Leelas Showing That Lord Sai Baba Is The Architect Of Sai Mahajaap 24×7

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P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. Naam Jaap process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

We have already learnt how Sai Sister Pooja got inspiration to do Naam Jaap since last 9 years but she never knew that everything was pre-planned by Lord Sai Baba and He was shaping a great game ahead. Whatever we think related to His service, we have observed that He has always been ahead of time, just as He was ahead of Shama and Appa Kote on their trip to Gaya and Kashi. Today’s post is an inspiration to all as Lord Baba has practically shown that Naam Jaap is for all, read again, For All 🙂 Let’s move quickly to description of her inspiration

Those who are fortunate and whose demerits have vanished, take to My worship. If You always chant “Sai” “Sai’”, I shall take you over the seven seas believe in these words and you will be certainly benefitted. I do not need any paraphernalia of worship either eight fold or sixteen fold. (Ch. 13)

Only when the devotee is bursting with love and devotion, Vitthal will manifest Himself here(Shirdi) (Ch. 4)

Leave off all cleverness and always remember “Sai” “Sai’”. If you did that, Baba said all your shackles would be removed and you would be free. (Ch 10)

These are only a few of the references in Sai Satcharitra where Baba has told that chanting God’s name is the most easiest, effective and fruitful Sadhana of this Kaliyug. When Sai incidentally I was coming across many such Baba’s messages in some or the other way like picture messages, videos etc. I felt it was Baba asking me to rise up and get ready for another service of Mahajaap 24*7 across the globe. But as a doubting human mind; I then called Hetal Di on 3rd Jan to discuss whether I should intervene to make it for all 7 days and just not let it remain restricted to Thursdays. So beautifully she related it as Baba is still living and repeating the happenings of Sai Satcharitra. She said just as Baba had given the same dream of Construction Of Mahasamadhi Mandir to two devotees Shriman Buti and Shama, similarly in this Kaliyug, He is now doing by inspiring Sai Mahajaap with different formats but similar concept to His devotees like Rakhiji, Manju ji, Archana ji and now you and asked me to proceed ahead. It motivated me and I loved it and always feel happy when she calls me her soul sister and also her mirror image , although I don’t know whether I deserve it to be called so.

I was supposed to prepare the write up for the same but was not knowing how to put it up effectively to convince people who are scattered across the globe that it was really Baba inspiring all this. I was finding it difficult as this time I had no dream as such like Mahaparayan. On 12th Jan a curious thing happened. My mother realised that she had lost her one gold earring. She was not even sure since when it was missing. Two days before she had kept it in her handbag. She also said she had kept a playing dice about which my son was very curious since morning. Every now and then he was playing with her purse and finally had succeeded to get the dice. It was only in the evening when she found one of her earrings missing as she had thought to wear them as my husband was coming to pick up me and my son. Almost from 6 or 7 in the evening the search was on. She was not even sure whether she had dropped it two days before while keeping them in her handbag or whether Saiesh had dropped it while his search for the dice in the morning. She felt it was quite possible that it was thrown or lost since after that the floor was swept and it was not very big enough to be noticed by the maid while cleaning.

Then in mean time my husband also came. After the dinner around 10 again my mom was trying to search it. Looking at her even Saiesh, my dad and then even my husband joined the mission earring. Every now and then Saiesh would come and say loudly out of joy Naaani… Ye dekho Mujhe Mil gaya (Grandma look I found it). All would eagerly check to only find some shining sequence, stone and so on. Seeing his innocence I too searched with torch under the sofa etc. Later I remembered I had to still complete my reading for Stavan Manjari and so I started reading it. As I was finding it disturbing I asked all of them to stop searching. I don’t know what made me say them with 200% confidence that let me complete my reading in peace and after that we all five would chant just Sai Sai with full faith for 9 minutes and then we all will see Baba’s miracle for Significance of Sai Mahajaap. So all of them including my 4 year old son Saiesh agreed immediately for 9 minutes jaap. I somewhere felt it was Baba’s leela to convince my father to enroll for Mahajaap 24*7, as he was not ready for it with 20 minutes that too at allotted time. He even said that I should not force him. To this I said I never force such things on anyone (because I believe Baba will pull His people) except him just out of my concern for him (I had forced him for Mahaparayan and 365 days parayan) and gave him the reference of Sai Satcharitra where Baba had forced on Shama various books and specially Vishnu Sahastranam.

