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P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. Naam Jaap process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

Lord Sai Baba played simple yet significant sports related Naam Jaap. Readers who have been following us from Day 1, can very well relate to what I am saying. Today let’s see how Naam Jaap seeds were sown 9 years back and now tree has grown up fully with its branches spreading far and wide.

First Sai Darbaar whats app group which was started just to share one experience of Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba Blog everyday, then parayan with 48 people for single day for Dasera 2016, then Mahaparayan on local and then national level with 250 people every week, then editing for Hetal Di’s blog, then Mahaparayan on global level with around 10000 people, then 365 days parayan, then Mahaparayan Blog writing and publishing, Brahma Muhrat Khichadi Parayan with 5 continents, 9 malas of 365 days parayan (globally) and now what? Every time Baba gives a thought of these kinds of seva or an opportunity to serve and when I disclose them to my family, especially my both the moms (mom and mother-in-law) give a very scary look to me and sometimes even scold me just out of their love and concern for me saying, “Bas Kar Pooja, Ab aur kuch naya mat shuru Kar” (Enough Pooja, now please don’t start something more). I although scared sometimes from within but with a smile say them that don’t tell this to me, tell it to Baba. We are indeed fortunate that we are getting chosen just as His mere instruments. Baba is the only one Who does everything right from managing, executing and controlling everything. And trust me It is so very true and that is why I never feel any burden about it.

Hetal Di always said during Mahaparayan, that Baba will not just restrict this Mahaparayan to Sai Satcharitra only. It is just a start and Baba will unfold many more things in near future. Yes very true, as this time Baba has inspired another new service of Sai Mahajaap 24*7. As the name hints you all may think that do we have to do it for 24 hours? The answer is No and also a Yes. Confused? Hold on; for time being just understand you have to make your little contribution for the Naamjaap which would be starting from Mahashivaratri (February 13) and it would go on continuously without a pause across the globe according to Indian Standard Time until Baba wishes. For more details stay tuned for next posts.

Trust me this article Baba Himself is writing and this has been proved again. I had got an opportunity to go and thank Baba to Shirdi on 15th Jan 2018 and that time I had also asked Baba to bless us to execute this seva well and Himself write this article making me as merely His instrument.

Now when I sat down to write I wanted to make a reference of the three types of devotees and for that I was not able to locate the exact chapter of Sai Satcharitra. I tried searching through index and making wild guesses and failed miserably to locate it. As time was running, I closed the Holy Book, bowed down at His picture on It and said, “Baba no test but need Your help, if You Yourself are going to write it then please let that page(three types of devotees) open when I would open the book randomly closing my eyes. It will give me a confirmation about You only writing this article.” Out of 260 pages what is the probability for that page to open that too with closed eyes? Do I need to say what must have happened? Yes exactly the same reference under Ordeal Of Gurubhakti from Sai Satcharitra (Ch 23), pg 124 got opened and I was awestruck and my heart rejoiced with bliss seeing Baba’s presence for writing.

Coming back to this new venture of Baba, this time Baba has not given any direct orders to me in a dream unlike Mahaparayan. But as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra (ch 23) There are 3 kinds of devotees
1) First or best
2) Second or average and
3) Third or ordinary.

The best kinds of disciples are those who guess what their Gurus want and immediately carry it out without waiting for an order from them. The average disciples are those who carry out the orders of their master to a letter without any delay and third are those who go on postponing the carrying out of their Guru’s order and make mistakes at every step. So this time when Baba was hinting me through various ways for this service of Mahajaap 24*7, I as a greatest fool initially thought those hints to be my illusion. So I even asked Baba to give the orders again like Mahaparayan. But Baba did not come in dreams as He is always concerned for our spiritual upliftment as well. Then with so many experiences in a row He made me realise that He wants me to move one step ahead that is one level up (after following His orders for Mahaparayan)to the first category of disciple; although I am nowhere close to it but His ways are His ways!

As you all must have read posts from Sai Sisters Rakhiji, Manju ji and Archana ji let me also share with you all first, how Baba inspired me to take up this seva further.

Just after sometime when Mahaparayan was executing successfully I first got a call from Rakhiji from USA where she shared about her wish to make Naamjaap and Bhajans for the first week of Chaitra continuously like Radha Krishnamaai did Naamsaptah. That time we had a long discussion about how we can go about it. Then I even said her that why only one week of Chaitra we can make it 24*7 throughout the year for lifetime. I just assuming of myself being packed up of existing responsibilities was expecting Rakhiji to work towards it and was ready to offer my help if needed. But Baba has His own ways as well as His timing. So nothing happened on those lines.

