Sai Guides “Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap” to Sai Devotee Pooja

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P.S. We are receiving emails, comments, SMS’s, Whatsappp messages from devotee readers, members of MahaParayan, asking how to join Naam Jaap group, we request you all to give us some time to reveal everything. These are series of posts where we have highlighted how Lord Baba has Himself inspired this Spiritual Venture. Naam Jaap process and its execution will soon be announced. Till then kindly assimilate messages related to Naam Jaap. “Shraddha” “Saburi” are key virtues valuable to Lord Baba.

We had decided to disclose rules and registration process for Naam Jaap but Lord Baba had something else in mind. Just as when a child his born we think about his names or when we start a new business we always search for some unique name. However this basic thing did not stuck our mind as we were concentrating more on inspirations behind it. To be frank we had missed it. But when Lord Baba is there, how can He miss detailing this important aspect. So here is the “Naming Ceremony” of this Spiritual Venture and see how Lord Baba unfolds every card at just nick of time

Sri Krishna has said in Gita that “He who remembers Me in his last moments, comes verily to Me and he that meditates otherwise at that time goes to what he looks for.”

So in short, “The last wish or thought that a man has at the hour of death, determines his future course.” But can we be certain that we can entertain a particular good thought only at our last moment? Infact, for more often than not, we are more likely to be frightened and terrified by many causes. Hence constant practice is necessary for enabling us to fix our mind on any desired good thought at any or the last moment. So always Baba emphasised chanting God’s name and loved Naamsaptah that was conducted by Radhakrishnamai and other devotees of Shirdi. Baba too Himself had the names Allah and Ram on His lips always. So this has been the inspiration or motive behind our “Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap” which will go endless(Infinity ∞*365*24*7) without a stop even for a second, starting from coming Mahashivraatri 13th Feb, 2018 (Tuesday) across the globe.

Yes you read it right, “Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap” this name Baba inspired just when I wanted to write the post for the process of registration, but His ways are His ways with perfect timing. As I said this name Baba has made me type right now when I did not even think of it even for a second. I was even confused about It’s name at first as Sai Mahajaap 24×7 or Anant Sai Mahajaap or Akhand Sai Mahajaap. But it was purely Baba Who made me understand the meaning and difference between them and with His guidance only the name has come up as Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap. Not only this yesterday I had come across this picture which my cousin Hrithik had put on Sai Darbaar.

Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History |

Due to so many groups its not possible to see all messages and go through each of them. But as per my soul sister’s guidance Hetal Di, Baba makes us read what He wants us to read and when He wants us to read. So when I read this I was happy but did not understand His upcoming leela. But now when Baba actually made me type This name and guided me with Its meaning and difference as well, I understood His leela.Blessed are we to have Baba as our Guru Who is alive from His Tomb just as He was, when He was in His Finite or Sagun Form.

People have been messaging, calling through various sources to know how to enroll and asking to enroll them by passing on their details on their own accord. Sorry for not picking up the endless calls and to those whose messages got opened up accidentally, have been just answering them as Stay tuned. The reason for this was it’s just not possible to answer each of you all and we want you all to first understand all about it and then enroll. So please go through this post very carefully before you enroll and commit yourself and your soul too about It.

  • What is “Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap”?

    As the name itself says Anant means Infinite, Eternal, Godly, The earth, Vishnu, Shiva, Another name for Brahma, Endless. Akhand means unbroken, uninterrupted, entire and whole. So this Anant Akhand Mahajaap will not only be Infinite but also uninterrupted and unbroken; and this our Anantkoti Sai Himself is getting It designed right from the name Itself, So the name Sai in It. Hence the name Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap (Eternal Uninterrupted Mahajaap started by Sai), as Sai Himself is getting It done. It will not only be for 24 hours on Thursdays or 24×7 just for first of Chaitra week during Ramnavami or just for another one whole year; nor would it be just till our lifetime. It will be with Baba’s guidance Himself for Anant Kaal (eternity) and unbroken! Just as Baba’s dhuni is ever burning past almost 180 years (Akhand) in Shirdi and will continue so on forever (Anant), similarly Baba will make this Mahajaap also Akhand and Anant. So even when we are no more, the future upcoming generations will keep the lamp burning and hence Baba has also decided to imbibe this seed of Mahajaap in the kids too and shown the practical exposure also! Just as to keep the lamp burning (akhand Jyot) we have to keep on putting oil in it before it gets over, similarly to keep this Mahajaap going we have to keep on putting our chants with love, faith and devotion in it as per our allotted slots without any delay and keep This MahaYagna ongoing. People will come and go meaning even when we are no more in this world, still someone would keep replacing us and not let the Yagna stop. “When Baba Himself has started this Yagna then do You still have any doubts about It’S success?” Baba will take all the care. So even when we are no more in physical form and even if we attain Moksh, as our soul never dies, the soul too shall keep chanting the ‘One’ name because of the constant practice that Baba will make us do. Believe me if you can, now also I am feeling I am just the typist and Baba Himself is dictating me what to type. Feeling so blessed can’t explain! 🙂

  • What shall we chant?