Then after reading Stavan Manjari in front of Baba, before beginning our 9 minutes Jaap following was my conversation with Baba. “Baba You know everything. You even know where that small earring is lying in this infinite Universe. Baba, please do not let down the importance of Naam Jaap. Baba, please protect my faith and Your name’s honour as well. Baba, I don’t know why I said so confidently that after 9 minutes chanting we will find it. Why did You make me say so? You say when Naam Jaap is done with faith and love even Lord Vitthal appears, then what big thing is this small earring? The question is not of the petty gold earring which must be costing only few thousands of rupees. You know very well that if found it will give me a base to write my post, amplify the significance of Naam Jaap and inspire people all over the world for Mahajaap 24*7 for lifetime. You very well know that really selflessly I want Your name to be hummed without a break even for a second, throughout the globe as long as we exist (those who enrol) and thus contribute to trillions, zillions and infinite number of Your chants. I do not have any profit in this nor do I care for that cost of gold earring. If You really feel that what I am saying is true and I do not have any personal selfish motive then please let the earring be found. Also what Saiesh will witness today will have a long lasting impression on his soul directly. Now You decide whether to sow the seed of faith in his tender mind or not”.

Just then with full faith we all five including Saiesh, started our 9 minutes jaap as only Sai Sai Sai… I was surprised to see the faith, love and intensity of Saiesh’s prayer and feeling very proud to be his mom as I could see one of the greatest, though small but truest and purest devotee of Baba in him at that moment. I had set an alarm of 9 minutes. Saiesh was sitting right in front of Baba and chanting. For first 4 to 5 minutes Saiesh did it nonstop and that too was like a wonder for me, in itself. He then came and asked whether the earring was found and how long do we have to chant more? I just kept chanting and seeing all of us chanting; he too just resumed his seat and continued. Then again after 7 minutes he came out of curiosity only to return back and continue and also completed his chant for 9 minutes. This he was doing for the first time and somewhere Baba was showing that it is so easy that even a 4 year kid could do it. Just then the alarm rang and Saiesh started searching the sofa seats again to which my husband said that they had already searched it and was not supposed to be there. To this the reply that Saiesh gave filled my heart with joy. He said, ‘’Papa mujhe pata hai par Sai Baba jaadu se laane wale hai or wo kuch bhi kar sakte hai” (Dad, I know that but Baba is going to get it there with magic and nothing is impossible for Baba). To this I said. “Baba now You will have to get it to keep his faith alive and marching in future”. I even said, “Baba its already very late for us to return home and I do not have much time. I know You are only doing all this leela to also convince my family to not to stop me for taking up new services, to give me a base for my write up and also to sow the seed of faith in Saiesh. So please give it now. If not then why did You make me say so about 9 minutes Jaap?” I just completed and to everyone’s wonder my husband found it on the floor behind the sofa which was just next to Baba. It was a miracle of Baba which everyone had witnessed so closely. My faith in Baba and Sai Mahajaap had triumphed! Saiesh jumped with joy and my mom was in tears and hugged me. My father got up from his seat and said from today I will do everything that this gir l(me his daughter) tells me. I felt as if we had won the world cup. All were rejoicing so much not just for the petty gold earring but to witness Baba’s miracle as everyone had searched there also before and I had checked with torch too. I have attached the picture which I later clicked when I asked Saiesh to thank Baba.

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In this picture You can see the sincere and earnest small devotee of Baba chanting Sai Sai and thanking Baba. Believe me it was a sight of sights to watch Saiesh praying and chanting for 9 minutes. But unfortunately that time I could but I did not want to click the picture and lay more stress on my chanting Sai Sai. So if a 4 year old kid can do so why can’t we adults? Baba has again showed that Sai Mahajaap will not be restricted only to those who can read, anyone old or young, literate or illiterate can chant Sai Sai.This Shows it’s the simplest sadhana and Baba Himself will choose and enroll His devotees for this Mahajaap just as He enrolled my dad who was stubborn throughout not to enrol.

Going back to yesterday’s post where while writing for it I had realised that Baba was preparing for this service to be taken up past 9 years and making me experience it’s importance every now and then. I later remembered that in 2016 He had given me one more very different kind of experience related to chanting Om Shri Sai Arogyakshemdaya Namah and you all can read it from “Baba’s Grace On My Child” which I had submitted in June or July but it was published on 27th Dec. 2016 as per the sequence.

Baba blessed me with the start of 2018 by calling me to Shirdi on 1st Jan 2018 and I now feel, it was to give blessings for this another great service. Since 3rd of Jan I started realising everyday so many things related to Naam Jaap or say I became conscious and everything I started relating it to Naam Jaap. I realised while reading for Thursday parayan on 4th Jan 2018, that past five to six weeks there has not been a single Thursday where the chapter allotted to me did not have importance of Vishnu Sahastranamavali mentioned in it. Although I have to 9 chapters to read every Thursday as directed by Baba still it was Sai’s some kind of indication and I got another confirmation for this on 11th and then 18th Jan 2018 as well. It could just not be a co-incidence but the very fact that Baba was making me realise the fact of presence of these two little words in my chapters past 7 weeks that too on a busy day like Thursday. This altogether was showing it as a Sai-Indication for Mahajaap 24*7 for lifetime. I also realised that since that day Baba in some or the other way would make sure that He did not miss me to remind me or boost me up for the seva of Mahajaap 24*7 for lifetime on a daily basis. They were like either my chapter for 365 days Sai parayan emphasised the importance of chanting Sai Sai or it was like in the TV serial ‘Mere Sai’ where Jivaah was being beaten up by Vishnu the police incharge. When Jivaah started remembering and chanting Om Sairam, Baba not only took away all the pain but also made him feel as if flowers were being thrown upon him.