Then around December 2017, I discussed all this with my friend Neha and then just after two days she surprisingly found that that our common friend Manju ji too was working on similar lines. Then later I got a call from Manju ji and I was dumbstruck to see Baba’s leela when she said her groups had already started forming but there were lot many challenges like time zone, people’s commitment etc. I was very happy to see that someone had already started working on it. Baba made me share few US contacts and this time I said her also that why only Thursdays or first week of Chaitra we can make it 24*7 throughout the year for lifetime. She very positively said yes and that she would like to do that also but right then she had so many challenges for managing Thursday group itself. I realised that as per discussion with Rakhi ji the structure followed by Manju ji was almost the same (this again shows Baba directing) except that they had slots of 35 minutes for each devotee with 5 minutes of overlapping time. I also wanted to be a part of it and so requested her to give me a slot of 20 minutes only (as per the discussion with Rakhiji). She and Pournima ji very kindly agreed and made me a part of It. Thanks to Pournima ji who shared her slot with me. I even had told her about Rakhiji but Baba had His own timing and ways.

Manju ji also shared few experiences with me where she had cried like anything before Baba as some devotee say ‘X’ had missed the slot and later she almost told and fought with Baba that why He had given her that responsibility? (as she thought she had failed) You all would be surprised to know that some other devotee say ‘Y’ on her own had done naam jaap for that particular slot and this was brought to Manju ji’s notice during their casual conversation that she was enjoying Naam Jaap so much that she did Naam jaap for almost one hour. Sai-incidentally the slot which the devotee ‘X’ had missed happened to be in that one hour when the devotee ‘Y’ was chanting. Then Manju ji was very happy that Baba was there and controlling everything. Then few weeks passed and it was going on well and I was thinking Manju ji would slowly take up for 24*7 and not just Thursdays.

Then I again happened to come across Archana ji’s post in our Brahma Muhrat Khichadi Parayan group where she had shared about how Baba was guiding her also for Naam jaap on Thursdays in four Pehers where they can chant anytime for ten minutes in each peher. I did not enrol there as I was already in Manju ji’s group. I was sure Baba would surely make this 24*7 (all 365 days) Naam Jaap through either of these 3 devotees. I myself did not want to take up assuming to be packed up and incapable to handle more along with our family, office and other responsibilities. But His ways are His ways. I was unaware that Baba wanted me too, to contribute to it and had been preparing me for the same past 7 years giving various practical exposures too.

Then on 3rd January I had a dream where I saw many Sai Satcharitras and my school friends who were talking of experiencing Sai miracle there for the first time and were asking me to give Sai Satcharitra. I also remember seeing one old man in white there to whom they were referring to as Sai and were eager to know more about Him. Further I don’t remember much but what I remember is I got up and as usual took up the mobile in my hand to directly find myself in Manju ji’s Naam Jaap whats app group where I saw beautiful creatives for different slots and they were in form of 8 colours of houses as we have 4 houses for Mahaparayan. The creatives were beautiful but it made me feel in long time run when Baba would make some of His devotee to extend it for 365 days with thousands of people then it may lead to some confusions due to house colour as different people have different level of understanding. So I felt we should have some different criteria to define slots rather than house colours. Then few things came up in the mind and in the bed only without even brushing my teeth I started working on it. This time I felt as if Baba was saying that these are the different pearls scattered (Rakhiji from US, Manjuji from Bangalore, Archana ji from Pune) and Baba is asking me to string them together and make a beautiful necklace with their help which should be worn 24*7 for all 365 days and not just Thursdays or first week of Chaitra. I even felt for a moment that I should not intervene in between and let it go as it is and Baba wishes He will make it happen or give direct orders for it also like before. But then again some force was there which was driving it and then realised Baba had made me to stay at home as Maharashtra was declared as closed for that day due to some riots in Pune on 1st of Jan.

