cards, how to connect with the divine.

Even the technique of asking question is given – You can ask ‘What is that I need to know the most now?’ Or formulate question, that result in ‘yes’ / ‘no’ or could be asking for further guidance.

For e.g. Baba should I apply for xyz job? Or Baba I want to apply for xyz job, what it is that I should know now?

How are these cards going to help people?

Baba’s teachings are ‘Shraddha and Saburi’ (faith and patience). These cards will provide clarity, courage, peace and joy to all.

How are these cards different from other cards available in the market?

There are umpteen cards in the world- Rider Waite Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Divine Cards, etc. Each is inspired by the divine.

Looks wise, Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards are colourful and vibrant. They pictorially depict Baba’s message.

Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards, while being used as a method for divination is like any other cards- they are a medium to connect to our higher self and seek guidance.

Generally the number of cards in a box starts from 22 and can go upto 78. But I was inspired to take 60 messages for this box.

Why they are called Blessing Cards and not Tarot Cards or any such other name?

We too started out with calling it Tarot cards, but through a dear friend Sameer More Baba guided me to call it Blessing Cards. And the best part is that it is indeed imbued with blessings of Baba. On August 12, 2012 Master Zhi Gang Sha, one of my spiritual Teachers has blessed these cards. And I am sure that anyone who even sees the image of these cards is blessed.

What is the price of the box?

We are selling it at the discounted price of Rs. 600 (in India delivery is free).

For devotees outside India one box would come for 15 $ plus shipping cost for 20 $.

Since, the shipping or courier charges are applicable to 500 gms., so 4 boxes are for 48 $ plus shipping cost 30 $.

Booking procedure:

Please send a cheque/cash/online payment to Shamshaad Ali Baig, Saraswat Bank,
Saving a/c Shamshaad Ali Baig,
Panvel- SN Road Branch, No. 199200100001253
IFSC code SRCB0000199

Send cheque to Suyash CHS, Condo 1, B 5, Sector 10, Koper Khairane, Navi Mumbai 400709.


Do you think it is very expensive?

Sai Baba’s Blessing Cards are very competitively priced in comparison to some of the decks available in the market, which range from Rs. 800 to 2,500.

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  1. O Sadguru Sainath:
    You are Omnipresent,Omnipotent,Omniscient;
    Fulfill the lives of your devotees with generosity and spirituality to serve the mankind.

  2. Om sai ram
    where we can get these cards in india? please tell the address. Thanks a lot for the shri sai baba blessing cards. This is a great idea. Sai will guide us through this cards. May sai baba bless all of us. Om sai ram.

  3. Its a great medium to talk to our beloved Baba. I think its expensive as a product. If you believe its Sai's blessing that has helped you to come with this great idea, then please do not compare it with other cards available for commercial motives.
    Please keep it at a nominal rate, so more people will get the blessings. This should be a blessing for the masses. I am sure there are people for whom this is not a big amount, but for me its a substantial amount.
    Please provide it at a lower price, & request people who can afford it to voluntarily donate so others can avail this blessing.

  4. plz sell it at a reasonable price.

    you seem to focusing only on selected class of devotees, rich people to be specific, who can afford it.

    plz rethink about it. Jai Sai Ram!

  5. Om Sairam May sai baba bless one an all Mr. Baig if baba has given u the motivation to bring the blessing cards for his people then u should not think about profit as it is baba wish. The price is really high.

  6. A lot of people are commenting that the cards are expensive….Oh Sai Devoties……Sai will speak to you through the cards…..Why are looking at Rs 600……It is like telling Sai that you are charging me a lot of money for giving me advise……

    All of you just get them for yourselves…..Your life will change for sure

  7. Pls dnt talk about the price. if we then we r not devotee pf baba. do you think without guidance of baba she fixed the price? she is doing service and spread the greatness of baba. may people got inspired through this website. we r not ready spent 600rs to our baba who is always our side to care us. but we spent some 1000 s for astrologelers. i feel pity for u all.

  8. Hi devotees who cannot afford to buy and who feel it is too costly (even I feel the same) the best way to get Baba's blessings is by reading SaiSatcharita, or using chit method and by lighting lamps morning and evening in front of Baba. If you really feel or want some medium in which u want to talk to Baba then please use site, and spend the amount to poor people who really in need of food clothing and shelter. Baba will surely bless you abundantly..

  9. Hello Hetalji,
    Jai Sai Ram.. you are doing a great job! I found your website very helpful to all sai devotees.. I was searching for a bhajan song and i found it only on your website I felt very happy after listening to baba's bhajan! may baba shower his blessings upon you… and i found many other interesting things about baba thank you for your effort and seva!!

  10. Its really good service that Heltalji is doing to all under the guidance of baba,lets not pass comment on price or any other thing,I believe if baba really wants us to have that card with us then he will only show the way to get it at any cost,he will try to give money to needy of cards in one or the other till then just have a faith and patience

  11. Please sell this cards at a reasonable price,If you really feel that all sai devotees should get benefited by this. Do it as a service, we are not expecting it to give this for free of cost. But sell it at a reasonable price..

  12. G.R.Chiranjeevi 18 february 2014 at3.09 PM please send the cards free of cost to those who are in dire strides and cant afford, some sai devotee can sponsor also

  13. Very high priced.. Sell it at a reasonable price, devotees at all levels can afford buy it and suggest others as well as to buy them.

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