If not through Sai Satcharitra, TV serial ‘Mere Sai’, then sometimes there would be few experiences related to it. On 8th of Jan some important work was to be done. For that we all did group prayers and we also decided to chant Sai Sai for that person for ten minutes and I said Baba since almost 9 years that work is pending and everytime with lot of hopes it just fails to work out. We would be chanting Sai Sai for that person on that day and if Mahajaap would be successful then this time that work pending from so many years should also be successful. Needless to say it was done and when I heard it I could not believe it and was crying out of joy. We even went to Shirdi on 15th Jan again to thank Baba for it. So you all can understand how important and seemingly impossible that thing must have been! But Baba makes the impossible – possible!

Then I think on 2nd Jan in office our CFO came and told me that his most important file (19 GB), was suddenly missing from his computer and he had no back up also. He had worked upon it a lot and if that was not recovered he didn’t know what needs to be done. He asked me for help to recover it. So, as I was busy with other departments, I asked our technical expert to intervene as I thought he would be more apt to do his kind of work. Almost half day he tried different means and various commands to locate it. He too couldn’t find it and finally concluded that it was deleted from the system by someone intently as it was not in recycle bin also. The only way left was to give the hard disk for data recovery as fortunately the file was located on D drive and we just needed to spend few thousands but it would take two to three days. He also said that mostly it shall get recovered and wanted my approval for it. Next day in the morning itself I happened to go to our CFO’s cabin and asked him to give it for recovery. But the thing that was worrying me most was that is there someone in our organisation who could do such a thing? I asked him certain questions and was more shocked to hear few things like his computer is password protected and sometimes back in his absence he had asked an employee over phone to access his D drive where that file was located. If we say it must have got deleted by mistake then it should have been available in recycle bin. Then I happened to look at the big Sai Baba’s picture in his cabin and noticed that the garlands were not changed. So I enquired from him and he said they are changed on a daily basis but that day fresh garland was not supplied. When I looked at the eyes of Baba some inner voice said, let me also give a try to locate that file (19 GB) before it was sent for recovery. So I asked him the name of the file and he said that Sachin had tried all possible means yesterday, almost half a day was spent and there was no point in wasting more time. Still I said I was going to try. It was Baba only Who guided me for three things which I asked him. On those 3 basis I tried researching for 5 to 10 minutes and when it was done can you believe within half a second, the file was located! He was so happy and felt it to be not less than a miracle and also said that today your degree (qualification) has worked, you made possible that was impossible for Sachin also (technical expert) for almost half a day. But it was not me but the greatest Engineer of engineers ‘Mere Sai’ Who had done the miracle! He said that even if we would have given for recovery he would still doubt whether it would be recovered? The question was not for money also that would be spent but the time and the urgency of that file were the most crucial factors. I knew It was none else than our Sai Who again showed that saying ‘Sai’ that too just once when I was enquiring him by referring to him the dried garland on His photo (had referred as Sai Baba’s photo) out of love and concern had done the miracle. I had not exactly prayed also but I was constantly remembering Sai inside to help me and not let us down, when I was trying to locate the file.

So Baba again showed that remembering God and chanting even once His name with love consciously or subconsciously can do so much good and even work wonders.

Then same week someday my sister-in-law Harsha called me for something and out of nowhere started discussing that she feels so nice to chant Ram Krishna Hari inspired from the serial ‘Mere Sai’ and also said that now she has started doing it continuously that too throughout the day doing her daily activities and even her in-laws were doing it every now and then. Although that episode which she referred to was long time back but Baba made sure that in some or the other way He was getting me across His remembrance and its importance in that week itself.

