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Yesterday we shared what kind of small but technical and important hindrances were faced by us while starting series of posts. Even though we were chosen, we were tested and wanted to be polished. Our faith as well as patience were tested. Lord Sai Baba on later stages made us feel loved by Him and made us taste sweetness of our love towards Him. We have already shared that few groups are in action where we do Parayan every week and on special days, many have experienced thrills and got their wishes fulfilled. We have tried to accumulate all of them here! If any are left, it is purely human err for which we apologize Him.

Leelas Experienced By Members of MAHAPARAYAN

I still remember, as a kid when my mom told me Cinderella’s story with a fairy in it who had a magic wand, I too wanted that magic wand very badly. I remember I used to even cry for it and my cousin Gouri would say that she would get it from Bombay where her mama(uncle) stayed and I waited for her to go to Bombay anxiously. While I started working on MAHAPARAYAN with loads of things in queue, I realized my gold bracelet was missing. I searched and searched but did not find. I started chanting Sai Sai Sai and asked Baba to help as I was already very short of time. The moment I started chanting Sai Sai, I found it at the same place where I usually keep. Then to play His leela more, I realised my Rado watch was missing and so I could not overlook it. Again I said what is this Baba You have started? You know how much every minute, every second matters me now, then why You are doing so? I again started chanting and lo… immediately I found the watch only after I started chanting Sai Sai. I then realised even Baba’s name itself is my magic wand which once I wanted in childhood! I also felt and said to Rahul now I understand why Baba did so and He was forming the basis of write up for one of my posts for MAHAPARAYAN. I now feel He gave me practical exposure to it just like Das Ganu was given through Kaka’s maid servant (ch 20). Really His ways are His ways!

As one may well be able to measure the depth of seven seas, enclose the sky with cloth trappings but it’s impossible to write the leelas of our Magical Baba! I always wonder how He manages with His innumerable devotees with each of their smallest and innumerable thoughts and wishes? How He doesn’t get irritated with we troubling Him every now and then for petty things? Today’s post is regarding various experiences of the existing members of Mahaparayan, including me.

Although a great fan, believer and follower of Baba from 2006, the day I started working for Mahaparayan many positive things took place. Just when I got one group of 48 people, Hetalji honoured me to be the editor of the sacred blog. Later inspite of my husband’s and in-law’s will but as it was Baba’s will, Baba convinced them to allow me to work. Just then I came across a Baba’s image, “As Long As You Know That Sai Is For You, It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Against You” and was fully convinced about it. Also in June or July, my son was told to undergo a small surgery for Hydrocele during his Diwali vacations. But I had faith in my Sai and kept applying Udi and
did Nav Guruvar vrat for him. So due to Baba’s blessings surgery was not required and doctor also confirmed that Hydrocele had gone on.

On the Dasera day 2016, my mother in law says Sai only saved her as when she was ironing something there was a short circuit, the iron caught fire and she was not even wearing any footwear and all of us were upstairs in our rooms. She was also surprised how she escaped only with a small burn (as small as a bindi ) on her palm. I realised it was all the result of positivity of that day’s single day group parayan that was initiated and had formed the basis of Mahaparayan that had warded off the calamity. If we try to do something for our Baba out of love, He also can’t stay back without returning for our services? My mom-in-law also had played a major role for convincing people for the single day Dasera group parayan and still plays for this great project through her constant support and help wherever she can. Not only this; my husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law were saved from another big calamity as Baba Himself took upon Him as was indicated by Him. We were to offer clothes to Baba in a temple on Dasera and so temple people had given Baba’s clothes for measurement. It was a Monday and evening time I was lighting a diya in the shrine as usual. Although the clothes were kept there in a carry bag past 3 days, that day suddenly the carry bag caught fire. I was startled and somehow managed to pacify it. I felt bad and wondered to see that there was a whole on carry bag and a long black strip that was formed around 2 cms broad and half feet long with zig zag patterns on it just like they are on tyres of vehicles. I was relieved that nothing happened to those clothes but quite surprised to see all that black strip with patterns and hole etc. My mom-in-law and our maid Anita too asked me how you messed up so? I said I too don’t understand as past three days this bag is here and as usual I lighted and suddenly how it caught fire today only? I said all what I understood was that some big calamity was on the way and Baba took it on Himself as I had related it to one of the devotee’s experiences, where Baba’s head had got separated from the idol which was kept next to Sai devotee suffering from some tumour in his head. The family members at first feared that something inauspicious was going to happen. But they learnt that they were wrong when suddenly the tumours had disappeared when scan was done again. The devotee then understood that Baba had taken the calamity upon Himself and was indicated by the separation of His head from the idol. So on similar lines when my husband and all returned from Bombay at night I just happened to ask him that did something indifferent happen in the evening with you all? He was surprised how I knew it? He said that while driving he felt something unusual and some strong force made him get down to see to only learn that the tyre had bursted! Can you believe that tyre had actually bursted and they did not even realise? And he says close-by only they got the new tyre changed and if it not was not at that moment, it would have been very difficult later as they would be on express highway. I said it was Baba Who had formed the shield and took the calamity upon Himself and told him His indication through His clothes and also showed him the carry bag with hole and long black strip with zig zag marks. He too felt that some things are beyond human’s intellect.

