Conversations with Lord Sai Baba – Naam Jaap Indications to Sai Devotee Archana

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Well, we have read in depth how Lord Sai Baba hinted and then guided for Naam Jaap to Sai Sister Rakhi and Sai Sister Manju, interesting it was. Let’s move further to more interesting guidance to Sai Sister Archana

  • P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. Naam Jaap process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

    As mentioned in Shri Sai Sathcharitra Sai Baba was very fond of remembering & singing God’s name, we all know, He always uttered “Allah Malik”, and many times through Das Ganu and RadhaKrishnamayi, Baba asked to do Naam Saptha. As our Baba says, “There is no need to follow any ritual to attain Me, I can be attained in a split second if you close your eyes and call Me with the depths of your heart. I am always with you & I am always SEATED inside you.

  • When the Mahaparayan started, Baba was hinting me through so many messages and thoughts about the importance of writing & chanting of “OM SAI RAM” Mantra as – it is a powerful “RAKSHA KAVACH” against any kind of negativity, fear, anxiety, depression, black magic etc. and “Naam Jaap” which itself a very powerful pooja, but was not able to understand at that time (as Baba already made be class teacher of 3 MP (MahaParayan) groups, & along with so many groups like Brahmad Muhurat Khichdi Parayan, Sai Healing, 365 day Parayan, 108 Om Sai Ram etc) other things were also going on, so I told baba not now but His ways are His ways as He knows what to do and how to do.
  • One day I just exchanged the idea and had a small conversation with Manisha ji that baba is hinting for “Om Sai Ram” CHANTING as she too had the same thought so we started “OM SAI RAM” chanting group. Keeping in mind that if no one will do, we both will do and daily offer 11 Mala’s of “Om Sai Ram” Mantra to Baba as Shraddha and Saburi till next 15th Oct 2018.
  • Soon on 15th Oct 2017 (on actual day of Baba Mahasamadhi) by Baba’s grace group executed where we started chanting 11 Mala’s of “Om Sai Ram” Mantra, it’s also a small group and Baba always told me whatever group you will make keep it like Sai Darbaar (Open Darbaar) where anyone can join and leave without any restriction as He only chose His devotees. And He will only keep the track of those who are in group and not even chanting let it be”. I can only show the way to My devotees to clean their Karm, but what can I do if they use their free will and decide to go through the suffering… s its their own “Soul Journey”. After formation of this chanting group I felt more connected to Baba. I felt like I am doing meditation.