Then I was thinking to first have 7 extremely responsible persons for 7 days of the week as our 7 principals. I had already talked to few and few were still remaining. Past 3 days I had some inner voice to call Lavina ji but was not able to call her. Finally at night before sleeping, out of thousands of pending messages in my Mahaparayan phone (as its not possible to clear all messages without reading. So as per Hetal Di my soul-sister’s guidance, I always believe that Baba will make me read the messages which He wants me to read and are of important nature) I happened to come across Lavina ji’s message which she had sent me on 3rd Dec. She too had send me regarding writing Sai Sai and also sent me the photos of 4 pages written by some devotee. What a perfect timing to read that message in that context only! Why the message which was sent by her on 3rd Dec got accidentally opened up in my phone only that day? I understood that it was Baba Who was reminding me to give a call. So I messaged her as it was late then that I need to talk to her for Baba’s another work. Early morning when I woke up I already found her reply that I can call her anytime for Baba’s work and she was on her way to Shirdi. What a perfect timing! So I called her immediately and was very happy to hear her seva bhaav that I can call her even in the middle of night for Baba’s work and I need not have any second thought for it. I was surprised when she said that past 3 days she (as I too was) was thinking of me out of nowhere and wished to see me and meet me (as she too stays in Pune but we have never met) for all the good changes in her life due to Mahaparayan and Baba’s service. This again confirmed that Baba was executing everything. She was very happy to take up the responsibility as a principal and was fine with anyday. So randomly I gave her Tuesday and said that if any devotee doesn’t take up Wednesday or any other remaining day I would shift her to that day. She was fine with everything and we believed that Baba had called her to Shirdi to bless her too for this new service.

Then next day 9th Jan evening, I thought I will fix up atleast one more principal (24 hours service) today (out of 7 only 4 had been fixed up) as it takes nearly 20 minutes to explain all about it and not let the day go waste. But its only our illusion that inspite of knowing that Baba is the Doer, we keep saying I did etc. This was proved as Baba now got all the 7 Principals selected that night itself and I felt happy that it was done where I was expecting atleast one. As per my discussion with Hetal Di, I put up our plan of execution that it would start on Mahashivratri and then first of Chaitra during Ram Navami we will have 7 days Naamsaptah and after that again as per our allotted daywise slots. (Hold on for more details in subsequent posts). Somehow I had missed on adding Lavina ji to the Heads group for Mahajaap on whats app and so I added her then. I also had in back of my mind that I need to share with her personally, the plan of execution as I had added her to the group after sharing it. But I forgot. Also in between Rakhi ji from USA called me and said to change her day from Sunday to some other day. Though I knew it was Baba Who had allotted the days, I said Ok and told her to take up Tuesday (for which Lavina ji was allotted) and told her that I would inform Lavina ji to take up Sunday and I thought Baba had already made me talk with her on those lines (shifting her day). But again I forgot to inform her and this I realised only when; may be after a day or two Rakhi ji from USA again called me and said she would go with Sunday only which Baba had chosen for her initially. Actually it was all Baba’s leela and it doesn’t end here. It was only yesterday (19th Jan) when Lavina ji had called me for something and later she told me that she did not know that Sai Mahajaap was starting from coming Mahashivratri and she had come to know it only then from someone else. I then remembered that I had forgot to send her personally the plan of execution too. It’s Baba’s grace that I generally don’t forget things but here It was Baba’s grace only that He was making me forget it and you too will be convinced of it. She also said that two days back only she was telling someone that from many years she has stopped doing any kind of worship on Mahashivratri Day and she doesn’t feel like doing also as she had lost her daughter that day. So out of anger and sadness she doesn’t do anything. She also said Baba knows what He has in His mind? This is not the end when I hung up the phone I then realised Lavina ji’s Day is Tuesday and Sai-incidentally Mahajaap starts on Mahashivratri day which is again a Tuesday! In my mind I always used to think that how lucky that principal will be who will have her allotted day on Mahashivratri day (although since a big day all 7 day’s candidates would chant on 13th Feb). This all truly proves that it is Baba Who has not only selected the Principals but has also allotted the respective days and He Himself will choose 200 candidates for each day.

When I was reading Archanaji’s post on Friday, I had goosebumps to read when she said Baba came in Varsha ji’s dream and told that there will be groups of 200 people each of old people and kids. Trust me I and Archana ji never had any discussions in so much depth. I was wonderstuck to read that number as it resembled exactly to the structure we designed (actually Baba) and on that basis only we had been telling only 1400 seats (7*200=1400) on first come first serve basis. Also in yesterday’s post where my discussion with Rakhiji and later my friend Neha’s with Manju ji too shows that all this Baba is only doing and we are extremely fortunate to be chosen by Him as His instruments.

So all these leelas again show that Baba is only ‘The Architect’ to design this 24*7 Mahajaap structure for old and young, literates and illiterates having its impact on the moving and non moving world across the globe..

Sai Naam Anant Hai
Sai Naam Anmol Hai
Jeevan Safal Ho Jayega,
Sai Sai Bol..Sai Sai Bol…!

So let us all the children of Sai leave all cleverness and chant just Sai…!

Chant Sai Sai, Spread Saism and enter SaiYug.

Upcoming Post: Sunday is Naam Jaap Day for Kids

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  1. Om sai ram i also got a dream in which some one is giving me command to write om sai ram….i don't remember the face..but i know u are the one baba ji who was giving me command..om sai ram

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