    Saiesh past few days, when love is overflowing or when he wants the extra attention to fulfil his wants, has been calling me as Mammu instead of Mumma or mummy; to Rahul he will call Pappu instead of Papa. I remember when Saiesh was not even born, Rahul always laughed at the name Pappu itself and took it as a funny character to crack jokes. When past few days Saiesh first called me Mammu and to him Pappu, he just burst out laughing. I am sure if anyone else calls him Pappu he will never like it at all; infact get angry but when sometimes Saiesh calls him so, he knows that love is overflowing and so even hugs him up and cuddles him. Nor I have yet heard him saying to Saiesh that please don’t call me so. Infact proudly Rahul has been telling about Saiesh doing so to our near and dear ones. Why do you think so? The Father will not mind whether we call him Papa, Dad, Bauji, Pitaji, Abba, Baba, Daddy or Pop or even Pappu when it is out of love. Because he doesn’t even hear or care by what name/title the child is addressing him and will just feel the love in it. Same is the case with mother. I infact love to hear Mammu from him although I don’t like the word Mammu. It is now that I am understanding, this leela of Baba where Saiesh has been calling us so, just past few days. So what I want to convey is that we can chant any God’s name as all God’s are ‘One’ and Baba also always says Sabka Malik Ek.

    Hence we can chant Sai Sai, Rajaram Rajaram, Ram Krishna Hari, Jai Mata Di, Om Gan Ganpataye Namah, Om Namah Shivay, Swami Samarth, Gan Gan Ganat Bote, Om Dutt Shri Dutt and the list is endless! When we are not able to decide we can even chant by attaching the prefix ‘Sai’ eg. Sai Ganesh, Sai Krishna, Om Sairam, Sai Bholenath, Sai Maa, Sai Gayatri Mantra or even a mixture of it. But see to it that it should be short although not compulsory. Shorter it is, better it is! Shorter it is, not only more number of times you are able to chant but also over a period of time consciously and sub consciously you will find yourself humming the holy name throughout the day automatically and not just your allotted fixed time. Even when we are no more in this physical form and even if we attain Moksh, as our soul never dies, the soul too shall and may keep chanting the ‘One’ name be it Ram, Krishna, Allah, Isa or Sai!

  • Who can chant?

    As mentioned in previous post this Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap is for all, Read again, For All! It is for old and young, literates and illiterates, Sai devotee or Krishna devotee, Hindu or Muslim, and so on, without any discrimination. Even a toddler who will not be even able to just say Sai properly when you try to make it say Sai, can chant and it will reach our Father Sai, as Baba has shown through His leela that He will just see the Bhaav or love in it. Even one who is mute can chant. May be he won’t be able to make the world hear it, but when his soul is chanting with pure love, the chants will be definitely heard by our real Father Sai. So anyone can chant and enroll. Please note that we have a separate group for kids especially when we can’t guarantee about their sleeping pattern, commitment, health etc. So please see to it that you enroll your kids in Kid’s group only as we have only 1400 seats for adults. (Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final post)

  • When you have to chant?

    As This is Anant (endless, infinite) and Akhand (unbroken, uninterrupted) without any break; Mahajaap You will have to chant in your given time slot without any delay. You will be allotted a slot of 20 minutes for one day in a week. It means you are getting your turn once a week for 20 minutes to keep the lamp burning by putting oil in it in form of your chants. So fix up your appointment with God every week 🙂 In every hour we have 4 slots of 20 minutes each. 5 minutes is the overlapping time so that it does not break even for a second when a devotee stops and the new devotee starts in. Now while typing, Baba is making me type that even between our chants say Sai Sai there may be a gap of few nano seconds as we breathe. But as we had thought to have two members for each slot of two classrooms for each day (96 in each class and so 192 members for each day) as a fall back option and had thought in case if one of them misses out in worst of the scenarios, it would be still complete. But now as Baba is hinting It will be responsibility of everyone who enrolls without any negligence and the respective monitor for that one hour should also keep chanting (for that one hour) and respective captain for 3 hours if possible.