On similar terms Baba saved us from another big calamity by taking upon Himself. My parents had been to Leh Laddakh and say that they were petrified when their vehicle just escaped from going down in the valley by even less than one feet. With great difficulty after that and lot of people’s help and time, their vehicle was redirected. Baba only had saved them and it was a Thursday! This was also indicated by Baba as on Tuesday Baba’s frame in our dining room had fell down all of sudden and was broken. Not only this my dad saw a dream while in Leh that my marriage function was there and after the marriage I became Sai Baba and was giving blessings to all. What I believe although Baba says to all that you are God and there is no difference, I am nowhere close to Him. But He must have meant that it was a result of Baba’s blessings on them as I had done parayan for them for their safety as I had heard about various breathing problems, oxygen supply at Leh. So Baba formed a shield around us as all the above members too are part of Mahaparayan!

So now moving from personal experiences I would now like to share few members’ experiences, most of them were newly pulled by Baba. When Mahaparayan was to commence from 20th October 2016, an allotment list of chapters to be read was prepared. I had decided that I would keep chapter 1 to myself as it would be easy to keep a count of parayan number. But Baba made me mess with few things only to see that I had allotted ch 33 to me. I once thought to change but was so tired as it was late so did not alter it and said may be it is Baba’s wish. Then the next day I happened to talk with one of the co-ordinators Shweta Agarwal about the execution of Mahaparayan and she said that she was fully convinced with Baba and His power as she was praying Baba that she should get chapter 1 only as she wanted to know from start and felt was lazy enough to read on her own if allotted from anywhere in between. I had goosebumps to hear it and told her about my ch 33. She then said she too had goosebumps as during Dasera single day parayan she was allotted ch 33. I was convinced that Baba was only doing everything and He even got it to our notice which we would have never even discussed! So would you believe that Baba was assigning the chapters?

Would you believe Baba made them read what He wanted them to read?
My cousin Saachi says she also experienced Baba’s leelas and always has some association with the chapter that is allotted to her with the ongoing things in her life. One example she gave was Devi’s chapter where Shama had forgot to fulfil his vows (ch 30) was related to her, during the events of her life that week. One day I happened to meet many of my neighbours outside our home. One by one all started their small, small experiences. Dikshaji said that few years back when I had given her Sai Satcharitra she started reading but had stopped later. And now when she was reading for Mahaparayan, co-incidentally as per the allotment she was supposed to read from where she had stopped few years back. I then gave her reference of Hemadpant going to Shama and reading exactly from his unfinished portion (ch 18-19) and explained her it was Sai-Incidence! Smitalji said one Thursday she went for interview without taking breakfast inspite of repeatedly being asked by her mom. Her interview was bad and the chapter she was supposed to read as per allotment said that Offers of food should be regarded as auspicious signs of success (ch 32). Rittiji said when she went first time to her desk in her office she was surprised to see Sai already there before her on her desk. So on… most of them were sharing.