Then first thing I did was I called up Manju ji and took her permission whether I should work towards extending it for other days too. She said she was very happy that finally I had taken up in my mind to work upon it. Later with whomever I talked they were all very happy about it and eager to offer their services. Still as a human mind at afternoon, I had a doubt of whether I should march towards it without getting any direct orders from Baba unlike Mahaparayan. Then I closed my eyes and said, “Baba, I would close my eyes and You tell me the colour of Your clothes that You are wearing now in Shirdi. Also if You are wearing Red, I will stop, taking it as a colour of Red signal to stop. It will help me to understand that I am not intervening in a project on which some of Your devotees are already working upon but it is You Who is asking to string these pearls and not just limit to Thursdays or Chaitra Naamsaptah.” I then heard three colours in a sequence as 1)Orange 2)Blue and 3)Green. Felt why 3 colours when only one colour of shawl, I was expecting Baba to tell.

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I was not even sure whether it was my illusion or really Baba was only telling. When I opened the live Darshan I was dumbstruck to see Baba in orange with a purple scarf. Then I realised that I was expecting Baba to tell just one colour (main colour of shawl) but I heard 3, of which blue and green were not seen anywhere. It was then Baba Who again made me realise that many a times whenever I have been to Shirdi I have found that the colours like pink, blue and few more (few shades of them) look totally of different shade like peach, purple etc on live Darshan. (This time on 15th Jan also when I had been to Shirdi, Baba’s dark pink scarf in Samadhi Mandir looked peach coloured in live darshan,). So coming back to 3rd January, Baba made me realise that the first and the main colour of His clothes was orange (for shawl), the second colour was blue for scarf and may be in live darshan looked purple(quite possible) and the third colour green was the colour of signal where Baba was asking me to move ahead and not stop. I again had no words to experience this beautiful revelation of Baba. (Have attached the picture of that day’s live darshan).

I then shared all this with Hetal Di (My Baba, as I take her guidance as Baba’s; as Baba Himself had twice come in my dream in her form and guided me just not for Mahaparayan but also indicated in a way to also seek further Guidance in future as well from her) and she said Yes Its Baba only asking to move ahead. She also reminded me that Baba is not just going to restrict Mahaparayan to reading Sai Satcharitra only. Parayan means study of something on nitya basis, so now its for Naam jaap. She also said that Naam Jaap has even much more importance than reading and Baba too always chanted.

Now I too remember reading in Ramayan during my pregnancy in 2013 that that ‘Ram’ name is much more powerful than the Lord Ram Himself. So I always wanted to name my baby as Ram or Sai (if boy) and Krishna (if girl). But His ways are His ways. A son was born to me on a Thursday by Baba’s blessings and we named him Saiesh. Miraculously this name struck us on its own(it was Baba) and when we googled to see if it exists at all? I had goosebumps to read the meaning as Sai ka Baccha( child) on google. His naming and the name Saiesh is altogether a different and amazing leela of Baba which if Baba wishes will make me share soon. I wanted to name him Ram but was later happy with Baba’s leela for His naming. The name Saiesh was kept with an intent that I can chant Baba’s name every now and then as in olden days people did.

It is only today morning that Baba made me realise that He has been preparing me for Naam Jaap not just from few months but from almost past 9 years and giving me a practical exposure as well. Because when we tell something to someone we ourselves should follow that else there is not much connectivity then. During my college days, I had done Art of Living course towards the end of 2008. Then after few months in 2009 I heard Guruji’s message(Sri Sri Ravishankar ji) that if we chant one mala of Om Namah Shivay (108 times) all the possible hurdles of that day would be lessened. Inspired by Guru ji, I decided to chant daily, started chanting also but sometimes I forgot, sometimes I did even two malas, sometimes even took up some chants like Om Gan Ganpataye Namah, Om Sai Nathay Namah and sometimes even gave up chanting for months together. So there was no consistency, nor was it an inseparable part of my life until 2011. Then when I got married in 2011, as my in-laws are associated with ISKON group from Pune, we were invited for dinner by Shudhnita Prabhuji to his place. I will always be very thankful to him as that day he introduced Naam Jaap to me and also explained me its importance and asked me to do atleast one mala (108 beads) of

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare.
He explained me that there are no restrictions to it and I can chant it anywhere, anytime even without a bath as our soul is pure and we are not doing any worship in any temple. And since that day somewhere around June or July in 2011 till today I have been chanting it without missing on it. (If sometimes I missed Baba has made me to cover it up on other days.) Today the scenario is if do not complete my chants for that day I feel incomplete.