    Also you can chant more than 20 minutes but you have to report first (after 20 minutes) on the whats app group (stay tuned for further details). Also 5 minutes before you begin your chant you have to intimate your monitor that you are ready for the jaap. This we will have to do to maintain and confirm the uninterrupted Mahajaap Yagna.

    During Naamsaptah i.e. during first of Chaitra during Ramanavami (18th March 2018 to 24th March 2018) you will have to do it for all 7 days. And after the Naamsaptah again only on the respective days it would be compulsory for those who enroll. In worst of the cases you can ask someone to chant on your behalf, but you will have to manage it on your own and not on group itself. In worst of the scenarios when you have no one around you can ask on the group. But all that would be considered and you may be replaced (if you are a defaulter) as we initially have only 1400 seats and more than 10000 people interested for this, specially the people who have missed on Mahaparayan and are still in waiting list. If Baba wishes just like Mahaparayan He may get the seats extended. He may also get the Naamsaptah done during Dasera week every year.

    So those who can chant without fail at the appointed time slot once in a week for 20 minutes for lifetime, all 7 days during Naam saptah during Ramnavami (18th March 2018 to 24th March 2018) and Dasera (12th to 18th October 2018) as we have Ram Navami on 25th March 2018 and 19th Oct. 2018; should enroll and commit to their soul and Baba which are the same. Don’t have much doubts as Baba Himself getting it done, He will take all the care. Apart from this you can chant anytime and all 7 days if you wish. If you can chant all 7 days apart from Naamsaptah its good else no compulsion. You can also report so that in case someone has missed on their allotted slot, we can track the extra jaaps done by you on other days or slots (not compulsory). Although Naam jaap has no restrictions, here those who are enrolling for Anant Akhand Sai Mahajaap, will have to compulsorily do in that time slot without fail as per the Yagna which Baba Himself is executing. Because you need to put the offerings in Yagna at the right time as well to keep it ongoing. So those who have slightest doubt may not enroll and just chant anytime as they wish as Baba has directed Archana ji to chant in Pehers.

  • Where you have to chant?

    Baba says your every chant reaches me whether consciously or subconsciously. This has also been seen in our ancient times with Valmiki’s story where he repeated Mara Mara instead of Rama Rama (reverse). Valmiki thus meditated upon the word ‘Mara’ which when repeated continuously sounds Rama. From the meditation, he was able to write the story of the Ramayanam.

    So In our busy life we don’t expect you all to compulsorily do it in temple or in front of idol with the mala of 108 pearls following all the rituals like taking bath, lighting diya etc. As Baba says Naamjaap is the simplest sadhana and it has no restrictions. He just wants the heart overflowing with love and nothing else, no paraphernalia either 8 fold or 16 fold. As our soul is pure and we are not doing any worship of idol we can chant even without having bath.So You can even chant it while doing various activities like walking, running, cooking, traveling, sitting or waiting somewhere, watching TV, in washroom as well. Yes you heard it right.

It may happen that during our allotted slot we may be in washroom, still no harm and you have to keep the lamp burning as God is everywhere and anywhere. In Sai Satcharitra ch 10 although I always skip those words reading but Baba is making me type here, Baba says, “I am an insect in your excreta. I consider blessed thereby.” Same thing for ladies during menses you can chant but can’t sit inside the temple and chant. So the simplest sadhana of Kaliyug, Naamjaap having no restrictions. Also as it is said that the best thing of Kaliyug is that as the life span is less as compared to other 3 Yugs (Satyug, Dwapar Yug, Treta Yug) whatever worship or chanting we do, it’s fruit would be multifolds and God would be easily pleased and bless us unlike other Yugs where people did penance for thousands of years with so much of hardships to please God. So apart from your allotted day’s slot it would be good although not compulsory, if you can chant at other times also as it has no restrictions and thus practice to attain the ultimate goal. When you keep practising you will slowly realise that unconsciously also you would be humming the name, doing the various worldly activities and later even after attaining Moksh as well as we know that the soul never dies our soul too shall and may keep chanting the ‘One’ name be it Ram, Krishna, Allah, Isa or Sai!

  • How to enrol and what are the do’s and don’t’s?

    Tomorrow would be last post on this, the final registration with do’s and dont’s. Saburi is the key word that Baba always teaches us. So stay tuned please.

Sai Naam Anant Hai
Sai Naam Anmol Hai
Jeevan Safal Ho Jayega,
Sai Sai Bol..Sai Sai Bol…!

So let us all the children of Sai leave all cleverness and chant just Sai…the simplest and easiest sadhana!

Chant Sai Sai, Spread Saism and enter SaiYug.

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