One of my aunt-in law, Surekhaji was silently listening to everyone. I happened to ask her haven’t you experienced Sai? She said, “no Beta, not Yet”. Next Thursday she forgot to read and report her allotted chapter. When tried to contact, her phone was also switched off. Somehow her chapter was volunteered and thus the parayan was completed. Next morning I happened to meet her and I asked her about the same. She said she had been to Bombay and had totally forgot about it. I then said her to be careful next time as it was her responsibility to read the allotted chapter and could read from mobile apps or pdf files too. The following Thursday she came to our home anxiously and said, “Beta, you were asking me my experience. Here it is. Last Thursday I was supposed to read ch 35 and so this Thursday I opened the book to read ch 36, only to find that neither ch 36 nor ch 35 were there in my Sai Satcharitra. How only these two chapters are missing? In that moment I felt that Baba was angry and telling me that as you did not read last Thursday, no need to read this Thursday too. If you forgot to read, I have forgot to print in your copy!” She then got her copy changed from us and from then on very responsibly she first reads the allotted chapter every Thursday. Aren’t His leelas amazing? Aren’t you all now convinced that Baba was monitoring whether anyone was reading or not?

Sneha my devrani (sister-in-law) always says that no matter how many Sai Satcharitra we get, we always fall short of it and so quickly they get over. How true it is, I realised after she said so! When Chavadi group was being formed and was going to be executed on a Thursday, I had failed to manage the books from the source which was planned. It was a Sunday and I then said Baba relying on You I said very confidently to all about not to worry for books and that they would get it before Thursday. Now what shall I do? Reading from pdf files is not comfortable to all. You will have to do something Baba. Just then I came to know about Neetuji going to Shirdi from her facebook status which was another miracle as fb status we never pay any heed to. But Baba in His own ways, shows us the ways! I contacted her and requested her and that night itself Baba arranged 51 Sai Satcharitra straight from Shirdi through Neetuji. Wouldn’t you now say that Baba was providing everything that was needed!

With the formation of Chavadi group, Baba had already inspired to move on global level. That time another heart throbbing beautiful experience I encountered. Whenever someone enrolls the name, every name is very important to me and I also take special care to see to it that all related people are together as part of same groups, volunteers etc. for better understanding and execution. This time when people on their own came and gave their names, every time mom would say how many more? I would say I don’t understand this time there is some magic, as I always have a difference in count. Never has it happened before during the formation of previous three groups. Ruchiji had come home to understand her role as a volunteer and mom-in-law asked me to call someone who had also enrolled her name to come and collect The Book. When I informed her so, she straight away declined to be a part of It (Mahaparayan). On top of it she said even her sister-in- law was not going to read. She said she had passed on the message of them backing out through Sheetal. I then informed her that the message was not conveyed to me and now at last moment they couldn’t back out as all preparations were done, the various lists were updated. The concern was not that two members were going to be less and I would have to rework on all files, as that I would manage that. The concern was that it would create unnecessary confusions amongst 46 other people because of these two; if again new lists were updated. I even requested her not to back out but she said that they were very clear about it. So I kept the phone and was looking at Baba’s original picture in our dining room and silently I said, “What is this Baba? You know how much preparation and working needs to be done in different files? Why did You give these two people to me? Ok… I will try to find some way”. Ruchiji who had come home was witnessing all this and said she has two members who want to read. I said ok let me check who their volunteer is? (Volunteer of those 2 who had backed out) To my wonder I was shocked! I rechecked and rechecked but I couldn’t find those two names anywhere. My heart started beating and asked Ruchiji to check as I felt may be out of anxiety I am unable to locate their names. The fact that I had saved her name in my mobile and called her to collect The Books meant that they were there in my mind and had not slipped away and had to be there in the allotment list. Ruchi too checked and witnessed the first leela of Baba in her journey towards Sai. Those two names were not there in any of the lists! Goosebumps were all over mom-in-law, Ruchiji and myself. It was the first time so far that it had happened because each name is very precious to me. I was stunned to His leela and truly felt that Baba was doing everything. Baba had again showed that it was He Who was deciding everything like Who will read? What they will read? When they will read? And Under which group and volunteer they will read?