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Later around August or September 2016 I had a dream where I was in a temple, Baba’s pictures were also there and I heard a continuous loud male voice as “Moksharthyala Mile Gati”. Baba also gave me very clear indication to do two malas of Swami Samarth and three malas of Gajanan Maharaj (Gan Gan Ganaat Bote). I could not even understand what does Moksharthyala Mile Gati mean? I could just relate it and guess it as one who is desirous of getting Moksh (ultimate goal and free from cycles of birth and death) from the word Moksharthyala, chanting God’s name will speed it up (from the word Gati). I tried to google and even asked my moms, dad and Hetal Di but none could exactly tell what it meant. But Hetal Di said that she feels I have interpreted the dream beautifully but she too has never heard this anywhere. I too had never heard this before and still do not know its exact meaning. Later I started chanting as per Baba’s guidance and did not think much on those 3 words.

A year passed. It was beyond my intellect to understand Baba’s leela last year(2017) during the Mahaparayan, somewhere during Ganpati days when I came across Ganpati Stotra only to read one of the lines in it as “Moksharthyala Mile Gati”. I was awestruck and understood Baba’s every action is always pregnant with meaning and such words do exist and definitely means something and my faith for Naam Jaap increased multifolds. Later due to other responsibilities I forgot to research for its meaning. I have attached the picture of Ganpati Stotra that I had come across with ”Moksharthyala Mile Gati” in it.

Then through one more dream in Dec. 2016 Baba made me to increase my number of chants(I will cut short here as its very difficult to stop writing because His every leela is full of multiple leelas.) and slowly and steadily Baba has taken me to do 36 malas which I complete while doing various activities like cooking, travelling, driving, eating, even during watching movies and so on, on a daily basis. Later Baba has also given more practical exposure by making me do at the fixed allotted time in Manju ji’s group. Now when I connect all these dots I have no words to explain what it feels like, especially to hear these words ”Moksharthyala Mile Gati” for the first time from Baba in a dream in 2016 and see them in 2017 in reality that too during Mahaparayan. Really His Ways Are Amazing. He is the Best Director, Doctor, Engineer and ofcourse The Best Guru. We need to have firm faith and lot of patience to see what cards He opens for us. He does the best and His timings are perfect as usual!

Making a quick reference to the Mahaparayan dream on 25th June 2017 where Baba gave the orders for Mahaparayan on global level, I remember two words in dream which Baba had said Tuesday and Bombay. Also towards the end of the dream I had seen Baba cooking in a Hundi and some Airtel people around. I have no words for this Mahaparayan Baba when I connect these dots now. Baba made us start Brahma Muhrat Khichadi Parayan with 5 continents and hence the name Khichadi. All 48 people are scattered in 5 continents but gather virtually in Sai’s Continent at 4 am every Thursday according to Indian Standard Time (IST), holding the Holy book at the same moment and complete our group parayan together although physically in different continents across the globe. We also offer Khichadi as bhog and later donate it. This group and its formation with every member is in itself a miracle and hope Baba makes me write soon all the amazing leelas that took place during its formation. Its all 48 members were added in a miraculous way. Baba even made me reach the famous writer and Baba’s devotee Di Jaan Jaya Wahi in a miraculous way and happy to say that she too is a part of it. It was very difficult to reach out to her and at times I even thought to give it up due to lack of time and so much was to be done. But how can it not be possible when Baba Himself wanted to add her?

Coming back to connecting dots, it was then I understood that Baba had hinted for Khichadi Parayan as well in that Mahaparayan dream where He was cooking in a Hundi. And similarly now I feel that Baba was hinting towards Mahajaap when He had said just Tuesday without giving any whereabouts; about it in that dream as Baba is guiding us to start the Mahajaap seva from coming Maha Shivratri which Sai-incidentally happens to fall on a Tuesday (13th Feb 2018). Baba always emphasised chanting God’s name and the names Allah and Ram were always on His lips. Now eagerly waiting for what more Baba has to unveil about the word ‘Bombay’ ( as per the dream) in coming future. There is much more to it and so say tuned to upcoming post where Baba gave a very big indication for Sai Mahajaap 24*7 for lifetime.

Sai Naam Anant Hai
Sai Naam Anmol Hai
Jeevan Safal Ho Jayega,
Sai Sai Bol..Sai Sai Bol…!

Upcoming Post: Leelas Showing That Lord Sai Baba Is The Architect Of Sai Mahajaap 24*7

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