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Shirdi Sai Baba and Shama had a unique relationship as they were relatives for past 72 births. Thus they both loved each other very deeply. They shared most of the time together and due to this Shama was greatly benefited.

Shama though a primary school teacher, was not educated much. He did not have Shahstra Gyan but he was most interested in listening spiritual stories. He had once heard in one of the stories that apart from the Mrityu Lok, there are other worlds like Brahma Lok, Vishnu Lok and Shiv Lok. But he had some doubt in his mind and now see how Baba cleared off his doubt.

Once he asked Shri Baba, “Are all the Shashtras right?”

Baba, “Yes they are right”.

Shama, “Has Ram and Krishna ever lived?”

Baba, “Yes all that is right”.

Shama, “Have you seen all that with Your own eyes or all these talks are just fake?”

Baba, “I have seen all the things with My own eyes”.

Hearing this Shama angrily said, “When you took birth in Shirdi, you were child, what is your age?”

Baba answered, “Look My age is as many ants that are present on that tree. You and I were together from many past births but you have forgotten everything. Strangely I remember this. The way I look today, I looked the same at that time too. What do you think that I am speaking untruth while sitting in the Masjid?”

Shama asked again, “Whether is it true that there are three more worlds other than the Mrityu Lok? If yes then please make me also see all the worlds”.

Baba, “O Shama! Dev Lok’s happiness is nothing in front of the happiness of this Mrityu Lok. We don’t want that happiness. Whatever is here is alright for us.”

Shama, “Deva! Please show me all those worlds, so that my doubt is cleared. Let me also test that what You are saying is right.”

Saints always try to do what their devotees say. Then what to say about our beloved Sai Baba, can He not show what His bhaktas want to see? Like Lord Krishna showed his giant form to Arjun, in the same way Sai Baba showed Shama all the three Loks one by one. How strong would be the luck of Shama who could have the Darshan of the three Loks!!!

Baba said, “Shama now close your eyes”.

And Lo Shama had the darshan of various Gods sitting in a court. Among them there was Brahma seated on a diamond studded gold throne.

Baba said, “Have you seen, Shama? These are Gods of Satya Lok and the one who is seated in between is the maker of the world Lord Brahma.

After that Shama opened his eyes and Baba asked him to close the eyes again. Shama then had the darshan of one more world of Gods. Lord Vishnu was seated on a throne which was more beautiful than Lord Brahma’s.

Baba said, “Shama look this is Vaikunth Lok and the God who is seated here is Lord Vishnu!!

Being satisfied by the Darshan of Vaijunth Lok when Shama opened his eyes, then Baba said, “Oh Shama, please close your eyes again”.

Again Shama had a darshan of one more court of Dev Lok. This Lok was worth seeing. Lord Shankar (Shiva) was seated on His throne.

Baba said, “O Shama, you enjoy the darshan of this Lok to your heart’s content. It is called Kailash Lok. See how Lord Shankar is seated. But in all these world we are not present. For us there is something different”.

Seeing all this Shama was very overwhelmed and was satisfied that Baba‘s every word was true.

Shama said, “The people get happy to get a good King, in the same way Shirdi’s people are lucky that they have the Darshan of God of Gods like you.

Source : Translated from Gujarati Book “Sai Sarovar

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Love you baba…bless all baba…please bless my mother with good health baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  2. In the Arati to Shirdi Sai Baba, the devotees pray:
    Arati Saibaba, Jaya manee jaisa bhav, Taya taisa anubhav.
    Dawisee dayaghana, Aise tujhee hee maav, tujhee hee maav. Arati Saibaba.
    Oh Saibaba, as one feels intently for you, you give him experiences or realizations accordingly. Oh Kind-hearted, Your power is such! Oh Saibaba.

  3. i see you as my father because he is no more now ,so baba please accept me your daughter. i want your love and care badly my soul is hurt please be with me ,have mercy on me baba ,please save me .please save me.

  4. Om Sai Ram, Shama Guruji I would like to make humble request to you to intercede my prayers to baba like the way you did it to many devotees. You were fortunate to be with Baba for 72 generations. I have been trying to seek baba’s blessing to improve my life spiritually and financially. I am longing for peace of mind.

    I beg you with folded palm and on my knees guruji. Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram

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