Although during 5 years of my marriage, my mom-in-law wanted to know and read Satcharitra, she never did. When on 20th Oct we began with Mahaparayan she also started with her weekly parayan and first day itself her wish was granted. Sonaliji says her sister Rupali Agarwal was an atheist. She was forced to be a part of Mahaparayan. From 3 years she had been searching for a shop as per her budget. As soon as she started reading, she got a shop as per her needs. On Datta Jayanti was the inauguration. There in front of her shop she offered tea and some refreshments to a muslim like fakir who was sitting under a tree. He said that he was pleased as none had noticed him past so many days he sitting there. He then told her many such things of her past which only she knew. Later he said he was going to Shirdi and also asked her to always remember Him and never forget Him. Yes, Who else could it be other than Baba? Rupaliji was now in love with Baba and actually went and purchased diya and various other articles required for the worship of God. Recently when she completed her weekly parayan she wanted to visit Baba’s temple. She felt there was no temple in Talegaon (a remote place in Pune) inspite of her being asked by Sonaliji to recall properly. So she came all the way to Pimpri (another place in Pune) which was quite far from her place. Then later she saw a dream with some temple and its entrance where Shraddha and Saburi words were written. Most of you must have already guessed right that same temple with similar words and entrance was then located by her in Talegaon itself. So Baba tested her whether she was ready to travel all the way to Pimpri and when she did so He showed her through dreams that she need not go so far as He was right there in Talegaon. Even though she did not believe in God, Baba pulled Rupaliji to Him like a sparrow tied with a thread.

Meenaji says she was saved from death and escaped the accident which was beyond everyone’s understanding and that day was a Thursday! Urmilaji says that she forgot to get flowers for Baba as next day it was Thursday. As it was late night she checked her plants to find neither any flowers nor any bud and was feeling extremely sad for it. Next morning what she saw was unbelievable as there were red roses for Baba out of nowhere on her plant. Her daughter who is also a member conceived and they believe its all after coming in His shelter. There are many more she says. When she first happened to meet me in of the marriage functions, she thanked my mom for my upbringing and praised me and her and was thankful for she believed that I enlightened her by introducing Sai to her. She couldn’t control her tears as they were flowing out of joy as she longed to see and meet me from long time. I was telling her that Baba had only pulled her and I was just His medium, but she was not in a state to understand. It was a proud moment for my mom and she too was speechless and was almost crying.

Monicaji an active volunteer too gives all the credit to Sai for her overall progress in business and says Life is not the same as it was, before coming to Sai. It has changed a lot. Divyaji too says apart from various experiences to mention, she feels that she has become more confident, contented and has learnt patience after shouldering the responsibility of a volunteer for Mahaparayan. Ruchi Avinash Agarwal says inspite of her busy schedule she enjoys volunteering her group and Baba helps her for doing so. Baba has also started giving returns for her service in abundance. Since very long her parents were searching a groom for her but none was able to meet their expectations. And after being a part of Mahaparayan her destiny changed. She got engaged to Avinashji a very, caring loving partner to be. She also says first only her Saturdays would go well but now Thursdays are also extremely good. She happens to meet all her targets in office on Thursday itself. Lot of changes and bliss she feels. Neha Gupta and Meghaji again very dedicated souls for volunteering. They both have felt Baba’s presence many times. Now when they took up Nandadeep responsibility in order to help me, as I was busy with preparing posts; they found that Baba helped them out with respect to their children. Neha says she has to put Rheeom her 3 months old son, to sleep by by singing bhajans and wrapping him. But now when she took up the responsibility to train the new volunteers over phone, Baba made Rheeom sleep very quickly that too on his own. Similarly Meghaji was almost on the verge of crying as her son who is 4 years old was not ready to sit in school past many days. As soon as she came forward he was little better and today (7th July) he sat and said Baba made him sit! She says she was in tears to hear that and it meant a lot to her. As they were doing Baba’s work, Baba took care of their work. Isn’t it wonderful?

Arti Goyal too feels blessed to be a part of it and conceived after 5 years of her marriage. Her mother-in-law Santoshji too has many leelas to share where she saw Baba in her house in reality! Nisha Bansal happened to meet me last week in marriage function. When I was telling about Baba’s dream to someone she too got stunned and enrolled her name for upcoming group. Next day itself she took Satcharitra from us and started parayan for her some wish which she believed was next to impossible. First day itself she got some dream where from a masjid a voice was coming that offer 1 rupee everything would be alright. She did so and with all her faith continued reading. And on sixth day her wish was fulfilled. She repented for not being a part of it earlier inspite of close association with us. Are you now convinced that Baba has His own timing?

