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P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. The process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

I had goosebumps editing and working on yesterday’s write up by Sai Sister Archana. Now read more interesting facts how Lord Sai Baba Himself Picked His Devotees for Naam Jaap.

  • As I told Baba had already scripted everything. For Eg: The Peher Concept (it’s a Sanskrit word and traditional unit of time), as I have listen this word…but actual meaning. I was not aware about this, only while typing write up, I googled and got to know. Generally there are 8 Peher’s in a day. For this Kalyug – Baba made everything simple, He told me to keep 4 peher later it turns into 5 peher as through Varsha ji, Baba conveyed a message “Why to leave last peher that is Midnight Chant so 5 peher were decided (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night and Midnight) for His devotees and in just single day everything was decided and as I was going to Shirdi on 16th Dec so I said I will take final permission from Baba and will start the “Naam Saptha “ accordingly.
  • Below are the listed Peher for our Naam Jaap
    Morning Chant Anytime between (4am – 11:55am)
    Afternoon Chant Anytime between (12noon – 3:55pm)
    Evening Chant Anytime between (4pm – 6:55pm)
    Night Chant anytime between (7pm – 11:55pm)
    Midnight Chant Anytime between (12:00am – 3:55am)
  • Although for 5th Peher, we both were tensed as it’s not feasible for everyone to chant at midnight so we thought we will keep it flexible and if no one will do we both will do but will not post in the group. And before going for sleep I asked Baba if we both forget midnight chant due to some reason who will do midnight chant, He replied, “Do not worry, I will take care”.
  • On 15th Decemeber in morning I saw a beautiful dream where Baba Himself asked me for Daxina (exact amount which I am supposed to offer) and gave me and my husband His chillum and also He put one taabeez on my neck and after that I saw a lady who was having basket on her head and she kept it down and take out Baba statue from basket and kept in center and started dancing around, when I woke up, I felt like Baba is finally happy for this “Naam Sapta” and He conveyed the same through this dream.
  • Next day on 16th December I went to Shirdi (16th and 17th December in Shirdi) and it was one of the beautiful Shirdi trip of my life… (Will share the details in another experience), I asked Baba if You wear green dress, along with pink and blue, then it means it’s Your green signal for all my wishes which He did, so finally I got final confirmation from Him.
  • So on 18th December (1+8=9 Baba’s number) even date was also decided by Baba, not knowing at that time, as it will be going global, the Naam Saptha group was formed and Baba kept it like Open Darbaar (where anyone can join and leave without any restriction) and he Himself become tracker. No rules nothing.

  • As said by Baba purpose is to only develop good habits in order to save us from bad habits and negative thoughts (like anger, jealousy, greed, hatred, darkness, ego, comparison gossip), as it’s a best way to clean karma. He did not allow me to even ask others. Same instruction, as said for “Om Sai Ram” 11 Mala’s chanting group as He only chose His devotees. He will only keep the track. Those who are in group and not even chanting let it be. “I can only show the way to My devotees to clean their Karma, but what can I do if they use their free will and decide to go through the suffering, as its their own Soul Journey”. Those whom I want to add, will automatically approach you, you don’t need to ask so I was left with no option, as Baba is only wirepuller.
  • In this SaiYug (I believe 2018 is “SAI YUG” instead of “KAL YUG” esp. for Sai devotees) Baba kept rules simple and easy. We can chant anywhere while traveling, preparing food, watching TV, at work, in market or doing any other day to day activities, as our Baba is everywhere, He is beyond time, whenever and whatever time we call Him, He is always there and we too know that we are not just a body but “Sai Soul” first and a Soul is always pure. We just need to chant His magical name “SAI-SAI” and pray for his grace and soon His magic begins.

True to His words Magic begins sharing Leelas that happened during “Naam Saptha”

  • One day it just happened that I got beautiful message related to “Naam Saptha”(also a confirmation from Baba that we are on the right path through Naam Saptha) where devotees were doing “Naam Saptha” and Baba Himself was present there (I too feel the same while chanting) and I have shared the forwarded message in few groups esp. Khichdi group and automatically conversation started related to “Naam Jaap” benefits and then on “Naam Saptha Group” and soon many devotees approached whom Baba wants to pull (as said by Baba Himself before the formation of the group, you don’t ask, I will decide) and soon devotees from various time zone like (USA, UK, Australia etc.) become part of the group, so the midnight issue (5th Peher) got over. Where Baba Himself said before the formation of group “Don’t worry I will take care.
  • The best part is that Sridevi ji, Shalini ji, Sudha ji along with their kids (at such a small age) started offering chanting to Baba, it’s a beautiful feeling that confirms Baba’s Dream to Varsha ji (kids too can join)

Baba again proved that He is sitting with us during our Naam Jaap. By Changing His eye color on (Christmas day) 25th December

  • On 16th December when I went to Shirdi and bought a small picture of Baba (Pic no 3), actually this picture is very close to my heart as Baba first came in my life in the form of this pic (as a gift by one of my friend) So it was very special to me as some water went inside the frame and it’s very old pic. So I bought new one but the same pic of Baba.

