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Questions we may have liked to ask Shri Shirdi Sai Baba if He were alive today and His answers (fictional). May help get closer to Sai – I hope.

Q – Baba, we are sad to see your images and pictures today with tattered dress – as you really lived in real life then. Why did you dress that way, Baba?

A – My child – that is so that we never forget that nothing external (like clothes) is real and that we cannot take anything with us in the end – other than accumulated sins and merits. Also, torn dress should remind to empathise with the poor sections always – as there are still lakhs of people living without proper food clothing or shelter in this prosperous age. “Live simply so that others may simply live” – is that not also what Gandhiji reminded people around the world? Same is my message.

Q – Baba – tell us why you resorted to a Muslim style of dress even when you revealed to the world that you got born of brahmin parents?

A – My child – that was to help devotees grow beyond religion and see through my life that all religions lead to the same God – “Sabka Maalik Ek”. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa – you remember – also revealed this message (My Fakiri dress also helped towards brotherliness and increasing unity in the nation during that time).

Q – Baba, we have been worshipping you for long. Our troubles still remain – Why so?

A – My child – whatever we have done in the past ( whether we know it or not ) we must experience the results of those actions – both good and bad. Be calm and experience these serenely and try to grow beyond both of these experiences. Sometimes the pain we may be experiencing may be actually meant for one dear to us – who gets saved.

Q – Baba – there are lakhs of devotees everywhere calling for your help all the time – how do you answer all calls at different places at the same time?

A – My child – have you forgotten how i showed My presence in all creatures? Likewise Am within
the Nine Planets as well. Through the planets – I reach out to rescue devotees wherever they are.
The planets are locally adjusted at different places and atleast one will help these devotees and save them. Also realize the truth that I AM IN THE HEART OF ALL DEVOTEES..as am of infinite size and formless. I will awaken the inner courage of devotees wherever they are – to help them even if planets do not help. All this will happen fast once the devotees TRULY dedicate their lives to Sai Baba.

Q – Baba – You are All-powerful..yet why are there so much troubles and dangers in the world day by day? Why?

A – Kaliyug is pushing life downward as destined. You develop peace of mind and leave All burdens to Me – I can carry them – DO not ever doubt My strength.

Q – You make your own hearts purer and cleaner daily – no matter how worse the world keeps decaying day by day. Practise being satisfied and happy with your present fate – today’s world makes all restless and discontent and new evils tempt and drag people more and more into wrong ways. Stay away from the company of the wicked – if the wicked reveal themselves to you. Eveyone gets what they deserve in the end – either now or next births – never doubt this.

A – Baba – All the food offerings we make to You with love – how do You eat these now after Samadhi – with no physical form?
MY Dear Child – Remember that I ate through dogs, cats and bugs and through Fakirs in faraway cities – even when I had a physical shape. Now also whatever foods devotees give to animals, poor and to others deserving; these reach Me in spirit – rest assured of this Truth. Don’t be disappointed that Sai did not eat specially. In some devotees’ homes I surely did partake food recently.
Remember – the true reward of removing the hunger of someone without expectations is INTERNAL CLEANSING. The benefits of cleansing that has happened at a spiritual level will be evident in devotees’ lives – in various aspects such as gaining good health, true friendships, true satisfaction etc. If you cannot donate food – at least dedicate it to Me before you eat. That’s sufficient.

– K. Bharath Kumar ([email protected])

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