Some more are there who don’t want their names to be revealed. One of them says she too conceived after being a part of it and saw related messages on Sai Darbaar one of them being like new joy is coming ahead. When she tested positive she saw Its your day today, Baba’s blessings…etc. She is excited to volunteer now on global level too. Another active volunteer shared that Baba had come in her dreams and told her that a boy would be born to her and so it happened. Baba’s words are always true. Another devotee who met me last month was crying over few issues. I suggested her Sai path and she enrolled for Nandadeep group and was excited to start for it. As there was still time she started weekly parayan. Unbelievably she says there are lot many positive changes and she is very happy. All credits to Baba she feels. She also wishes to serve Baba as a volunteer now on global level. Similarly many said their business flourished, some said they got good marks, some got their mobile back and so on…and the list is endless. These are only few experiences of only very few members out of 200 who happened to meet me and know me personally! I am sure there would be many more of whom I don’t even know. So Baba is blessing everyone, isn’t it?

So from Kundan Nagar Baba formed the foundation of MAHAPARAYAN, extended to national level by having members from Baroda, Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Himachal Pradesh and too many to name. Baba slowly inspired MAHAPARAYAN on global level through practical exposure (like to Das Ganu in Ch. 20) that He was actually deciding who will read what and when and in which group. He also showed in case of Surekhaji that He Himself was monitoring too! The place where I stay is known as Kundan Nagar and now almost every house has a Sai Satcharitra and has members in MAHAPARAYAN. People are very happy to share their experiences. My husband sarcastically says that soon Kundan Nagar shall be renamed as Sai Nagar!

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  1. Please add me also. I also wanted to be a part of mahaparayan. Please comment your phone no of watsapp group.

  2. Om Sai Ram
    Dear Editor Mam please let us know the procedure of joining this Mahaparayan group……As you all are doing such a wonderful work for the past so many years….May Sai baba bless you all.
    Thank you
    Om Sai Ram

  3. Please pooja ji send your phone number. I want to be a part of mahaprayan. I really need parayan. Sai baba ne muje ye rasta dikhaya hai apke through.

  4. Hi pooja ji.. 14 fays back even i had asked sumthing related to my problems from baba and i got tbe ans to read ramayan for 14 days .. Sumthing change is gonna happen through me.. I dint understand tbat time y he said me to to this but i statrted reading it and in next day i came across through your post in devotees page…its a humble request to u incase if u can add me for this mahaparayan it would be very kind of sai ram

  5. om sai RAM pooja ji..I too want to be a part of this blessed mahaprayan..please guide us as to how we all can be a part of this group

  6. Om sai ram poojaji. I would love to be a part of this mahaparayan.please include do I get to know the details

  7. Yes we all want many people not only for reading but volunteering too. Please dont miss tomorrows post. All your answers about how to enrol. So dont forget to enrol at the earliest as first come first served basis we wud enrol only 5000 peope


    • Sairam Pooja,
      Could you please guide me how to enroll into the maha parayan, even i want to be a part of it. And one more request to all the sisters and brothers if possible can we all come together and co ordinate activities which baba considered very pious as food and shelter to homeless roadside destitutes,guiding etc as amoung us many professionals are there who are willing to come forward to give their best if provided with an oppurtunity. I request all the members, admin and everyone kindly give a thought to it. We have to be in such a way that baba feels proud seeing his children serving the world as his instruments. Please give a thought to it.