  • As also said in 108 pearls of Baba Sai, “Who says meditation is difficult? Just sit before Me, Look into My eyes and chant My Name aloud!! And when you feel the connect, the Oneness, then slowly close your eyes and start chanting within. Keep the joy of connectives, the love of oneness alive!! Let Me flow through you – effortlessly. And I will take you into meditative calmness, into bliss, into divine silence from Sagun to Nirgun, from Sakaar to Nirakaar. (that time this book was not published)
  • And true to Baba’s word through chanting He explained me so many things like about His sitting posture, He explained Sai Sathcharitra Chapter 1 Significance of Grinding, (although I am reading it from so many years, but could not understand the depth), purpose of Mahaparayan its importance, How He feels about Mahaparayan, why He kept burn stick in His pockets, chillum, explaining my dreams, angels and also the importance of “NAAM JAAP” in our life. While chanting at times I felt He is smiling, at times getting angry (if I do gossip or judge someone etc.) At times dancing, asking for tea, khichdi, sheera etc. I felt His pictures are not just pictures but Baba Himself (Sounds stupid but it’s true. We all know Baba is always there, He listen everything, He wants our love and time nothing else).
  • Now Sharing the Major Dream related to “Om Sai Ram” or “Naam Jaap” Where Baba Himself said chanting His name “SAI SAI” OR writing and chanting “OM SAI RAM “itself is powerful pooja and strong “Raksha Kavach (protection shield)”
  • One day I saw a dream where I saw myself sleeping and I was scared of something in my dream (Dream within a dream) and I had shared the same dream with my mother. She said its ok, it’s just a dream, my father said if she is scared then there must be some negativity around us, so why not we should do some pooja. Soon I saw Sai Baba (an old man wearing white dress and white light around him) He said angrily — there is no need of any kind of pooja. Just write “Om Sai Ram” in all four corners around and He made me to write “Om Sai Ram” via my fingers. Like we draw something via fingers in air and then I saw Baba statue in our temple. I woke up and realized its Baba Who came and told me this, but don’t know whether I should write using chalk, pen, pencil or sandal paste, I mean how to write, as He did not mentioned that.
  • In morning when I woke up I shared my dream with Manisha ji. She told that she will too write via sandal paste, as at times she too feel negativity (in terms of thoughts, people etc.) so I thought if Baba gave me confirmation, I will also write with sandal paste in all the four corners of my house at the same moment, one of the MP devotee (Mamta ji-MP 44) shared the message with me that today she found dry sandal paste in her Shri Sai Satcharitra while reading the chapter for MP (Thursday), so I got confirmation I too wrote on all the corners of my house via sandal paste and around me via fingers (without using sandal paste) whenever I sleep or feel negativity around. It’s like “Raksha Kavach”
  • I felt somewhere it’s a general message as many are suffering with so many things like negative thoughts, anxiety, disease, black magic etc. so I should share with others but also worried at the same time whether it will benefit others or not, should I share with all or not, as I have not got any confirmation from Baba so I told to Baba if You give me confirmation then only I will share with others.
  • Soon next day on Friday – One of My friend (Shalini ji–MP 43) called me and said that on last Thursday for the first time Baba came in her dream and on that da don’t know what happened she started writing “Om Sai Ram” on all the corners of her house with pen, I asked her whether you know about my dream or I have shared with you. She said no, we have not talked since so many days that’s how Baba gave me confirmation and soon so many also felt the benefits of writing and chanting “ Om Sai Ram”

Sharing major miracle related to “Om Sai Ram”:

  • There is one devotee from one of Baba’s MP group, her husband was not talking to her and cooking food separately, since Diwali 2017 and she was suffering with so many things financially, emotionally and mentally. So she went to some tantric to find the solution, where he asked her to do some kind of pooja and told her that some black magic has done on her family, As I was not aware of any such thing. Baba was asking me to call that lady but as I was busy. I said, “Baba will call her later. Soon the same lady called me at the same time and shared this incident. By taking Baba’s temple name, she went to tantric for the first time. Then immediately I understood the message from Baba. Why He was asking me to call her and I have shared the same dream with her and after few weeks she told me that she did the same and her husband started talking with her & now they don’t have separate kitchen and having food together

Now Coming to Baba’s Naam Saptha Group:

  • I think Baba was determined to make this New year that is 2018 as “SAI YUG” Instead of” KALIYUG”, for His devotees.
  • After making Mahaparayan successful, still He was not satisfied as He loves His children so much that He make sure we follow right path only and as We, the children of Sai, are indeed fortunate that we don’t need to depend on people and situation, but only depend on Him.
  • While doing 11 Mala’s of “Om Sai Ram” automatically I switch to “Sai” “Sai” and I used to forget the counting of my Jaap, Whenever I look at Him, felt like He is asking for Naam Saptha. One day He beautifully explained me… the importance of “Naam Saptha” while chanting.
  • “He said you all must be reading Sai Satcharitra and other holy books every day, many of you for MP(On Thursday), you all do prayers, good karma etc., very good, I am so happy!! I am making (potli)of your good karma. When I feel I will use that Potli for your BENEFITS. But don’t you think My child along with so many good things, knowingly or unknowingly your mind and heart is always thinking of past regrets and fear of future. You keep seeking your answers on various “Sai Baba answer sites”, despite I have told many times “Why fear when I am here” and whatever is happening is due to My will and I know what is important for your soul journey.
  • Every day when you are doing various day to day activities like cooking, eating, traveling, in office, at home your heart and mind oscillates between various emotions and thoughts. I am not worried about good thoughts. I feel proud on that. But I feel hurt when negative thoughts (like anger, jealousy, greed, hatred, darkness, ego, comparison take over your mind and heart), along with that-bad habits like gossips, Judging others break me completely. Have I not told you through Sai Satcharitra? When you all will understand this small small things? Why you wants to build more negative Karma and want to choose suffering.
  • Many times you are not speaking bad or hurting others but if someone hurts you, you loose your mental peace, although you don’t react and maintain (Silence of Speech) but your mind and heart is full of negative emotions are you not hurting Me (yourself)? Where is your mental silence(Silence of mind). Don’t you know your thoughts too create Karma, tell me how I can ignore this, the law of Karma is same for everyone My child… It keeps the track of good as well as bad.
  • You all are keeping me in your WhatsApp DP, FB DP, in forwarded messages, in your heart, in mind, but My child why are you not keeping me in your action. “You believe in Me but problem is that you don’t believe what I say (Eg: Why fear when I am here-but we still fear), I reside within but you fail to see me and always look outward presence.
  • In old times people used to keep their child name starting with God’s name (like Ram, Shyama, Laxmietc) you know why? Because intentionally 0r unintentionally they prefer to chant – taking God’s name as its very powerful way to cleanse karma. Will you keep your children name on Ny name HA!! HA!! Its ok, even you don’t keep, but if you do Naam Jaap – it will purify your mind and save from all sins and bad tendencies. It is so easy and so effective. I said OK baba, I will do that. I told Him, “You only guide me as I don’t know anything.
  • In between He hinted me to talk Varsha ji (MP-115 Sai sis), next day I talked to her but completely forget about “Naam Saptha” But next day she herself send me forwarded message related to “Naam Saptha”- I was shocked. Immediately I called her and told about the “Naam Saptha” group and all other details as Baba was eagerly waiting for this and He had already scripted everything.
  • Varsha ji also told that on Diwali she saw a dream where Baba Himself waswatering small plants in Shirdi (I guess Bhuti Wada) and she was standing behind Baba and Baba told her, “Abhi th 200 ka group aur banana hai bacche or budhoka” (We have to form a group of 200 people that will include kids and old people too). She did not understand that time, but we concluded that may be Baba through this dream hinted for “Naam Saptha” group, as any age group can chant even kids, old age people etc.

There is much more which Sai Sister Archana has to share, but i think we should pause here. There are many messages of Lord Baba for use in above conversations and we need to assimilate them in our hearts to bring them into actions. I am reserving her other part for tomorrow’s post.

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  1. Oh baba what a wonderful and blessed experience/dreams you have given to archana ji thanks a lot for sharing all and especially for how to do sai meditation (I couldn't do it) please post what is 108 pearls of sai.

  2. Sai sai .. you love ur kids sooo much sai .. But we because of our karma not able to under stand you.. Plz forgive us and help us to love u baba

  3. Om Sai Ram!!! This post gives me the feels <3 It was like Baba himself is talking to me. Each and every word has so much meaning. Thank You So Much For This Post. 🙂 It means a lot to me.
    Om Sai Ram!!!

  4. i was so shocked while reading it. i got answers of my queries d way i want. in d simplest form. i was reading d experiences of devotees.but all des skipped. i will read ur experience again n again to absorb d essence. om sai ram. i m in MP 130 group handling green house. doing naam jaap at 7:55 to 8:30am slot.Still finding d aim of my life. i m full of weaknesses. trying to overcome. baba pl help me too.u r so lucky as baba gave u darshan n guiding you. baba pl take away my all negativity. main saimaye ho jaun seema se bas yehi aashirwad de baba.

  5. I too want to take part in nam jap please give guidelines or mention whom to contact or to contact my mp group please advice. Om sai ram.

  6. I too am interested in joining the naam jaap group. Please include me… Aum Sai… Whom to contact. Please guide

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