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The following incidents that the devotees who left Shirdi without Baba’s permission had to pay for their deed. Once, a religious story-teller, Nanasaheb Chandorkar and two other gentlemen went for Darshan of Sai. After Darshan, the story-teller was eager to leave early; as he had a story-telling program in Ahmednagar the next day. When Nanasaheb asked Baba’s permission, Baba said, “Have your lunch and go!” Nanasaheb requested the story-teller to stay; but he would not agree and left with his friends to reach the station. Sai then commented to Nanasaheb, “See how selfish people can be! When the time comes they leave their friends and stick to their own vested interests. That is why one should choose a friend, who will never ever leave one’s side.”Who else, but a Sadguru can be such a life-long friend! So, one should be devoted to a Sadguru only.

You may love all living things; and only the company of a Sadguru will bring real happiness. As per Sai’s wish, Nanasaheb and his friends took leave only after having lunch. Sai said, “There is still some time for the train.” When they reached the station, they found that the train was late and the story-teller and his friends were waiting with sour faces for the train. Nanasaheb asked, “Did you miss the train?” The story-teller replied, “No, the train is three hours late. You did well to listen to Sai Maharaj. We did not and had to go hungry.” Later, the train arrived and everyone left for Ahmednagar.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Sai Baba had great love for His disciples. If anybody went to take His darshan, He, without being asked, would give every detail of his past, present and future.

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