Baba used to live in a Masjid named Dwarkamai. The Masjid was named after Dwarka, the Karma Bhumi of Lord Krishna. Baba once told to His devotees about the history of Dwarkamai.

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One day, Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama were talking with each other in the palace, then Queen Rukshmani went there. Seeing Lord Krishna and Queen Satyabhama together, she became angry. She at once ordered the servant and taking the palanquin, elephants, horses; she prepared the Palakhi and at one let the palace. She left Dwarka and came to Pandharpur.

After some time, Lord Krishna thought that now Queen Rukshmani would have calmed down, so He started from Dwarka to bring the angry queen back to the palace. On the way the place where Lord Krishna halted to take rest, he named it “Dwarkamai”.

Just think, where was the Dwapar Yug and where is the Sat Yug and how Sai Baba knew these very things and details.

Baba never show off his greatness to anybody. He used to only say that He was a Fakir and an ardent servant of Allah Taallah.

Source : Translated from Gujarati Book “Sai Sarovar

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Sai Baba never thought of making the least show of His worth. He was a Fakir and an ardent servant of Allah ( God ). Sitting in Dwarkamai He always told,"Sab Ka Malik Ek".

  2. Sainath is respected by millions and millions today because of His simplicity. Very happy to have such a gem of a Guru.

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