    On Christmas, I kept that picture in pooja room and looking at that pic I was doing chanting, but I was not feeling connected while chanting, as I always look into my Baba’s eyes and in the new picture Baba’s eyes were little whitish, not black as in my old picture (Picture 1 – it’s a sample picture, earlier new pic was little whitish), so after sometime I took the old picture (Pic-2) and kept with new pic and started my chanting and started saying, “Aao Sai“ which I generally chant and also looking at the pics and while chanting, mentally I was thinking Baba both pics are exactly same, but in old picture (picture-2) Your eyes and everything seems like You are sitting with me and this picture seems like just a picture, can’t feel Your presence. Look at the new picture, You too can get the difference in eyes.

    And I kept chanting “Aao Sai” and looking both the pics togethe, suddenly I felt the eyes in the new picture exactly looking like the eyes in the old picture (from whitish to black) and suddenly looking at eyes I didn’t realize which one is old and which one is new

    I just felt that Baba was present in both the pictures. He is true to His word,”If You Look To Me, I look To You”

  • On 6th Jan Baba saved Varsha ji husband from death, as it was hit-and-run case, after accident her husband suffered head facture and blood clotting, but Baba took care of everything, He was already present outside the hospital room, as a photo in which he was shifted, and all the CT scan reports were normal, there was no trace of blood clots, even doctor was shocked as for healing of blood clots generally it takes time, Baba Himself gave thought to Varsha Ji (not to leave chanting due to problems) and asked her to chant His name and keep writing “Om Sai Ram” near her husband head, by Baba’s grace he got discharge on Thursday.
  • It’s not over here. Akash ji (MP-115) cleared his IAS Main Exam, Rajani ji(MP-43) during chanting saw vision of Baba’s palki,(till now she never experienced any dream of baba), and on next day morning, when she woke up, she heard Sai Bhajan and saw exactly same palki outside her home which she saw in her vision, Vikas ji (MP-115) cleared his main bank PO exam. Himanshu ji (MP-43)(as he was waiting for Vitthoba-Baba in dream) next day in morning, Baba appeared in a form of lady gave blessing in the form of ring.
  • One day I was traveling with my husband, due to some work as I was out and my 2nd Peher chant was pending so I started chanting (as I do not want to miss my chanting), so listening this my husband said, “Is Tarah Chant Karogi to Kahi Baba Hi Naa Aa Jaaye” (Baba will come, if you chant in this way), he said in a funny way and I just smiled. The moment he finished his statement, a big statue of Baba appeared the way we have outside “Sai Prasadalay” in Shirdi. But here the statue was having damroo (Pellet drum) in His Hand, even my husband was surprised at that moment and said, “Your Baba came in real”, I was just kidding. And I was full of gratitude as even while travelling He was with me (thus it confirms His words “We can chant anywhere, anytime as He is with us”).
  • Girija ji (MP-48) able to write beautiful heart touching poem for Baba on the New Year sharing the same:

Although we thought we will keep it for one week but by Baba’s grace its going smoothly, it’s not even a one month and so many leelas happened.

Chant Sai… Sai…

Either in despair or in mirth,
Always do chant
Sai… Sai…!

Constant chanting
Will wake Him up,
Who sleeps as a baby
cuddled deep in our souls…!

Do wake Him up with tender care,
Brushing His feet
With kisses rare,
Chanting softly Sai… Sai…!

Once He wakes up
With smiles sublime,
Caress Him like a doting mom,
Always chanting Sai… Sai…!

Never depart,
Though chance to be apart
If urgent work do hinder perchance,
Be fast to finish
And rush back soon,
Akin a mother who hastens to her newborn,
With a sting in her heart,
And guilt in her mind…!

With immense love
Chant Sai… Sai…
Through constant touch alone
Wwe stay attuned…!

Should pray for His name
To stay ever on our lips,
Igniting our bodies
And our spirits,
Far more brighter

Thank you Baba, Hetal di and Pooja ji and all Sai devotees.

Let all of us Live Sai, Chant Sai

Archana Rawat

Upcoming Post: Lord Sai Baba Preparing For Naam Jaap Past 9 Years – Sai Devotee Pooja.

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