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Shirdi Sai Speaks - Teachings for September

Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings Stories Nav Guruvar Vrat Sai Sarovar
Presenting desktop wallpaper calendar "Shirdi Sai Speaks" with teachings of Shri Sai Baba for the month of September. At the end of the post are pictures of Shirdi Sai Speaks for first four days of September month and download link of all pictures at one go. Picture are zipped in folder. After downloading the folder, 'right click' it and select 'Extract to 09Sep' to unzip all the pictures.
1 The pride and egoism of My devotees will vanish, if they have complete faith in Me.
2 There will never be any dearth of food and clothes in My devotees' homes.
3 The simple remembrance of My name will do away with sins of speech and hearing.
4 Maya teases even God. Then what to speak of a poor fakir like Me? Those who take refuge in the Lord will be free from Her clutches
5 Those who are fortunate and whose demerits have vanished, take to My worship
6 There is no dearth of persons asking for worldly things. I think it is an auspicious moment when persons like you come and press Me for Brahma Gyan
7 The path of Brahma Gyan or self-realization is as hard as treading on the edge of a razor
8 The Lord is the Protector of all
9 "I am the body" is a great delusion and is the cause of bondage. Leave off, if you want to get to the goal
10 The knowledge of the Self is subtle and mystic. No one could, on his own, ever hope to attain it. A self-realized Guru is a must
11 The Self cannot be obtained by the study of Vedas nor by intellect. It is gained by those whom the God chooses
12 The love for money is a deep eddy of pain, and he, who is desireless, can alone cross this whirlpool
13 The teachings of a Guru are of no use to a man who is full of ego and who always thinks about the sense objects
14 To get knowledge of the self, dhyana (meditation) is necessary
15 The man who is able to rein his mind, reaches the end of the journey, which is the supreme abode of the Lord
16 The Lord helps him who remembers and meditates on Him with love and devotion
17 Those who resort to Dwarkamai shall never suffer anything in life
18 The true remedy is thta the result of our past actions has to be suffered and got over
19 The donor sows the seeds, only to reap a rich harvest in future
20 The best way to receive is to give
21 Masjidmayi calls for the debt; the donor pays it and becomes free
22 Place your entire faith in Me, and you will soon get your object
23 Only one Namashkar, offered with love and humility is enough
24 The whole world is desolate to him without Me. He tells no stories but Mine
25 The wise ones do not grieve for death, the fools do
26 This joy and this sorrow is due to opinion which is ere illusion and is ruinous
27 Lust, anger, covertness, delusion, pride and jealousy are all delusive
28 Respect the saints and be humble towards them
29 The world perishes, no doubt, but while it lasts, wealth is as real a necessity as bile is for health
30 This samsara is not mine, but God's. Think thus all the time you are awake

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Contributed by - SaiVishnuji

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