  8. Hello Pooja ji,
    Om Sai Ram… My name is Deepali and I am ready to volunteer and help in any possible way. I would be very very happy if you include me in the mahaparayan group.
    My email id: [email protected].
    Thank you

  9. 108 names of Sai Baba in Tamil

    Om Sainaadhanae potri
    Om Shridi uraindavanae potri
    Om Sirmigu pudhalvanae potri
    Om Anbu vadivvanavanae potri
    Om Arivuruthubavanae potri
    Om Arpudham padaithavanae potri
    Om Eliyoruku eliyavanae potri
    Om valiyoruku valiyanae potri
    Om ulagai kaapavanae potri
    Om uvagai tharubavanae potri
    Om ulamadai aribavanae potri
    Om accham theerpavanae potri
    Om aanavam arupavanae potri
    Om vittalin vadivae potri
    Om swamiyae potri
    Om appanae potri
    Om baba potri
    Om paadhamalaron potri
    Om anaithaiyum udaiyonae potri
    Om arathai bodhithavanae potri
    Om karunaiyumin irupidamae potri
    Om Raamanandha seedanae potri
    Om vembhu nizhal amarndonae potri
    Om vedham purindhavanae potri
    Om vetkai theerpavanae potri
    Om abhayam tharubavanae potri
    Om theera thuyar theerponae potri
    Om theerarkum theeranae potri
    Om nadgunanae potri
    Om virpananae potri
    Om porpaadhanae potri
    Om mahimaigal purindhavanae potri
    Om mahathuvamaanavanae potri
    Om mangala roobanae potri
    Om neeril sudar yerithonae potri
    Om needhiyai pugatinan potri
    Om kudai gunathonae potri
    Om nirai gunathonae potri
    Om kurai theerpavanae potri
    Om marai arindhonae potri
    Om maambu porundhinai potri
    Om maadhava thonae potri
    Om abaya karathonae potri
    Om amararkonae potri
    Om agam uripavanae potri
    Om asagaya sooranae potri
    Om asura naasaganae potri
    Om as-saugarya naasaganae potri
    Om anuvanuvanavanae potri
    Om amudha vizhiyonae potri
    Om aranga naayaganae potri
    Om annam alipavanae potri
    Om aruvamaanavanae potri
    Om aadharamaanavanae potri
    Om aanandham alipavanae potri
    Om aayiram kadhiroli kondavanae potri
    Om vindaigal purindonae potri
    Om aabathpaandavanae potri
    Om igaparasugam arulbavanae potri
    Om iccha sakthiyae potri
    Om kriya sakthiyae potri
    Om gyanasakthiyae potri
    Om imayavanae potri
    Om ingida gunathinanae potri
    Om immayil arulbavanae potri
    Om marumayil arulbavanae potri
    Om irul neekuvonae potri
    Om eegai kondavanae potri
    Om yeedila pughazhonae potri
    Om eera nenjinanae potri
    Om ulagai kaapavanae potri
    Om umamagheshvaranae potri
    Om uyirai nirpavanae potri
    Om uvagai alipavanae potri
    Om unmai porulanavanae potri
    Om oozhvinai arupavanae potri
    Om ellai illa porulae potri
    Om yema bayam neekuvonae potri
    Om ayyam kalaibavanae potri
    Om oppiladavanae potri
    Om oongara roobanae potri
    Om oongi nirkum pughazhonae potri
    Om avudadamaanavanae potri
    Om saagithyam arulbavanae potri
    Om sigaram amarndavanae potri
    Om suddha aanandhanae potri
    Om soodharupavanae potri
    Om sooniyam kalaibavanae potri
    Om sem-malai adiyonae potri
    Om gyalam therindhavanae potri
    Om gyanachudaroliyae potri
    Om sangadam theerpavanae potri
    Om satchidanandhanae potri
    Om panbin vadivaanavanae potri
    Om balam arulbavanae potri
    Om accham thavirponae potri
    Om theevinaigal pookuvonae potri
    Om nanmaigal tharubavanae potri
    Om peedai ozhipavanae potri
    Om panjam thaduponae potri
    Om annai vadivinanae potri
    Om endaiyaai irupavanae potri
    Om pagaimai gunam neekuvonae potri
    Om magimaigal puribavanae potri
    Om maga yogiyae potri
    Om mahathuvamaanavanae potri
    Om valvinai mudipavanae potri
    Om nirmala vadivinanae potri potri

    Sri Satchidanandha Sathguru Sainanth Maharaj ki Jay.
    Raajadhi Raaja Yogi Raaja Para-brahma Sri Satchidanandha Sathguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jay.
    Gurudeva Datta.

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